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Sunday, April 26, 2009

weekend win!

I've been a bad blogger, but I'm hoping to catch up and try to get into my daily postings again... seems that I'm at an intersection of busy right now... work, weight, sports, moving homes, and immigration stuff (I'm changing countries). Its been stressful to say the least. But things are getting smoothed out one wrinkle at a time and I seem to be on the winning side of these tasks now.

I've been doing pretty good on these actually. I've eat breakfast and walked to and from work almost every day. I'm enjoying it actually. I've not been getting in push ups and I've had a terrible week for sleep, but I'm hoping to redeem myself on that front starting tonight.

as per normal... food is touch and go. I was doing great - bringing lunches...then I got busy and was out of town a couple weekends in a row and that threw me off kilter...bought lunches lead to more snacking...poor choices of food. But I have the makings for a great 2 weeks of lunches now - and even have one ready for tomorrow done and waiting for me in the fridge right now.

I have 4 more weeks in this condo before the new renter takes over and I'm homeless for a stretch. I'm going to be staying with some friends while waiting for the rest of my immigration papers to go through. So now I have to use what is in the cupboards before I get more stuff (beside fruit and fresh veg). So I have 4 bags of pasta, rice, couscous....all sorts.

Tonight's Use It Up Dinner was:
Garlic/Parsley whole wheat pasta
3 Italian sausages
1 can peas
1 can cannelloni beans (white kidney beans)
1 jar garlic tomato sauce.

It was very tasty and made four portions. 2 in the freezer for later lunches, one for tomorrow and one serving for dinner this evening. WIN! 3/4 bag of pasta use, 2 canned goods used up.

Apart from walking to and from work and my Tuesday adventure (that left me sore as a sore thing for the next four days), I've been bad about getting to the gym, I need to start getting in there at lunches again.

However, this weekend I did myself proud. I was dog sitting on Saturday and we went for a walk and Frisbee tossing session for over an hour, then today... I met some friends for coffee then went for a 5km walk. It was great. I'm very pleased with myself as I was already thinking of wussing out of my walk when I woke up this morning.

This last week I've been starting to clean out the place, starting with my closet - this weekend I got out all my old cloths and all the stuff that I have but don't wear. Washed it all, ironed what needed it and pretty much got it all ready to go to the consignment shop. We have a lovely Plus sized consignment shop here. If your clothes don't sell - they donate them for you. Its fab since I used to just dump them all off. I've made a couple hundred dollars getting rid of my old clothing in there.

So tonight - early to bed, then the start of a new week! Its going to be a good one...I can feel it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

omg...what have I done!

MY whole body is hurting today... however I did manage to get most of my goals in.I weighed in very low this morning, which makes me both happy and nervous that I'll screw it up...so now that's said, I can just keep moving in the same direction and its going to be okay.

1. Done. The hubby brought me some wonderful protein bars from the states... I LOVE them and of course, very easy to eat and walk.
2. Done. Didn't want to, but I did it and was happier for it
3. Done. Bed time is PDQ
4. n/a
5. Nope...arms too sore to do pushups.

I've been eating pretty well, not great. I've not been to get groceries for a while now, there is no fruit in the house, veg is all of the frozen variety. Tonight's dinner was whole wheat pasta with 1/2 red onion, 1 spicy sausage (cut up) and 10 asparagus spears sauteed in exvoo and put over the noodles. Yum.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My gawds this was a crazy day.... I didn't want to get up and walk to work but I did. I started reading World War Z in bed last night....big mistake I dreamed about zombies all night. Fab book, slightly creepy. Annnyway

I ate breakfast, walked to work, and then...I did something I've not done in a loooong time... went out to my old sports team training session. I am feeling it now!

I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open! Bed time for tired tamzin is going to start NOW.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Working & Weigh In

Did me some good.... packing boxes, moving boxes, sweeping, cleaning...huffing puffing....not to mention in a house empty of all food.

Which meant that we ate out three meals a day - but there way nary anytime for a snack, so we had three big ones and I'll admit that the food was not the greatest, but after all that my weight in this morning

Weight: 271.6, down.... 1.6lbs

Twas a good weekend, draining, but good. Now I'm feeling more motivated to get some more activity going in my life. I got home on Sunday and had the lease agreement signed with our new tenant for June 1. The move is on! May 30th I will be all out of this condo!!! My goodness that's crazy to think about.

Need to get on my goals again and start adding some more running into the mix.
okay...back to work! I'll perv on blogs later to see what the goings on is.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well its been a hectic, fun and exhausting few days... well... week really.

I've eating like sh*t while on "holidays" (booze, bacon, pancakes, turkey dinner, pie, burgers, fries, milkshakes, coffees ad nausium, chips, pop) and frankly my weight show what 4 days of debauchery can do to a person.

More damaging then those culinary indiscretions was the total lack of water. I would guess I got in less the 1ltr most days. I'm finally starting to feel hydrated today. Not to mention the sleep deprivation, which surly is not good for the waste line.

However I did get in a few fun things - dog walking, hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, and racked leaves in the yard. But that was sandwiched between driving, eating and drinking! Oops!

Anyway - from here out is general life complaining. Feel free to skip this self indulgent ranting!

Nevertheless....I'm still moving forward. This week has been crazy. I have put the condo up for rent so the last two days was all cleaning...from the time I got in from the office until I passed out in bed.... cleaning, cleaning tossing junk, moving boxes, washing floors, walls, windows, organizing, scrubbing.

Not to mention the stress of thinking about moving...which we hope is going to happen on July 1st... so its into temporary accommodations for a month... or maybe two. *sigh* if July doesn't happen.

This weekend I'll be out of the house again with a friend who has recently split and needs help packing/moving their stuff back from another city (3hours drive away). I don't mind per say - but it is tough to be out of the house for Fri night through Sunday night and then commence with another week of work.

I've not been good about bed time, push ups, water, walking to work or anything else.... have to get myself back on track... after tonight... its rest and plan for me again.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Extra Sleep

This morning I was not getting out of bed on time. I ended up having to take the bus and was 20min late to work. Oops! Such if life.

I was going to drive out to my mini-holiday tonight, but I've changed my mind. I'm going to start early tomorrow. I'm still sick and driving in the night until 2am is not that appealing at the moment. So I'm wussing out of a late night drive. Ah well. If I set out in the early dawn, then I'll be there in good time to enjoy the evening and have a fun weekend.

1. Done - protien bar
2. Nope -bus to work today
3. tdb
4. n/a
5. tbd

bfast1 - protein bar
bfast2 - pot of yogurt and coffee w/cream
snack1 - med skim milk tea latte
snack2 - banana
lunch - rice, veggies (cabbage and bean sprouts) with chicken teryaki, water
snack3 - 16 chocolate covered almonds
snack 4 - coffee x2, 12 grain bagel with 2oz peanutbutter
dinner - Salad (2c greens, 2T red onion, 1/2c sprouts, 3oz feta cheese, 1T exvoo, 1T balasmic vinegar), 2 sausages, 2 whole wheat buns, 3T mustard
snack5 - 1L vitamin water

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Treat day

yep...still treat day every Wednesday in the office. I did take one today. But its been so long since I have I'm not too too upset.

1. Done. Banana eaten in the kitchen pre goal2
2. Done. Walked to work. Today I thought, why the hell haven't I been doing this longer, its only bloody 20min...then I remember the -30 and blowing snow. But its feeling great now to get out in the mornings.
3. Done! I'm an early to bed kinda girl this week.
4. n/a
5. Done. 8 from the knees.

Bfast1 - Banana
Bfast2 - pot of activia yogurt,
Snack1 - 1 clementine, coffee w/ cream
Snack2 - Venti london fog skim milk tea latte, banana-nut muffin
Lunch - 2c spinach, 1T crutons, 1T parmasan cheese, 1/2c sprouts, 1T bacon bits, 1 hard boiled egg, 2T ranch dressing, 2T cottage cheese, 3 strawberries, 10 red grapes, 1 whole seed bun, 1T butter, 1 lrg banana bread.
Snack 3 - coffee w/cream x2
Dinner - 1 4oz pork chop, 1T mint jelly, 5 apsaragus spears, 1 large salad (2c greens, 4oz feta cheese, red onion, 2 slices turkey breast, 1/2c sprouts, 1T balsamic vinegar, 1T exvoo).
Snack4 - 2T plain yogurt, 1T honey, 4 walnut halves, 1 whole wheat wrap, 1T becel, 1T jam

This weekend is going to be fun as I'm heading to the mountains to visit with a friend for three days. We have plans to go quading, hiking and some fishing so goal #4 is going to get a lot of attention!

I'm sure that there is going to be a massive amount of wine and food involved, but hoping that the activity will negate some of that. Its a long car ride though - 8 hours. Not looking forward to that much, but the rest of the weekend is going to be awesome.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

daily goals&food and some more thoughts

1. Done. banana eaten
2. Done. walked to office!
3. Done. Bed at 11pm
4. n/a
5. Done. 7 from the knees!

Bfast1 - Banana
Bfast2 - 1 pot yogurt, 1 coffee w/ cream
Snack 1 - 2 clementines
Snack2 - 1pot orange jello (post surgery left overs), coffee w/ cream
Lunch - 1 whole wheat wrap, 1 laughing cow cheese, 1T mustard, 2 slice turkey, 1c greens, 1/2c sprouts. 1 diet coke, 1 sm bag of sweet potato chips, 1 california roll (6 pieces).
Snack4 - 8 chocolate covered almonds, 4 chocolate turtles.
Snack5 - 7 strawberries, 2x coffee w/cream
Snack 6 - 2 slices turky, 3 laughing cow cheese
Dinner -2 small pork loin, 2T mint jelly, 1c asparagus, 1c spinach, 2 med baked sweet potato. This...was too much food, but I went back for more. Yes I did. :(

I wanted to thank justjuliebean for sending me to this blog. I did some reading today and I came across this entry and it really hit home for me today.

The 5 P's of weight loss.

Practice - remember the "Moonlight Sonata" example. We get better at the things we work on. I consider this to be the most important "P."
Persistence - just keep going. We lose weight when we just keep keepin' on, no matter what, no matter how badly our day, or week, or month has gone.
Progress - expect to make progress over time, as you practice and persist. Not necessarily immediately . . . remember that our bodies have their own wisdom. Don't rush the process. After all, you're going to be on this program (or something much like it) the rest of your life, if you want to keep the weight off.
Patience - what I said about progress over time, double. Don't be in a hurry. You'll get there. I took 2.5 years to finally get to goal. But I'm there now, so the time it took me is totally unimportant. And I got plenty of practice along the way.
Perfection (scratch that) - like I said, fuggedaboudit. Ain't a-gonna happen.

food for thought

A good nights rest last night was much needed. I'm still a little sick, but I think that I can beat this one. I'm worried that my mouth isn't healing properly so I'm going to make a dental appointment to have my dentist take a quick peek. Done and gone...he says all is fine. *PHEW* That's a relief.

I have to say that I've really been thankful for the comments this last month, they have been really great and supportive. I've been having a struggle and still am. I guess my difficulty lies in the fact that I want big results with little effort. (who wouldn't). However, these little changes feel so monumental that its hard to reconcile such small changes from that perceived effort and sacrifice. Perhaps this is the heart of the issue. That food has been (and still is) so important to me that any small change feels so radical.

But we all have our own things to deal with. I was waiting at the dentist and reading the greatest Canadian publication ever - Readers Digest - and there was a section called - "Think like a Skinny Person". Some of it was good, but some of it was bad (per normal fatness articles) and it left me wondering how I'm going to actually change the way that I act/think/behave towards food. Will there be a time when I open a bag of cookies and eat one and FEEL HAPPY (as the article insists that I can)? I honestly don't know what that is like. Its like trying to get me to tell you what its like to pilot a plane or be the president.

I can recall back as far as my memory goes and I have struggled with food. One that stands out is an incident I remember at a family gathering and there was a big chocolate double layer cake with chocolate icing (I do note how much detail I remember about the food in question) - everyone else had taken a piece and I was allowed to cut my own. I took a slice 2x the size of everyone else. I was maybe 6 years old. Half of it fell in the sand (we were at the beach) and I was upset, my mother said to me, "you had too much anyway - look at how much you took - no more cake, that embarrassing". This is just a single event in a million over my lifetime that I could tell you about. And I wonder, why am I like that?

I know that pure restriction dieting works (it does, but not for very long)...but that really isn't fixing the issue. I wonder if the consistent vigilance that is required by WW or similar programs is something that I can sustain or if I will eventually just fall off the wagon? I read blogs about successful weight losers and they have changed what/when they eat - but they most seem just as obsessed with food as I am. The real question is:

Will there ever be a time when I DON'T have to think about food???

I know blogging is good and that tracking what I eat is good for me - becoming more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth. I guess I don't understand that there is a different way to be. I know I'm dysfunctional - but when I'm eating it really doesn't feel that way (most of the time). Although that is sort of changing too... I'm more aware of when I'm overeating - but still not able to really manage it yet.

Perhaps this is the first steps towards the real goal. A regular appetite, a normal outlook on food, the ability to indulge myself occasionally without going "crazy" for a week past. I hate to think that I'm going to spend the rest of my natural life struggling with food... but I suppose that I may have to swallow that fact and get with it. The sooner I do, the better off I'll be, and the sooner I can take steps to try and make peace with this.

No real resolution here…just…more food for thought! Ha! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

The rest of the day

1. Done - shake this morning
2. Done - walked my lazy arse to work!
3. Done. I'm getting sick again...bed EARLY and not reading until all hours. I'm medicated and ready to right now.
4. n/a
5. Done. 6 from the knees

Bfast - choc protein shake
Snack 1 - pecan lara bar
Snack 2 - London fog latte (sigh)
Lunch - 1 whole wheat wrap, 1c greens, 1/2c sprouts, 4 slices turkey, 1 laughing cow cheese, 2T mustard. 7 strawberries, 1/4 clementine, tea
Snack 3 - 2 mini chocolate bars....yep...I know. Total epic failure to learn a lesson.
Snack 4 - 1 laughing cow cheese
Dinner - 1 whole wheat pita, 1T becel, 1 egg, 3/4c egg whites, 4oz feta cheese, 1/2c spinach, 1/4c red onion, 1/2c sweet corn cooked in 1T exvoo
Snack5 - 1c pancake mix (low fat mix with water and 1/4c egg whites) cooked with 6 strawberries, 2T maple syrup.

Rude awakening Weigh In

right... I often wonder how many times I'm going to go through this before the message sinks in...

Weigh In - 273.2lbs
UP 2.4lbs

This morning I didn't have my normal BM, so that is a factor...however this is more of a factor:

Friday - Latte, pudding, mini chocolate bars, latte, cookie, entire bag of terra chips, 2 dinners...
Saturday - Latte & cookie, Pumpkin loaf, bag of full fat microwave popcorn

Honestly, *shakes head*, is it a surprise anymore that the seemingly small accumulations of bad eating add up like this? REALLY TAMZIN. How can you think that daily cookies and chocolates are going to be cancelled out by some walking. Its not going to happen.

The bodies annoying tendency to put on weigh easier then shedding it is an annoying FACT. Its a fact. We are predisposed to adding fat.

Some other facts.... I am not working out hard enough to eat cookies and lattes daily.

more later.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Update

Today I took a break from from my goal to do 1hour of cardio. I woke up and felt a little run down and thought...I've been sick and been in surgery and I should slow down. I know, its a cop-out. But I'm going to keep moving forward with my goals, but today - the long cardio is going to get a miss.

I did however go for a gentle stroll in the sunshine and enjoyed some time out of doors.

1. Done. Breakfast eaten when I got up
2. n/a
3. Done. Going there now;
4. Missed - Weekend Adventure; and
5. Done. 3 full, 2 knees.

Bfast - lara bar, banana
Snack1 - coffee with cream
Lunch - Oat pancakes x3 large
snack2 - 1 laughing cow cheese, 1 pot activia yogurt
Dinner - 1 box spinach& cheese tortellinis, 1/4c red onion & 1 baby bok choy sauteed with 1T xvoo over the veg and pasta.
Snack 3 - 1c plain yogurt, 1T honey, 5 strawberries, 1 sm handful walnuts

Anyway - this has been a weak post. I've not done much of any use at all today other then a brief wander about. Okay...3 loads of laundry, 1 load of dishes through the dishwasher, but I have cleaning and stuff to do. I need to get some organizational things done around here to make mornings easier.

I need to go and get some fruit and veg to last me the rest of this week for lunches and do some cooking this evening as well. Friday is a holiday and I'm going to be heading out of town for 4 days. I need to start planning some road snacks etc to take with so that I don't succumb to the traditional fast food/Starbucks treats .

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Got that Glow

....from my walk today. I did just over 5km and it was 60min to the second!! :) It was still chilly outside, but the sun was out and it was lovely. I pulled my ipod out to listen to some music and it was dead. Which was a blessing in disguise. I walked, heard the birds, the wind in the trees and the general ambient life sounds. Was a great hour.

1. Done.
2. n/a
3. n/a
4. Done - and happier for it.
5. .....(doing it right now...) Done. I managed to squeak out 4 full push ups. *Phew*

bfast: banana, pecan lara bar
Snack1: turkey&oat burger with 1T mustard (pre walk)
Snack2: anoder banana, 1/2 sweet skim milk moch and molasses cookie from starbucks.
Lunch: 2 Turkey&oat burger, 1/2c greeens, 1T mustard, 1/2T ketchup, 1 whole wheat pita.
Snack3: large slice of pumpkin loaf
Dinner: 1 laughing cow cheese, Salad (1.5c greens, 1oz feta cheese, 1T oil&1Tbalsamic vinegar), 1can hot chili, 1/2c corn, 1 whole wheat pita
Snack4: 2 laughing cow cheese, 1 bag microwave popcorn
Snack 5: 1c yogurt, 1T honey, 1 handful walnuts

Right - so I've not had enough water either yesterday or today so I need to go and fill up my water bottle as soon as I'm done here. Then I need to get some cleaning done. A friend and I are going to the museum this afternoon and then to do some table shopping for her. Should be good! Lots of hidden walking in this day today. My cheeks are still rosey from being outside. Have to take advantage of that great feeling and get busy!

Friday, April 3, 2009


okay...so I was in bed at 11:30 last night (win) but ended up reading until 12:45am.... hum...perhaps "bed time" was not the real issue here!

Goals for April 3, 2009
1. Done. Activia yogurt eaten at 7:30am
2. Done. Sadly, my legs have that sore quality that suggest I've been "working hard". I admit yesterday I did about 2x as much walking as normal in a day, but my goodness! It was not that much! Happy to be going in the right direction here. :)
3. Done. I was totally exhausted from the late night yesterday.
4. N/A...making plans on what I'm going to do tomorrow - I'm thinking that its going to be a hike of some sort.
5. Done. I really need to remember what day it is - I did 4 and it was the third...hello? Am I in there? lol So I'm going to keep track of how many fulls, how many half (from the knees) and how many "sissy" push ups (knees tucked up and arm press only) I do for each day...then I can track my progress.

Bfast1: pot of activia yogurt
Bfast2: banana + coffee with cream
Snack1: Cashew Cookie Lara bar (yum!)
Snack 2: med half sweet mocha with skim milk
Snack 3: 1 pot fat free vanilla pudding (left over from post surgery foods)
Lunch: Chicken teyiaki with rice and veggies
Snack 4: 4 mini chocolate bars
Snack5: Skim milk London Fog tea lattee, molasses cookie
Dinner1: 1 egg, 1/2 egg whites, 1/2 spinach, 3oz feta cheese, 1 whole wheat pita, 1T becel
Dinner2: 2 turkey&oat burgers, 1 w.w. pita, 2T mustard, 1T ketchup, 1c greens, 1 big bag terra chips.*

Tonight is the last of my running classes sadly. I've not been able to go and I still won't be able to run tonight. The stitches are still mighty tender and I don't want to aggravate them at all while I'm still healing. Bummer. I do have my weekend plans though - so I have been enjoying the extra walking and this week, and so as soon as I can, I want to start my running again.

Same for my yoga class...what a waste! I wish that I hadn't bother to sign up with this surgery. I can't spend time with my head down like what is required in the class... I would be in agony. I'll just have to carry on with my other activities. Shame. I quite liked the yoga.

* updated Saturday. Last night I went to running and then on the way home started having some really terrible food thoughts. It started with Wendy's salad, then decided that I wanted a burger, then forced myself to go to the grocery store and get ground turkey for turkey burgers. Then I let myself look down the chip isle and saw the terra chips.. I bought them and ate the whole bag while cooking. So... not the greatest of evening, but in terms of what I could have done this is still lots better then getting in the drivethrough at McTransfat and getting a couple of burgers, fries and a shake. Ug!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Started!

I did pretty good for goals yesterday, not 100% but it was day one and there was bound to be some hick-ups.

Goals 1 & 2 were out since I made them after getting to work.

Goal 3: Bed at 11.30
I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed at 11.30 last night...rushing. Then, in a fit of avoidance...don't ask me why, since I don't have a clue....I decided that I needed to wax my arm pits (yes...I'm sorry gentle readers, but since you are here reading, its too late to take that image from your head!). Of course, I've been doing this on my own for a long time so it took 5min (and really isn't that painful!). Then the typical zit picking, face-washing, and tooth inspection...I was in bed at 11.50pm. Better then usual and closer to the goal. I do need to get started in there sooner!

Goal 4. N/A

Goal 5: Push ups
I got home and thought - I should do my pushup!!! Then I got busy and did a few things and forgot. Then I remember when I was in bed already and I didn't get out and do it, mostly since the though of doing a push up naked in my bedroom was .... laughable. I am going to do them tonight though and I'll do yesterdays today...I hope that I can actually do three push ups! haha! :)

Today has been better.

Goal1 - Done. Got up - ate a pot of yogurt. Thought about the banana, but saved it.
Goal2 - Done. Walked to work and actually, did feel much better all morning for it.
Goal3 - Done. 11.13pm...and I'm going to bed!!!!!!!
Goal4 - n/a
Goal 5 - Done....but only just! LOL omg...I can only do three full pushups.

In general food has been good today - last night I ran a bunch of errands including getting top the grocery store. I'm so happy to have more good foods in the house!!!

Bfast1 - activia yogurt
Bfast2 - banana, 2 coffees with cream
Snack1 - Key Lime Lara bar (OMG YUM!)
Snack 2 - 1 sm tin tuna, 4 rye crackers 2 laughing cow lite cheese
Lunch - Tim Hortons chili, sm coffee w/1 cream, whole wheat bun, and (don't read this) a honey cruller
Snack 3 - 15 green grapes and an orange jello(left over from post surgery food)
Snack 4 - 4 slices turkey breast, 2 laughing cow cheese
Dinner - spinach & feta egg white scramble, 1 whole wheat pita, 1T becel.
Snack 5: 1c plain yogurt, 1.5T honey, 1 handful walnuts

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Goals!

Well I've been spending a fair amount of brain resources over the last day thinking on some goals for April….I'm not going to lie, its been hard… too many, too few, too easy, too hard…

So I'm going to focus on a few things that I think will make the biggest bang for the buck.

1. Eat Breakfast.
I will get up and eat/drink a breakfast every morning BEFORE I leave for work. I have enough protein shakes and almond milk to have at least one of those two things every morning before I go to the office. Most days its 10am before I eat something and that is just not good for the old body, I think that having a shake at 7.30am is going to be quite good for me.

2. Walk to work.
I have been slacking on the morning walk to work… for over a year. I have to start again. That 35min every morning really makes a big difference, not just physically, but mentally. Now that its April I should not encounter much in the way of really terrible weather. One month of walking to work in the mornings will be great on the belly and great on the brain!

3. Be in bed at 11.30pm or earlier Sunday through Thursday.
I never get enough sleep - lucky to get 7 hours (and typically its more like 6) and this is effecting both goals 1 and 2 since I roll out from under the covers with 20min to spare before I HAVE to get to bus to be on time to work. **motivation** I am going to keep a piggy bank at the office and every morning I walk I'm going to put my bus fair in there…$2.50 a day 5 days a week…I should have $50 at the end of the month!!

4. Weekend Adventure.
Every weekend I need to spend both Saturday and Sunday doing something OUTSIDE and fun for at least 60min. Walk, hike, throw a ball, kick a can, go for a run. Any thing - but I need to be sweaty after and have a smile on my face.

5. Push up Challenge
This is just something fun for me. I am going to (attempt) to do a push up equal to (or as close to) the days date every day. No time set - just whenever I have the time. i.e. tonight, April 1…I have to do 1 push up. Then I can see over the next few months just how far I can go up the calendar! Plus I will get sexy shoulders!!

I think that this is enough. Of course, these are on top of - eat sensibley, drink lots of water, try to get in more time at the gym, etc etc. How do you think I did?? Too hard? too easy? … not specific enough?