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Monday, November 1, 2010

DDDY challenge - Todays Food

Today is going well. I’m very pleased with my water intake. Its 2pm here and I will be done my third liter of water by the time I’m done typing and posting this. At lunch I made a plan, looked at the numbers and made my decision on dinner. I have it written on a sticky note in my wallet so that I don’t forget. The plan means that tonight at dinner I will eat 2 out of 3 grilled chicken tacos on corn tortillas, also leaving all the rice and beans on my plate. I can have 5 chips with salsa to start, and of course. Water.

I’m having my favorite afternoon snack, and this one is filling! It’s the My Fit Foods Steele cut oatmeal with walnuts and blackberries. I always add an extra fruit to it (usually peaches) but today it’s a banana. We are not going to be able to go out for dinner until 7.30. So I’m going to eat my snack an hour later than usual so that I don’t go home and start wanting to graze/snack.

I am slightly disappointed in my 1lb loss this week – even though I know rationally, any other week prior to the last two it would have been a 4 or 5lb gain with the path that I am on. There, typing it out is much better. SEE SELF... that is a HUGE victory!!!

Losing is losing. Last week I had a huge number because I cut my calories so drastically, and I had been over indulging SO badly. This week is steady progress even with my less than good for me foods. Salty salty salty. No wonder I'm plowing through the water today.

So, the end of this week and coming weekend I’m going to really enjoy my food and eat my calories and get moving a little more. I’m quite sure that its going to be a huge difference. I’m already excited for the phase 2 of Allan’s DDDY challenge.

Here is today.

Water: 3L and counting (2pm)

MFF Good Morning Sunshine - 330
Coffee - 2
Cream - 90
MFF Happy Apple pattie - 350
MFF Gimmie More Chicken Salad - 300
Activia Strawberry Fiber - 110
MFF Oatmeal - 290
Banana - 105
5 Tortialla chips - 50
1oz Salsa - 6
2 Chicken Tacos Rancheros - 460

Totals: 2093
Ideal Total: 2090
Difference: +3


Stephanie said...

You are a water rock star!

And congrats on the loss! Remember, it's better to lose a pound than to gain one :)

Just stick with it!

Kimberly said...

Slow and steady is best. You earned that 1 lb loss. You also figured out that salt is maybe not such a good idea and will do better this week as a result. As long as we learn and grow and constantly do better then it is all good.