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My homage to the 14lbs that I lost on Allan’s DDDY Challenges. A watering can for the vast oceans of water that I have learned to drink and love every day.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Forgot to eat... do I have a fever??

I totally forgot that I didn't eat my apple on the way home last night. Wow. I didn't remember until I opened the office fridge today to put my yogurt in. Me...not remember food. This cold must be SERIOUS!

Actually, it must be all that water! In all honesty, it likely is. I was hungry after dinner last night, but I had no more calories to spare so I just drink more water and viola... full.

Weighed in this morning. 294.5lbs. I was astounded. Sucking in doesn't help on the scale, right? HA!!

I'm totally PUMPED for my DDDY part deaux, which I have personally dubbed "water boarding by Allan". He is a cruel taskmaster. I love it!

Phase 2

1) Each participant will have an exact water allowance as a minimum goal. There will also be a water allowance for weight loss. We all need to get used to the amount of fluids that healthy people at their goal weights ingest. Each person is specific, based on factors that you have relayed to me. It is up to you where you want to be. The Challenge is to follow the minimums

2) We will all be eating at our goal weights again calorically.

3) Thanksgiving will be treated as any other day, with the exception that in your new lifestyle, with the increased liquids and planning that you have learned, it will be easy. Again, if you are drinking 60-120 ounces of fluids in addition to the calories you have to eat at goal, it is alot harder than you think to gorge. Drinking for the next three weeks will get you used to the liquids, and you will find out the secrets that healthy people know already. I will let you learn those, as I am, on your own.

4) The last rule is weekly reporting. Keep track of what you eat, every day, every item before you eat it. Until we are at our goals this is the greatest tool I have learned.

5)You will email those results Sunday evenings, and anything cute will be posted !!

Sounds pretty darn awesome to me!

Tomorrow morning we are heading out of town for the weekend. I have a conference for half a day on Saturday and then a competition on Sunday, so we are staying away overnight. This used to be a massive "Eff You" to the diet, and we would indulge in all kinds of things... desserts etc cause we are on a mini-holiday right.. and that never counts. (yeah right).

In the spirit of my new healthy plan... I've already completely laid out my weekend of food, got the coolers out and my list ready for tonight. I'm bringing most of my food with us and have planned my meals out. I should be rock'n the challenge all weekend. I have a post all set to publish on Saturday morning, we will be well on our way by the time it hits.

Here is the plan for Friday. I dont see myself going off it at all so I'm posting early. Tonight is going to be a busy night of packing and getting to bed early for a 6am start! ... this is actually starting to look like a LOT of food. :)


Twix said...

Funny how we forget to eat sometimes!! Very funny what you've dubbed Part 2 of the challenge. Hah! Hah! :) Have a great weekend!!

Rachel said...

Way to rock the planing! Good for you. I am sure you will stick with your plan. So I have to ask...what is Magic Pop?

Tamzin said...

omg...they are such a little bit of heaven. Crunchy, next to no calories and very satisfying to eat when you want a crack and crunch.


They are a puffed rice/wheat disk. Like a giant flat rice krispy.

Kimberly said...

I am forgoing my daily snack now too. Hmmm, I have also jacked up the water.

And Waterboarding by Allan is just the right name for this challenge. Ooops, speaking of which I gotta go pee now. LOL

Tena said...

Woo Hoo! Go, Girl! You're really doing this thing. Me, I'm failing miserably.

Have a great time this weekend.