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Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekly Tally and Sh*t

First off. I got an award from Allan for my participation on the SDDDY challenge where we begin our lives anew … in the Throne Room. All I can say is that if I had a pooper-room that looked like this, I would be in there even MORE!

Here is the catch up from Sundays eating (yummy) and my weekly tally.

Sunday was great, very relaxing day. Also, a minor victory in new behaviors – I’ve been avoiding one of the places that I LOVE to go to for the food & entertainment. A magical place that seem to meld food & entertainment so perfectly that I have a hard time doing one without the other. That dreaded place is … the MOVIE THEATER……

The popcorn is my total weakness. I just HAVE to have some. Cut that, used to have to. Now I don’t. I took with me a mini bag of pretzel M&M’s for each of us (me and husband) and then a bag of the dark peanut M&M’s for us to share. It’s a compromise. I stayed clear of the snack area and we enjoyed the movie with some contraband water and the little baggies of treats that we brought.

Yeah yeah… I know you aren’t “supposed” to bring stuff with you, but eff that. I’m not paying $4 for 500ml of water? Its not laced with gold or carried here on the backs of endangered animals. Anyway, it was great – we saw RED (hilarious) and managed to stay in our calorie range for the day even though we went out for dinner!!!

Vegetarian only (and Kosher) Indian restaurant. It was awesome. I love Indian food; the spice and heat are great, especially with it cooling off around here for the winter. Weeee I’m wearing a short sleeve sweater today!!!

Weekly Totals:

I was really low on Proteins this week which is not good considering how much exercise I got. I need to get that back UP! Calories were AWESOME! Only 341 calories over my weekly allowance, that is like .09 of a pound. Fats are still WAY high, and that must be address soonish!


Carly said...

Great job! Popcorn is my weakness too!

Allan said...

BABY CARROTS IN THE MOVIES. When did M&M's become a food on a diet. Save the sugar for the thin, eat a bag, eat every baby carrot you can fit in your purse. M&M's ? I might take back that award !!!

Tamzin said...

Nooooooooooooo!!!! not my award!!


fine... no more M&M's I'm bad, I know!

I have a very traumatizing story about baby carrots that I can't share here... but I can't eat them anymore! HAHAH


Twix said...

Lookin' good. :) I'd have taken my own snack too. Yea I would have loved to see you eat enough of those baby carrots to equal out in calories. Haha! I would have lost my teeth trying to. :D

CJ said...

Great way to beat the popcorn!

I didnt know you like Indian food. Me an Indian :) You can ask me for recipes if you want!

Tamzin said...

I totally am going to pester you CJ... my husband is the cook in this house, and he loves to make indian food too! :D


I need to get some biryani recipies, I love it with veg/chick peas!

Hummm...some more research will be reqiored here! :D