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My homage to the 14lbs that I lost on Allan’s DDDY Challenges. A watering can for the vast oceans of water that I have learned to drink and love every day.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Water yesterday: a disappointing 110oz
Weight this morning: 294.7lbs

Coincidence... I think not! I feel puffy, I woke up three times last night thirsty and my pee was much darker than usual.

So.. lesson learned!


Joy said...

Don't you hate that? The exact same thing happens to me when I don't hydrate enough and I always end up kicking myself :( Well, at least the gain isn't because of food reasons; that's something to be thankful for :) Gotta look at the bright side, right? It'll come off quickly ;)

CJ said...

Oh your body has begun to adapt to more water! Isn't that a good sign!