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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesdays numbers and a funny link!

First off... For Allan...seeing Meat Calms Men down... hahaha this is a funny study and in light of his post today about steak, it was fitting.

Lunch today was victorious. I had a yogurt before we left to make sure I was topped up.

I ordered the Grilled Snapper over greens. I had a few nibbles from the appetizer plates and a small dessert, then water water water. The restaurant was fancy (read here small portions), and the food was amazing! I came in today with 12 calories over my daily total. Excellent work!

I'm guessing at the amount, and being slightly generous. Mostly I had a small taste of each and that was all. But I don't want to under estimate.
I'm happy that there are no more obligations this week.

Water was 5.5l (189oz). Right on track.

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CJ said...

Good job! Way to go girl.:D