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Friday, October 30, 2009

New "Classic Me"

Wednesday.... the best laid plans... did not go as planned. After my glorious post of lost inches and that "success breeds success", I did not get to my yoga. In all honesty - I can not remember why. But I'm sure it had something to do with watching season one of Heroes on DVD and not wanting to bother getting my yoga on.

Yesterday I was planning on yoga AND gym in the evening (you know... to make up for not doing yoga on Wednesday). Hubby has his bass guitar lessons on Thursday - so I go to the gym and he picks me up after. Then in mid afternoon I decided that I would just "work EXTRA hard" at the gym and not do yoga...

This is such a slippery slope for me. I have a history of taking small wins and turning them into massive fails...

But the weather took a turn for the worse yesterday, and by the time that Mr.Tamzin arrived home there was street flood warnings and we had been on tornado watch for most of the day.

So, no gym and no bass lesson. And I very very very nearly decided to not do anything that evening.

BUT... fear not brave bloggers.....

I pulled up my socks, and put on my yoga clothes and did it. In fact, I did it better and harder then I have yet. I got all sweaty, and worked really hard, and I can see a difference in my ability to stretch and reach and hold and I was deeper in the lunge poses. :) YAY!!!

Classic me. One day of lax and it can set off a chain of lackadaisical efforts and excuse making. However, this time I did it and got myself back in. So I guess this is the new me - that can always find time to do 30min of yoga in my living room.

**Big Grin**

okay - and since I need to start doing this too.

Here is breakfast today:

12 coffee with 2oz fat-free half & half (don't ask... I dont know how you can have fat free cream, but it is and its tasty!)
1 pot Plum& Walnut greek yogurt
6 extra Walnuts on top
1 whole wheat pita
3TBS natural peanutbutter
1 med banana

Snack 1:
1 gingersnap LaraBar

2cups Ginger/Carrot soup
1 Whole wheat pita
1tbs marg

Snack 2:
Pink Lady Apple

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comes with the territory!

Before I get started into the fatness/fitness part of my life.... yesterday (and the day before) I was subjected to the "palmetto bug"...or what I call one MASSIVE ASS COCKROACH!

Happily the husband was around to kill them with bug spray and clean up the remains. But my gawds... they are HUGE and SCARY. :( I know that down this way these bugs are more common, and when it gets really wet outside they like to find their way inside of places, but I have dedicated our home to a kill zone. No cockroach will get clemency of any kind.

Anyway - back on track.

Step class last night... SO sweaty! It was great and my legs are good and sore today (but not the agony of last week). However, I totally forgot to weigh in. So, in exchange I am going to do my measurements and hope that we get to the gym later this week and do my weigh in.

Right, here we go....
Neck - 16.5
Chest - 51.5
Ribs - 46.5
Waist - 49.5
Hips - 53
L Bicep - 14.5
R Bicep - 15
L Thigh - 27
R Thigh - 26
L Calf - 18
R Calf - 17.2
Total Inches: 334.7inches
I was starting to think about NOT doing my yoga today, but this has cheered me up - and I will do my yoga today.
Don't you love how success breeds success!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Did It!

I got in my yoga yesterday - right after I finished posting I had a company call for an interview(HURRAY), so I did a quick bit of yoga - the warm up-strength level-and cool down. It was only 2omin in total of activity, but that is better then nothing.

Quickly showered and made myself presentable for the interview. Fingers crossed that something comes to fruition soon - I'm not too sure that this is the office for me, but it is still nice to be interviewed and thought of as qualified. :)

Hubby had to work late again, so there was no gym session the evening.

Tonight I have my step class - hoping its a little less painful this week. It has to be - last time was hellish!! hahah My poor calves were on fire for days.

Right, I have to remember to weigh myself at the gym this evening!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Here we go again with my lack of motivation. I've not had any water today AND I've been procrastinating on getting anything done... i.e. Yoga.

So I have to post again to say that I will do it... so that I do!

Happily the last time I did my yoga I had a look at the other two levels and they are NOT what I thought,,, which was harder yoga positions. Level 2 is abs/Pilate's style and Level 3 is weights/strength style.

So today I will do the strength one. :)

Then I will shower and make a late lunch and watch Hero's - season 1 and do some sewing or something else crafty.

Hoping that Hubby and I will go to the gym tonight, but the weather is terrible, so not too sure if that will happen.

Sunday - total shite - Mr. K was at work ALL DAY. I dropped him there at 9.30am and he wasn't home until 11pm. Total rubbish. So we have to make up for it this week. Need a date night. I didn't do anything exercise wise - and I should have. I did do a lot of chores around the house, but that was it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

wasted day

Friday night the Hubby wanted to go to the gym, but it was SO BLOODY LOVELY out that I insisted that we go for a walk int the city park. 3miles I believe! Poor guy, he really likes lifting weights and really didn't want to go walking.... but he is good to me so agreed to go.

It was great, I loved getting outside and walking, it just feels good to me. Plus, there were bullfrogs starting to sound off for mates.

Today was a total write off however. Hubby was called into work in mid morning, so I was left at home. Another friend called over to entertain me, but in the end we didn't do anything very physical - helped with some clean up at her house, and then she dropped me at the husbands office, and I spend a good deal of time reading my book and the paper waiting for him to finish up. I wish that I had stayed home - at least then I could have done my yoga dvd... oh well - I'll do that tomorrow.

Hope Saturday was good to you all.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Procrastination Station

Lazy Train pulling into Procrastination station....

I've spent the last hour effing about on the Internet and reorganizing my blog instead of getting up and doing my 30min yoga DVD. Its 30 minutes!!!!!!!! I can do anything for 30 minutes.

Second goal today... see if I can convince the hubby to go to the gym tonight. :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh my aching....

Tuesday step class was a killer, I was DRENCHED in sweat 10min in and I had trouble keeping pace the whole time. Which is good I suppose, since its it a once a week class for the next three weeks, then twice a week after that. Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. I'm excited, and its nice to have someone to go with. One of my new TX friends - the wife of my husbands buddy is taking me with her.

... except for the fact that the aerobics room... the back wall is all glass, and your butt faces out to the cardio floor....

Its a little awkward, with my extreme swass and bra sweat - but whatever, if they want to look - that's their problem! haha

Wednesday, I was sore sore sore SORE! My arms were aching from Monday's weights, and my calves have been on fire for all Wednesday and even a little this morning. I skipped yoga on Wednesday, since I didn't want to howl in pain for 30min.

This morning I was up early for another immigration appointment (8am!), have now done my job hunting online, and had my breakfast and coffee. The day is shaping up nicely.

Today I will do my yoga, and get in some more water.

This last few days Water has been good, and eating has been fair - still eating out a bit, but in general, I'm getting more fruits & veg in me, and feeling good. yay!

Yoga mats... here I come.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here I go again

Last night post workout I did my first weigh in for several months. And I'm back up to where I started in November 2008. So a year later, and I'm at 281.8lbs, so really I'm a pound more then when I started a ear ago.

Depressing... yes, but no so depressing that I won't start this over. There is so much new going on right now with my life, that really - its okay. Its the jumping in point that I need.

Last night was gym time with hubby and friend.

10min elliptical
seated military press - 25lbs x2
Incline bench press - 35lbs x2
drag curls - 15lbs x2
lat pulldowns - 100lbs
decline bench press - 35lbs x2

we did 4 reps of each exercise, and it was... HARD! I've not lifted weights for a good 4 months!! My shoulders and back are aching today. But the good ache, so I'm pleased.

Tonight is step class, so I'm looking forward to that. Must get some more water in me!

Tomorrow... more thinking on my goals and what I want to do here. And how I'm going to do it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

walking weekend

This weekend we did a 3mile walk (4.8km) on Sunday - it was great, the walking and the weather. Lovely sunny and not too hot.

Saturday was moving and shopping. We had a new couch and love seat to move in, as well as the tv stand to set up and re-org the living area. Ahhh adjusting to new home still.

Food - total shite. Kitchen did not get cleaned up and its a total mess. We are still eating out a lot. I'm making some better choices, but still... its hard. Last night we did go and get some fresh fruit and veg for this week. I have apples, grapes, bananas, carrots, humus, cottage cheese and all kinds of good things to eat. So that is looking up.

Exercise.... gym tonight!! My legs are a little warm from the walking, which is nice. Nice to know that they are there, haha. I am a little nervous about tonight for one reason... weigh in! I'm going to weigh in for the first time in MONTHS. But, just like the inches, it needs to be done.

Water - getting better. Some days still better, but I have a pretty good system.

I do need to get some more containers and get the veggies cut up for easy eating.

Other then that - the living room is a mess from all the junk and I didn't do my yoga today. But I plan on working hard tonight and tomorrow... step class!! :)

okay - time to get some more water

Friday, October 16, 2009

Crying over cookies

Yesterday I was good with water - got over 2L in... which has been a hard sell for me lately - sitting around and not doing much has made it hard to get my water in. And I did my yoga dvd as well - getting ready to get it done again today. Yoga is hard. :( haha But I'm enjoying it for sure. I do love me some Warrior pose.

Food wise... very bad. Me and the hubby are over eaters... and when one is off track the other is more then happy to jump on that wagon.

We went out for lunch to a deli and I knew that I was going to have a salad... but I ordered the Cesar (ug) and then... we shared a banana cream pie slice. WTF? Its lunch, we don't need dessert.

Then dinner was mexican nachos with queso (cheesey goodness) and I had a mango liquado (mango, ice and milk). The we stopped for some groceries and the hubby picked up some pecan/caramel cookies. I should have said no. I was full from dinner and didn't want any cookies... but when he opened them in the car, oh yes... I ate one. The last mouthful of cookie that I had in my fingers I threw out the window.

Mr. K asked what that was?? Which sparked the , "I'm so fat, why am I eating cookies" waterfall, and all that jazz. Poor guy. I'm so out of sorts from moving and of course, my crushing self loathing at the moment. I can't go out - I hate his friends seeing how gross I look, my clothing doesn't fit right. BLARG.

Anyway, this weekend we are going to do a massive kitchen clean-up and get that all in order and then we can get into cooking good foods instead of getting take out and going out to eat all the time.

Next week I'm going to start diving the hubby to work so that I can get to the gym in the mornings, and then pick him up in the afternoons. That will be a good bit more fun for me and less laying around feeling sorry for myself.


okay... almost yoga time.


right - after procrastination via blog surfing (many thanks to Karens post on Fitcetera I sent and did my workout) I read another post from Tena about attitude adjustment (No wonder I've missed reading my fav blogs) which was the same reason that I wanted to add this.

One Good Thing..
The one good thing that I've done is no longer order pop/softdrinks/sweet tea when eating out. I always order water. Its going very well.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New inches...

because reality calls....

neck - 16.5
chest - 51
ribs - 49
waist - 50
hips - 54
arm - right - 15
arm - left - 15
thigh - right - 27
thigh - left- 27
calf - right - 18
calf - left - 17.5
Total Inches - 340

Taaa Daaaa!!!

well its been nearly a month and I am now well landed in Houston and enjoying the heat...from inside my air conditioned home. LOL

Not much has been going on in terms of fitness and eating well. But traveling and (insert many excuses) moving s]etc have been keeping me occupied.

We've been eating out a lot and I do love the queso... but not much in the way of exercise at all.

Yesterday I bought the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD, which I completed today...sweaty! and hard, I cant get into some of the positions and, of course, the belly gets in the way of some of the transition moves.

And then today, because I knew that I needed to do this sooner rather then later, I bought a gym membership. I have a friend here who is going to take me for step class on Saturday mornings, and now me and the hubby can get back in the gym together. I can't wait!!!!!

Also, signing in and starting blogging again... need to get on top of this as well. :)

So now my new morning routine will be

- 8.30am coffee, breakfast and job search
- 10am Wendy Williams show
- 11am BL Yoga
- 11.30 shower, blog, lunch and surf net

well.. until I get a job, so I better enjoy it while it lasts! :)