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My homage to the 14lbs that I lost on Allan’s DDDY Challenges. A watering can for the vast oceans of water that I have learned to drink and love every day.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend catch up

First off.

Totally slept in this morning and didn't weigh in. POOP!! Will have to do that tomorrow morning. Last week was a busy one. I really really didn't want to go running on Wednesday, but I did and..... IT WAS GREAT.

I'm so happy that I have a running buddy again, it makes a world of difference to have someone there to count on you. We even did a 6min x 5 running with 1min between. We are getting to the point where we can easily cover 5min and don't eve know it has gone past and I end up looking at my watch and 6 and a half minutes has gone by! Love it!

Period is almost over, wearing my new "didn't used to fit" pants today. They are a little tight, but of course..... WATER...

I'm totally not getting enough water. GD this is hard work. right...speaking of that. I need to get back to it.

More later!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch up & weigh in

Friday - running! 5x5min/1min walking between. Its getting HAWT!!! Sunday - Walking - 1 hr good paced walking. Spent the rest of the day running around and keeping busy. NEED TO GET TO BED EARLIER. omg. I'm killing myself with the late nights. Weigh In: 288lbs (down 1.6lbs) This week is packed: Tonight is running, then softball Tuesday - weights Wednesday - running Thursday - weights Friday - Habitat for Humanity! That will knock me on my butt!! Saturday - traveling Sunday - traveling This week is going to be a tough one. But I know that I can do it. Tuesday is going to be weights and prep day. Food, lunches, weekend packing in advance!! Water is ok - not great. Period is going to start this week. *joy* that could be part of the reason why I've been holding more water than usual. Going to pound my way through 5L today. down 1.5L at the moment. Get another 1.5 in me before leaving the office and then tonight I'll be moving around and drinking. back... to... work!!!!! WALL O'TEXT...don't know who to fix it and don't have time right now. stupid blogger. RAWR :(

Friday, March 25, 2011


Ahhhh last night I got back on on the trail for a run with my running buddy.

I have to say, I REALLY NEEDED THAT!

Its getting much easier and we ended up running longer sets then intended because we were so busy chatting and moving.

5min walk
5min jog
1min walk
6.5min run
1min walk
6.5min run
1min walk
5min run
5min walk

my ankles are really swollen and its been creeping up my legs. I've been trying to get lots of walking at work done, but the desk is where my magic happens, and this week has been crazy. So sitting sitting sitting.

So very not good.

Water is better, as is food.

Tonight we are back on the trail for another run - making up for missing on Tuesday. Sunday is the long slow day - 3.5mil walk is on the books.

Looking forward to the weekend and catching up on my blogs. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


a couple days late.

This past weekend was a blast. The sun was out, we spent all day throwing heavy things around in the grass. I got my workout, that is for sure.

The rest of the weekend was a lot of driving, and then cleaning and organizing.

The Good:
I pulled out all my short pants from last summer. Its getting hot here. And there are 2 pairs of pants I bought last summer that finally fit me!! HURRAY!! solidly in the 22's and out of the 24's. I have a skirt and another pair of short pants that are 20's...just hanging in there waiting for me.

Sunday I did a big walk as well - 3miles in the heat. Got to get accustomed.

The Bad: I got a massive sun burn on my arms. Poor application of sunscreen. And then... Mondays weigh in:

289.5lbs ... thats a big gain +6lbs and change.

wow.... um. Well I don't know what to say there, but that weight loss is hard, and I don't think that is a realistic number based on my clothing. But it was on the scale so it goes here.

I'm pretty behind on water and the intense day of exercise might have a little something to do with that as well.

Regardless, I'm still carrying on. Tonight is massage night, Thursday Friday and Sunday is running this week. Which is a lot more fun than I remembered. Quite enjoying it really.

okay - no more time for this right now. Must get to work.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Yay!! got out and did my Thursday run with my buddy. Tuesday was a skip as she was out of town, but I did a walk with the hubby instead.

Ahhh exercise. It just feels so good once I’m out there… but by gawds, I never want to start!!

I hate the dark mornings, but I love that it is light out until 8pm. We did a little trail run in the dirt paths at the park. 5min jogging, 1 min walking times 5 times. We also got a little lost… on a trail I didn’t know where it ended, but it was nice and just meant we eneded up with an extra 10min of walking after the running was done. No harm done there!

I also did a little bit of weights with the hubby after and had a good sleep last night!!

My legs and shoulders are sore, so I have to be sure to get in some more stretching.

This weekend I’m up in the North Texas enjoying a Scottish festival! Lots of fun and festivities! I should be back Saturday night, so I have my Sunday run to do. Or we may just do a log slow walk. That would be good too.

Yesterday I wore a 1x shirt that I bought three months ago. It finally fit!!! I regret not taking pictures of it then and now.

In fact it is totally time for more pictures and I've been lazy and not doing it. Time to get my photo ON. Another project for Sunday.

For eating and watering: Eating has been on and off, but all my clothes are feeling good. I’ve still not been getting enough water, I can tell since I POUNDED my half Liter in the car this morning so fast I forgot if I had even had it. HA!!

Right. Work is slow, there is next to no one in the office so I can get some blog perving caught up!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Weigh In

Ahhhh what a great long weekend, we were up in Austin for the start of the SXSW event there. Very fun. Also did some cave exploring and walked around a lot.

We ate out, but I made good choices, and mostly we ate 2 meals a day, with a snack. Lots of water, but I should have had more. That is the goal this week - MORE WATER. Back in the office today and kicking off a very busy week.

Now to the good stuff.

Weigh In: 283.2lbs!


-4lbs this week. I'm very pleased.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have my running gear with me, so I'll be stopping in tonight to get changed at my running buddies and then we are hitting the trail! Can't wait!

This weekend we are away and I have plans to make sure that we get in plenty of walking and hiking in Austin. Not just eating. >.>

Packing is half done, car still needs some stuff shifted out to the house. But I'm excited.

Did a mid point weigh in and I am down from monday (YAY). So I'm going to keep that going for the weekend and I'm looking forward to the next weigh in.

Not much else going on here. Need to up the water today, missed my morning drinking fest on the way to work as I didn't have any extra bottles in the car. Damn! Catching up is always harder then if I just had been prepared in the first place.

okay - back to work!!