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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Water & Cake

“It is wise to bring some water, when one goes out to look for water”

~Arab Proverb

This guy must have known Allan! HAHAHAHAHA

My count today: 167.5oz

Today there was a change of plans for the afternoon for food. I DID NOT, repeat DID NOT have any cake. I was having a hell-icious afternoon at the job and my cube-mate said,

"have another piece of cake, you deserve it for all the stress you are under".

This has a few key things in it to me:

1. She had no idea that I had NOT had any cake.

Which is great, since when you are the only one not eating treats around people that are eating treats they tend to give you a hard time. I successfully negotiated not eating it by talking about how great it was through vicarious eating of said cake by cube-neighbor. Sweet!;

2. Her statement came right when I was eyeballing that f**king cake and thinking EXACTLY what she was saying; and

3. It hardened my resolve to NOT have cake.

Cakkkkkke. If you want to know what I think about cake...you should check out this hilarious blog. That is me as a small child.

Anyway, thats all for tonight. Bed time. I will update yee old spreadsheets tomorrow and (fingers crossed) work will be slightly less frantic and I can get some fun stuff done at lunch.


Kimberly said...

I have given all of my co-workers the "don't even try it" speech about urging me to try any sort of sugary or fatty treats. Unless they want to pass from this mortal coil of course.

And that cake post is HIlarious BTW. LMAO every time.

Joy said...

Wow, I had never seen that cake comic before and I was DYING at work while reading it! Congrats on just saying no to temptation. I work at the kind of place where the communal table of goodies is two feet away from my desk so I feel your pain :(

Tamzin said...

hahhaha I know. Its so funny and true. I love that blog. The woman who creates it is brilliant. :)