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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mondays Numbers & Tuesday Lunch Trap

Monday was a solid day for eating, came in just under my total calories for the day. I’m sleeping really badly right now, I’ve not been doing my stretching in the mornings and at night and I think that has a lot to do with it.

Last night we downloaded and watched the first 2 episodes of "The Walking Dead"...that would usually be my snack time...mindless eating while watching tv. Last night I didn't even notice. Had my water with me and sipped it throughout. Very pleased.

Also… totally parched last night in my sleep… wow… my body actually WANTS MORE water. Crazy world!

Yesterday I had 5.5L of water.

Also, I can see that I need to update my spreadsheet from Feb to November for this week. oops. I'm not going to recreate this.... too lazy!!

Food today is going to be challenging. We have an office celebration lunch out – I’ve scanned the menu and the salads were a TRAP.

I've skipped my morning snack in favor of another coffee so that I have room for the inevitable calorie heavy lunch that will be served.

Of course...now that I type that out I see my fatal flaw....I need to be FULL before going. I'm heading to get my snack right after I post this.

There was a seared tuna salad…but served with egg and bacon and a cream dressing… cobb salad…deep fried chicken… fried oyster caesar… these are not good choices?!!?!?!?

Damn them. I had to go further into the menu and discovered a grilled market fish, over arugula with lemon and olive oil. Done! I’m going to have to work out the calories in calorieking.com later when I know how much I ate, but the plan is to leave 1/3 on there.

Water is good – I’ve had 62oz so far today and getting into more! Plan at lunch is to have at least 3 glasses of lemon spiked water and eat as slowly as possible.


fitlizzio said...

if you're going out to lunch...can't you ask them to leave out certain things on the salad, dressing on the side, etc?? or is it a set menu? good luck!!

CJ said...

Good job with water! I have noticed that thing too. When I get up in the morning I feel I am going to die of thirst!! And peeing has defo reduced :)

Kimberly said...

Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving potluck. Everyone is bringing a frigging casserole. I'm bringing roasted green beans and carrots.

I hope you had a good lunch and it wasn't too hard to stay on track.