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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Weigh In

Happy to report that this mornings weigh in was 288lbs

I have recovered from last weeks gain of 6lbs and am back down.

Also...period starts! *PHEW*

Tonight I'm going to do my inches and perhaps new photos. We shall see what time allows.. I have grapefruit hunting to do as well as The Walking Dead to watch! ;)


Mrs. D said...

That's awesome- can't wait to see the pictures! I need to take some at this weeks weigh in too. And I love The Walking Dead!! Can't believe there's one episode left :(

Patrick said...

Losing it is cool. Good WI ! What do you use to hunt grapefruit with? A net or set a trap? It would seem anything else may do too much damage. Happy Hunting!

Tamzin said...

surprise attck! that is the best grapefruit hunting technique! Fast little buggers. HAHAHA

I found a wild grapefruit tree in the local park forest... 50ft tall.... full of fruit. Its so yummy. And yummier because it is FREEEEEEE! ha!

Kimberly said...

You did not let last week derail you and now you have erased that nasty little gain. Bravo. I am noticing some real change in you. You should be super proud o' yourself.

And LOL to the grapefruit hunt.