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Tamzins Double Dog Dare You Ticker!

My homage to the 14lbs that I lost on Allan’s DDDY Challenges. A watering can for the vast oceans of water that I have learned to drink and love every day.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SDDDY Challenge - Day 1

Here we are: Phase 2 of the Double Dog Dare Challenge/water boarding by Allan

Name: Tamzin
Starting Weight: 292lbs
Goal Weight: 190

Max Calories/day: 2090

Minimum Fluids: 135*
Advanced Fluids Intake: 159*oz (for those who want extreme pelvic muscle control)

*this has already had the amount of fluid in the food that I am eating, i.e. approx 10oz of food fluids per day.

Every Sunday we have to weigh in and email the results. Follow teh calorie and water intake and that is it. Seems simple enough and frankly... is working better than I could even have hopped for.

Allan medical peeps have calculated that on December 8th, should I have the max caloric intake and the minimum water intake I will be: 268lbs.

That is the mathematical weight, based on past success, my starting weight today, my goal weight, and the liquids I am now adding. Phase One proved that it works, so Phase II should be just as awesome for me.

Should I keep up my water intake to the bladder-busting Advance Fluid intake on December 8th, I will be: 262lbs.

Wow… that is 30lbs lighter than now. I am having a hard time visualizing that on the scale. I don’t think that I have seen that number in ohhhhh…. 5 years or more. Amazing. I can’t tell you how excited I am.

You know, there are no times that I feel really deprived on this routine. I occasionally mentally feel deprived as I see the treats that I used to indulge in pass me by. BUT… as I move forward, and this is week 4 for me, I’m feeling better and better about my lack of treats. I still get the occasional chocolate or sweet thing. However, I’m not as desperate to eat 15tones of it anymore. Its good. I feel more in control, and I think that is mostly due to the fact that I am almost always full. Full of the good food that I am filling up on, full of water or … full of pee! Needing to pee is a distraction from wanting to eat. HA!!

The regression formulas can be tweaked if you are cruising along, or if you are stuck. Every week the water is adjusted based on your progress. Not a lot of change, but accuracy helps.

Here is todays food. There is a massive chocolate cake that has been sat on the "bar" at my desk all day for people to come and eat. I will admit that there are a few times today I've thought about it. But I'm not going to.

Posted so I can't make any changes!


Princess Dieter said...

Water boarding. Snarf.

I suspect their expectations for me might be a tad optimistic, as I was salt bloated on DDDY start weigh-in. That will skew things. But, I don't care. I'm gonna stay optimistic. :D

Tamzin said...

YES! staying positive is a big part of it! :)

Salt-smalt... all that water will wash it away

Kimberly said...

I saw the numbers that Allan posted for me (228/224) and did a little happy dance at the thought. Now? I'm gonna do the work and forget about the numbers. It will all work out if I do as he says. He is right. I've been reading about water and weight loss and I want me some of that.

I am so happy you found your mojo and are doing this with us.

CJ said...

Way to go girl! I like that you are sooper motivated! That's like half the battle won :) I am cheering ya :)