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Monday, November 29, 2010

Food Today

Food today is going really well.

It was lunch before I even noticed it, which means my trial elimination of my mid morning snack... or "second breakfast" as the hobbit side of me likes to call it... has not been missed. Excellent.

Todays breakfast was my favorite My Fit Foods breakfast - the Good Morning Sunshine. Its a very nice protein bomb of ground turkey, eggwhites with spices and mixed with parboiled rice, celantro and some pico de gialo. So delishious.

Lunch is the chiken & berry salad over a bed of spinach, with a little goat cheese, red onion and a EVOO and balsamic vinegar dressing. I added a cut up granny smith to it for some extra omph.

I've already had 81oz of water and one 12 ounce coffee today which is 93 out of the 200 I'm aiming for. That should be no trouble for today.

I'm particularly pleased with my proteins today. 106.5 grams. Fats are only 10.8g over, most of which is the good fats in the EVOO and balsamic dressing.

Just finished my foraged grapefruit. It was so yummy. All set for an afternoon of water. Snack time at 3pm, second snack at 5pm, walk in the park at 6.30, dinner at 7.30 and done for the night.

Here is the food all laid out:


Vegan Chick Pea said...

Wow, you're doing great, I'm so glad to hear! You're weight loss is great - I read your last post and am really impressed with your progress! Way to go!

I quit blogging in Sept/Oct over some ugly circumstances, but I'm back now under a different name and hope you'll follow me again:

Tamzin said...

Done and Done!! :D