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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Todays Nosh!

Today has been a busy one at the old office. I've have spent some time pondering my commitment, and thinking about what I need to do to keep on track with the movement that I've made and not get de-railed here.

I've got to stay with it and I am going to!!!! Powering though my water. My weekly plan is set and I have a social eating engagement on Sunday that I've prepared for. Feeling good.

I was going to get the day off tomorrow, however due to some other idiots messticle, I will be at the office tomorrow.

Damn. I wanted a nice long walk tomorrow in the sun. So instead, will be doing one tonight.
Water is currently at 118.9 oz, and I will have at least another 50 or 60 before bed tonight.

Here is todays food:


Mrs. Crumpet said...

Well you seem definitly on the right track!

I am reading a lot of blogs lately and I am so inspired by people like you that are doing this, it truly is amazing, and kinda makes me look really lazy because I have put it off for so long!

Good job!

Mrs. Crumpet

Mrs. Crumpet said...

Not a problem to stop in, I was just curious, what do you use for that chart?! I want it! LOL

Tamzin said...

It is an excel spreadsheet that I have put in all the adding formulas etc.

I'll see if there is an email address for you onyourr blog and send it to you! :)

I use www.calorieking.com to fill in the nutritional info.