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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I have been busier then a tornado in a trailer park this last week and a bit.

I moved twice over the weekend - and ended up traveling on the Saturday with my sports team to play out of town. It was a tough game and I'm pretty darn stiff and sore even still. Did a minimum of walking, and food has not been great. I've been getting in more water though, and still trying for about 3+ litres a day.

Moved Friday night to a friends, and then again on Sunday to my new semi-permanent place with friends... still no word on immigration. Which makes me sad. July 1 was our original date that we thought immigration would be done by. So tomorrow is going to be sad. We were hoping to spend both Canada Day and 4th of July (Independence day?) together this year.

New place is not walking distance to the office, so I am going to have to find other ways to get in my exercise now. That's going to be harder then I thought. However starting tomorrow I have 6 days off, so I'm off home to hang out with family, read, relax and get in some hiking. Time to get all my hometown fun things done while I'm still in the great white north.

On another sad note, all my extra things are packed... all I have left with me now is my work clothes, my recreational clothes, shoes, toiletries, and my immigration papers. My computer and all my other bits and bobs are all boxed up and sitting in the rental car (since I also sold my car last week) waiting to go into storage at my mums house until I move.

So I will be without technology now too. Anyway - I'm feeling pretty cut off, although I should have some computer access at home to stay in touch with my blogging.

I shall perv on your blogs later... must get to work now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesdays Log...and a reality check

am - 2.5
pm - 2.5
Total - 5km

Water...just closing in on 3.5L

okay, not great....

chocy protein shake this morning (omg...I forgot what those do to my bowels!! not a pleasant day stalking the office loo waiting for a quiet "alone time" in a stall).
coffee w/ cream
1c Tortellini with 1c veggies in tomato sauce
v. small slice of cheese cake
coffee with cream
2 handfuls of almonds
2c butternut squash & spinach mac & cheese
1c green peas
1 large slice garlic bread
2 mint ice cream sandwiches

right.... WHERE ON EARTH do I get off thinking that this was an "okay" day????? MY GAWDS...as I was typing this out I realized how much CRAP i ate....

cream, white flour+sugar, cream, white pasta filled with cheese, fatty cake, cream, cheese, white bread, ice cream....

little wonder I'm not losing weight.

Reality check.... done.

Monday's WI and a story!

Weight in.... holding steady at 276.6 ug

am - 2.5
pm - 6
total 8.5km

I promised you a story and yesterday I didn't deliver... so here it is....

I am currently living with a friend (as I am still waiting on immigration, I've rented out the condo and now am living out of large Rubbermaid bins that hold my person items. ...yes, thank you for asking, it is depressing). I was into the shower a few minutes late and so in a hurry to get out so that he can get in there to get ready to go to the office as well. The house he has rented is older and the tub... is a very slippery little bugger. its like standing on the back of a wet eel to be honest. Now, in my rush to get out of there I lunge forward to shut off the water ...and ...my foot slips out from under me....

I get catapulted out the shower curtain, hit my leg on the lip of the toilette and slam the side of my head into the counter top then fall backwards, still wrapped in the shower curtain, and on the way down to the floor I manage to rip the lid off the toilette seat.

I end up laying on the floor alongside the tub, wrapped in the shower curtain, getting sprayed by the shower head, with a goose egg behind my ear and moaning like I've been hit with a bat.

My poor roomie is knocking on the door and asking if I'm okay. All I can think is how emotionally scarred the poor man will be if he has to come in and see my fat naked body! I manage to struggle to my feet and get the water turned off. My head was aching... but I still got dressed and went to the office. I felt pretty sick all weekend, I'm sure I have a mild concussion. There is a big bruise behind my ear and its all swollen still. Ug.

Needless to say it was not a great weekend, but thankfully... I lived. And now we have numerous sticky sea-shells covering the bottom of the tub and a new toilette seat to install!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

weekly recap

Monday - 8.5
Tuesday - 5
Wednesday - 6.5
Thursday - 8.5
Friday - 5
Saturday - 5
Sunday - 0
TOTAL - 38.5km

I'm pretty happy with that! That's awesome actually! :) The morning walks are good for the body and the mind. Sadly, I have to move out of this little place with my friend at the end of the month here and I'm moving in with my other friends... they are TERRIBLE (junky, fatty and dessert every night) eaters... so I'll save that rant for another day as well.

total crap! that's all I have to say about that. I have no excuses for what I've been eating. I have to get that under control ASAP... I need a week of salad!

Slightly better

excellent-ish, been getting a good 8+ hours a night. Its been bliss

Tomorrow I will write about the hellish Friday and continuing on through the weekend... I had a little accident in the bathroom and its a good tale to tell... but I'll save it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Storm

am - 2.5km
pm - 6km (with hill)
Total - 8.5km
got caught in a big rain storm on the way home and had to take shelter under a big tree for about 10min! hahaha Kinda fun to be out in a thunderstorm.

coffee with cream
12grain bagel with 2oz p.b.
1c apple and grain yogurt
1.4c granola
2 smoked eel sushi
1 california roll
1 shrimp roll
2 salad rolls with 1T peanut sauce
1/2c licorice babies
1 grande skim milk london fog latte (bought 2 chocoltae covered graham crackers - but didn't eat them)
1 handful almonds
1 green apple
this is where things go bad.....
1 mint ice cream sandwich
3/4 package of cheese tortellini
1/4 red onion, 1/2 small zucchini, 3 spring onions1/2 small green pepper
2T xv olive oil
large slice garlic toast
1 mint ice cream sandwich

Well...todays walk was great....but tonight...I lost it on the eating. Ug.

Needless to say...I did NOT drink enough water....my gawds....tomorrow I`m going to drink 3 litres AT the office... I dont care if I have to pee in some shrubs while walking home.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hill Day

AM - 2.5
PM - 4
Total 6.5km

The walk home involved a rather large hill though - so that was good. Felt the burn! :D

Food... meh - not great...not horrible...

1/2c greek yogurt
1 handful blueberries
1 handful walnuts
1T honey
large coffee with cream
12 grain bagel with 2oz peanut butter
1 whole wheat pita, 3 slices turkey breast, 1.2 c spinach leaves, 2T mustard, 2 laughing cow cheeses
1/2c chocolate covered peanuts
1 grande skim milk london fog latte
2 chocolate covered graham crackers
handful of almonds
2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 1/2 green pepper, 1 spring onion, 1/4c yellow onion, 2 slices turkey breast, 1 small tomato, ummmm 6 or 7 oz cheese (ug...too much I know...)
1 whole wheat pita
1 ice cream bar

Not great...I missed drinking it on the way to work and the morning I had an empty bottle sitting there for ages... I'm catching up now, but I've started to have to get up at 5.30am to pee every morning..this will NOT due... I loves me some sleep.

Other then that... not too shabby a day really. Too many coffeees and treats, and not enough water. Lunch was good though, and I had a great walk home today. The big hill was calling to me as my feet are tired and I got in a good workout in a shorter distance.

Weeeeee! off to perv on blogs and wait for hubby to call. Still waiting on immigration :(

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The EYE!!!!!

Today....better... I felt your "eye" on me Karen!!! Eek!

am - 2.5km
pm - 2.5km
Total - 5km

best recollection, think its complete and correct

1c Apple & Grain Activia yogurt
Coffee w/cream
Coffee w/ cream
12 grain bagel w/ 2oz peanut butter
Salad bar - rocket & various leafy things, beans, walnuts, blue cheese, various green things, 4oz chicken breast, oil & vinegar dressing
2 small rolls, 1 pat butter
Coffee w/ cream
1 whole wheat pita
4oz turkey breast
3oz cheese
1T mustard, 1T mayo
tall Starbucks skim milk half sweet mocha
1 lrg ginger cookie
1.5c green beans, carrots and potato casserole

Water is still a struggle, but its getting better - I'm carrying a little 500ml bottle with me when I walk to work and making sure I finish that before I get in the office.

Other then that... day is nearly done so I'm getting in some more water and trying to get to bed in good time again.

Tomorrow is going to be a med walk...but with a big hill! weeeeeee

Monday, June 15, 2009

WI & Walking

This morning pre-weigh in my wedding rings said "lost weight" got on the scale and it said,... sorry you are the brand new winner of more!!!!!!!!! Just what everyone wants! :(

276.6lbs.... up .4lbs

Granted I had a quite large movement at the office, but still... depressing.

Mondays Walking
am - 2.5
pm - 6
Total 8.5km

Good start to Monday, but once again... shite food has been keeping me from getting any real progress....when am I going to finally make changes that will help me instead of hinder me? Or rather, make one change for good and therefore throw another one out the window...

I'm like the scales of unhealthy justice ....

Start walking more - by fudgcicles
sleeping better - stop drinking water
Eating breakfast - buy a pastry with your mid morning coffee

I'm really just full of "if's ands and buts"... I have every excuse nailed down, I can currently convince myself that anything I can put in my mouth is fair game and I should have it. And I have a long laundry list of excuses for all my little cheats and for all the food that I don't want, need or desire but will put in my giant gob anyway.

Sorry... nothing positive today. Except for walking 8.5km. at least I have that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This weeks walking - 31km

Not too bad on the walking this week. My feet were really hurting, but they were better today then last week. I did mostly just out and backs as my knee has been bothering me from last weekend. Ug. Its feeling better now, but still a little puffy and I get the occational pain in it. Should be good to go this week for more longer walks post work.

Mon - 5
Tues - 9
Wed - 5
Thurs - 5
Fri - 5
Sat - 2
Total - 31km walked this week.

Exercise - 7/10
Food - 4/10
Water - 2/10
Sleep - 3/10

This week coming... I am going to do a lot better. Tomorrow is grocery day - I've going to get some cooking done and do more prep for the weeks lunches. I need some greens!!!

Bed time. I'm up too late again as usual.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Monday - 5km
Tuesday - 9km

am - 2.5
pm - 2.5
Total - 5km

am - 2.5
pm - 2.5
Total - 5km

I've been tired this week... not eating well and still not sleeping enough... on top of the water issue... I have a headache even now and I know its from dehydration.

Mentally - this week has been hard. I'm finished my job tomorrow. I'm going to do a short term contract there for hte next few weeks... and my immigration papers are still not here. CRY.

anyway - enough whinging like a baby. Life will move forward! Time to get more water, and get to bed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

keep on truck'n

Well I did do my weigh in on Monday...and....

I was up 276.2lbs. ug I don't have words for how depressing that is.

Walking Tally:

Monday - 5km
AM - 2.5
PM - 2.5

Tuesday - 9km
AM 2.5km
PM 6.5km

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Walking Tally

To finish out this week of activity I walked to and from the office on Friday 2.5km in and 2.5km out.

M - 8.5
T - 6
W - 8
T - 6.5
F - 5
Total - 34km!! WOW!

I have to say that this was quite surprising to me, that I could actually manage this. But its done - so I guess that I can say that I did something pretty awesome this week. Saturday I played a game with team. I managed warm up (20min) and another 60min in the match.... so I was pretty darn happy.

Food over the weekend was TERRIBLE. I'm not going to bother listing it all out - but there was no hint of restriction or forethought in the majority of my meals. I have been getting in more fruits and veg though - and still trying. Breakfasts are going good, and I'm going to see to some more sleep this week too.

Water on the other hand continues to be my bane. I just can not seem to get caught up. I'm going to get some more before I keep typing and forget.

Done. I'm looking forward to my waking this week too.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More walking

AM - 2.5km
PM - 4km
Total - 6.5km

Week Total - 29km

Work - bleck.

Food - good.
Bfast - 1c large flake oats, 2T chocolate PB2, 1 large banana, some water, Coffee with creamers
Snack - Tea Latte (skim milk), large rice krispy square
Lunch - Sushi - various pieces (12), med bag of shrimp chips
Snack - Large orange, cranberry juice
Dinner - Oat pancakes (1.5c oats, 1c egg whites, 2T flour, cinnamon & nutmeg, 1T regular PB2) ,2T becel, 2T maple syrup, 1/2c raspberries.

other then that....not a lot going on. I am going to get more sleep tonight, and I will try to get more water - but its not going to good. I lost my large waterbottle so I'm struggling to get it all in.

thats all for now. Off to perv on your blogs. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Walking This Week

...cause I need to list out something that is good right now

AM - 2.5km
PM - 6km
Total - 8.5km

AM - 2.5km
PM - 3.5km
Total - 6km

AM - 2.5km
PM - 5.5km
Total - 8km

This week so far I have walked a total of 22.5km Wow....I feel a lot better. :) and ... no wonder I`m tired and crabby! A marathon is 42.195 km. So in three days I`ve walked just over half a marathon. Hum. Good stuff. So by the end of this week I will have clocked a marathons worth of km`s.

Right...time for a shower...and a piece of fruit...and some more water.


okay - Moday weigh in was epic fail. 275lbs. ARG

I don't know... this bloody shit is hard...I occationally feel that although I've not been totaly dilligent I have put in a meiocre effort ... therefore, could I not get at LEAST a mediocre result.. you know, 1/4lb or something?? But it starts to feel that either I go all in/hair straight back/monastic effort and lose weight, or anything less then that and the effort is wasted and I gain. I don't know... I'm not in my happy place thats for sure.

Don't mind me I've been sore and crabby since my last post.

The good:
Walking to work from the friends house is lovely. Its 2.5km and there is a very inconvenient bus route - so I don't use it. Hurray.

Walking home is good as it is really on the route that I typically walked and I can get in a good 4-6km if I want to...or more, but 2.5km in the morning and 6km in the evening (which I did on Monday) was pushing it.

ug....I just deleted about 2 paragraphs of my complaining about life and how sucking it is. MUST STOP.

I`ve spent the better part of the last hour thinking about all the places that I could go to get sweets. I`m not even remotely hungry. I`m just tired and sore and cranky and I WANT SUGAR. bleck, this is such a horrible feeling. I`m trying to distract myself with blogging to keep me out of the car.... I need to do laundry and I don't have any detergent... but I know that this is really the basic front that I`ll give myself to ``go out`` so that I can ply myself with ice cream or something chocolatey.

Anyway - enough for today. I will do a flurry of things around here and I need to have a shower so I`ll do that and hope its good enough. Another 30min and 500ml of water and I should be good. If not...I`m getting a coffee at the Starbucks....and a brownie....