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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I weighed in....


Down - 1.8lbs

I'm not sad to be seeing the back end of February, that is for sure. I have my goals for March all ready to go, but that is for another post.

Time for a busy Sunday.... ps - today is full of better choices then usual! More on that later too!

Happy Sunday all!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturdays Workout brought to you by Cement

ahhh so much better!! Today I had the pleasure of some good old fashioned physical labor for a workout. I'm soooo happy that:

1. Feb is almost over!
2. I got to do some work and that this "chore" is off the list!
3. It was totally glorious outside today and I enjoyed myself immensely getting some dirt under the old fingernails.

Our driveway is just a leeeetle too narrow. Great for parking on, but not great for stepping out onto. It being Houston, there is not really a lot of natural grass per say (not to mention the fact that the yard has been terribly neglected for a few years..so really not grass), which leaves me to step in the dirt/mud when getting in and out of the car.

Not good.

Especially when you are a 300lb woman in heels... really is no stopping the heel sinking into all the way into the dirt and getting your shoes ruined....and if you are like me... you love your shoes and know that this is a serious issue!

We went by the Lowes - got some 16x16 cement slabs and filler sand and I got to work! Dug out an 18ft long, 1 inch deep and 18 inch wide trench. Filled and leveled with the sand. Placed the stones. Filled the cracks with more sand. Put the dirt back up against the sides and stamped it firm. Viola!

I did have a little help though..... ain't he cute.

Weigh in tomorrow.... I'm not expecting much - I was horrible with working out this week. Today is the first day my back and hip were feeling good. I ate well most of the week, but Friday at the office... well...lets just say I feel into a dough & sugar vat and ate my way out. Not good, Not good at all.

Monday, February 22, 2010

coming soon.....

Actual Activity and REAL POSTS!! Yes, you heard right, real ...live.... posts about things that may (or may not) entertain, frighten and delight the mortal man or woman!!! Step right up, tickets are free..... come on inside....

Wait. Not yet - today is just more of the same shite posting as the last 2 weeks....

Run down of today:

Woke up - groin/hip flexor were more then a little sore, tender to the touch and hurt all day. I would have done myself some real damage trying to do a step class on it. So, I didn't.

Tomorrow night we have tickets to see a Scottish Piper band, so I won't be doing my step class then either and will likely be having a pint or two.

I'm going to work out at lunch tomorrow, and I've got an excellent lunch packed - 2oz steak w/ 1c spaghetti squash & tomato sauce. Mixed greens with 1/2green apple, 2oz chicken, 10 red grapes, and 10z goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette. All I can say is that I am PUMPED ....no.... SUPER PUMPED to be eating lunch tomorrow.
Today I'm WAY under on calories, so I know I'm going to be starving in the morning.... I might get a Starbucks latte for my day before period starting comfort (comfort eating still an issue....clearly).

Bring on March. I have some new goals to get all set up (...does anyone else HATE that you can not cut and paste into these damn things anymore??!!! I used to do all my typing in emails to myself and then presto paste-o post done... VERY irritating) and posted here for me to get onto. March is going to be bringing in more work time exercise and more snuggle time in the evenings... I think that will be bringing a lot more happiness to this equation.

Note: I noticed people looking at me... at the office... giving me the up down.... I have no idea why or what that was about (men and women....) I don't think that I look like I've lost weight, I didn't have my fly down... my gut wasn't hanging out.... Perhaps I'm just feeling super self conscious at the moment... *shrug* who knows.... I'm going to see if this continues tomorrow and report back.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still a Win

Last night was a total nightmare for me. We went to friends to play boardgames and I ended up sitting at a dining room table from 7:30pm until 1:30am. It was a 45min drive to get home so I wasn't into bed until 2:30 in the morning. Needless to say that the snacks were mostly salty - however they were not very numerous - so I did okay on that front. But I only had 1.5L of water while I was there.

Nearing the end of the evening I could FEEL my feet swelling, my arse was sore and I was in general a miserable bunny - giving my hubby the evil eye.

This morning my ankles are like water filled balloons. We went for a 45min walk - but its not negating all the bad that I did to my poor body. However, I did weigh in this morning, and it was a No Change - which I will take as a positive for 2 reasons:

1. I'm swollen like a puffer fish on full alert, and
2. this is Period week so I'm more cranky and bloated than normal

This month is going to be a bit of a wash. February is such a grey/bleck month. Good thing its almost over.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ahhh weekend!

Hurray for the weekend. I managed to (just) drag my arse out of bed and go to step class this morning, I have to say that I just couldn't keep up and I had a hard time paying attention. I am not a good morning person.

But its done, all sweaty and happy.

I've been dreading this coming weigh in (tomorrow).... I had been keeping track of what I ate since Thursday, but had not yet put in the actual calorie counts. As I said before, I've been snacking on the not so good for you thing (office treats - cookies, cakes, chocolate...), but in small quantities. I just finished adding it all up. I've stayed in my calorie range, however, there were a couple of days were almost everything I ate was a shade of brown...not good.

However - today NSV was this.... Mr.Tamzin and I were heading home to meet up and go out for lunch. I pulled in the drive, got out and said, "we should really stay in and have the leftovers". So we did and I just finished a great big salad and homemade chili. It was delish and very good for us, AND financially responsible to boot! Hurray!

Regardless, I've spent the last few weeks not being very active, and I've been eating out a lot...this week I've had 4 meals out. I've tried to be good about it - but its just never going to be as good for me as staying in to eat foods that we make (and know what is in them, and get a good calorie count).

Next week I'm going to get using my work gym at the lunch hours. I've been neglecting my favorite part of working out for too long... WEIGHTS! So I'll see what feels good this week and get back into it. I think that physically and mentally, doing 30min of exercise in the middle of the day is going to make me a LOT happier!

Right, speaking of work!!! :) By request - Work is going really quite well. I'm a bit on the bored side - as the people who are going to be able to train me are pressed for time. I do administrative work and I'm in the financial department - so they are busy with year end, and new budget stuff. I'm very pleased with the office, the benefits and the people I'm working for. They are a lively bunch, and enjoy a good laugh. Which certainly makes working there a lot more fun. I got my first full paycheque (paycheck....I guess I'm in the US now I better start spelling like it! ha ha) and that was really nice!
okay - time to get some cleaning done. Get a shower and do some tasks about the house. See you all here tomorrow for the big weigh in!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Quickie! Don't you feel special!

Oh my! I've been a busy girl (right...I had a brief nap post walk/work when I could have been doing this...but I didn't).

Okay, today's cliff notes:

Food: poor - lots of treats around the office that I indulged in (small quantities - but a few too many of them). Not much in the way of greens.
Exercise: good - 30min walk after work
Water: fair - need to get more in me if I'm going to eat poorly
Sleep: heading there now.

Plan for tomorrow....
Excellent breakfast is planned. Salad and leftover dinner in the fridge for lunch, and gym plans for the evening.

Good Night Blogland!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Quick post before bedtime:

Yoga at lunch - done
Eating - excellent
Water - good
Sleepy - yes!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

and today....just lazy

I had all my gear to go to step class, but didn't. I "said" that I would go for a walk instead...but then it got dark and we started dinner and all of a sudden it was too late bla bla bla bla.

I'm going to use the Office gym (for the first time in three weeks since I joined) tomorrow at lunch. My plan is 15min warm up and then 15min crunches & push ups.... we will see how many I can get done. :) Good break in the day regardless!

Tomorrow night there is talk of a gym visit. SO I can do a good long session then...

On the positive side: Food today was excellent. :) Tomorrow will be just as good.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blood Donation

I forgot that I had signed up for the office blood donation today. The meeting popped up on my calendar and reminded me!! However, I had a good breakfast in me, of course (because all people know you can not start the day without breakfast - which was proved by the passed out lady that had eaten a hard boiled egg and a cup of coffee that day... it was 10.30 when she donated!), but the pint of blood they take (although VERY worth it in terms of community service) does not make for a very good fitness day.

I had the sugar juice and cookie after - which helped perk me up right after and I've done all the right stuff today - lots of fluids etc...(and I ate REALLY Well today!! yay me) but really... you can't go and exercise hard in less then 12 hours post donation.

So I will have to skip this one in the name of saving lives.... is there a more Noble Cause!!?? maybe Trrrrruuuuue luuuuuuvvvvvveeeee.... teehee

Sunday, February 14, 2010

W day!

That's Weigh In day.

Got up this morning and weighed in... but then took off for valentines dim sum and then a lovely day of cruising around with the hubby.

Weight - 294.4lbs

Down 2.6lbs. Its not as much as I was hoping for (which was what I gained last week). But I have also not drank enough water or eaten well enough and exercised much at all.

So - I'll take my -2.6 and be very pleased about it! Hope everyone else out there had a great weekend.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Year of the Tiger!!

I managed to get in my 30+min of cardio for Friday today. Since I've been really bad, I'm going to count that one as a done!! :)
We did double duty - went for a 35min walk in the park on our own and when we went to drop off some old furniture with friends, they took up for another neighborhood stroll with the dogs. Perhaps another 15 - 20min. Very slow (old dogs!).

Food was excellent today - right on track - although I have not had enough water at any time this week. Its hard to get back into drinking more once you stop. That will be the goal this week coming.

Okay... tomorrow for Valentines, me and the Hubby are going for Dim Sum for breakfast in celebration of the Chinese New Year...and Valentines day!! :) Year of the TIGER!!! RAOWR!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

sleepy...very very sleepy

I got about 3.5hours of sleep last night. I.Feel.Like.Sh*t.

Today was a loooong day behind the desk, thankfully the printer is about 10 steps away and all I did all day was go back and forth. I'm not going to get anything done physically today, and I didn't yesterday either.

I will use this few moments on the computer to remind myself of the evils of shopping while hungry. I stopped to get pita bread for tonight's chickpea chili and .....somehow....

*blink blink* how did this happen.....I ended up in the valentines isle where there were Reese's eggs on 2 for a $1. 2 for $1!!!!! Well...I can't in my right mind turn that down can I. What a deal and I'll take one home for the husband.....

Or I can just sit in the car and eat them both. Yeah... there is the reality of purchasing that kind of thing while tired and hungry. Bad move. It has put me over my calories by 90. I'm not happy. Lots of water and sleep tonight... I hope!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tired, fully & happy

I did my step class tonight and totally and completely ran out of steam. It was good, I pushed, but near the end my legs just couldn't keep my feet moving fast enough!! All in all, a very good day.

Eating was excellent - had a great lunch packed from Sunday nights dinner, I did have a Reese's Peanut Butter Heart at lunchtime, but I'm under my calories for today and the rest of the day was nutritious foods packed with veggies and fruits.

Dinner was one of my fav's. Twice Baked potatoes (jacket potatoes for you UK folks).
Bake 'em
take out the middles
mash it with 1% cottage cheese (1/4c for each potato)
put in some herbs (rosemary) and black pepper
stuff potato skins with mash
back in the oven
take 'em out and cover with:
1c frozen corn and peas thawed (hot)
mixed with
1 can of tuna (drained)
2T lite mayo
curry powder (or in this case a tiny bit of Curry Bisto - gravy) 1/2T

Done and done. It was heaven. I have to get to bed early - I'm totally spent. My feet and toes were totally cramping tonight - I did not get enough water today. Correcting now... of course as 2am...I'm going to need to get up and pee!

Monday, February 8, 2010

One Change....

Right ...action number one today.... aerobics AND 30min of cardio on a Monday...

What was I thinking?? This is asking to fail at my goals. There is no way that I am going to be able to get in two workouts a day at the moment. Currently I'm struggling to get in my one. This shall amend that now to just step class on Mondays. Done.

Today I did meet my goal of getting to and working hard in step class!! I was a sweaty Betty after... although its raining so hard that I was double drenched by the time I got to the car. Weee! Thankfully, I have a handy dandy waterproof backpack, kept my runners dry for class, but didn't help me any getting into the building.

I also ate really well today! Dinner is cooking - roasted cauliflower and chicken thighs. :D Yum. I'm well under calories today, and I'm hungry! Lots of veggies tonight is going to be the order.

Things that I did to help myself... groceries yesterday and the meal plan on the fridge. There are a number of leftovers for lunches and I bought a bunch of those little veggie steamers from Green Giant. So now I have no excuses for not getting in a good lunch.

This afternoon I felt the need to go and buy a pop... but I resisted. I've got some good habits at the office and I don't want to start breaking them. So no pop for me. Okay...home early....I'm off to perv on your blogs!! weeeeeeeeee

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Math lesson

The math never lies.... fatty food + too much food + no exercise = GAIN.

This week was not an easy one. Thursdays incident has breed in me a thick fog of self hate. I thank all of you for your kind words, they did help, I'm going to move on. Certainly I can not blame my entrire week on it - this weeks downfall started Wednesday night and was propelled forward from there. I stopped doing what I needed to... track calories and started listening to the food-monster inside of me.....

"eat out..... don't get a salad get a burger.... you lost 4lbs...you can treat youself...drink pop one won't matter" etc etc etc **sigh**

Wednesday Dinner:
Bacon Cheese burger & onion rings
Food was great all day...making up for the buger and rings.
Upset sets in....
Sweet potato waffles (5)
2.5 donuts
3 coffee & creams
chicken tenders
side salad & blue cheese dressing
Chicken Tacos with chips and queso
cookie (just one thank gawd they werent that good)
Pizza with pepperonie and mushroom
Giant Cherry limeaide from Sonic (WTF was I thinking?? This is more soda then any one human should consume in a week)
Sushi at 10:30 at night....Hubby and went out for a late dinner (we are so effing stupid) and had 4 different rolls at a lovley sushi place. Very nice - Yes. But eating at 11pm at night. OMG.... WHY WHY WHY)
THEN>>>>>>>> we stopped at the grocery store because he wanted something sweet. EVERY fibre of my being said to say no, but I didn't and I had a Reese's peanut butter egg. There is 500 calories that I didn't need at midnight.

I'm so ashamed of my food that I have yet to track all the calories that I ate. I will go and correct this this afternoon. AND I put in my calories for the burger on Wednesday but I only put it in the calories count for a cheeseburger not adding the bacon.... you know... why lie to me?! I'm such a mess.

Today I have had a large orange, a coffee with cream and a pumpkin bread slice form Starbucks and its almost 1pm. I feel bloated, sick, upset and angry. I'm mad at myself and this morning I was all like"oh I've been good - I've been working and eating lots of fruits...I look thinner in the mirror" and trying to fool myself into thinking that the scale would be just as kind.

Its not. 297lbs Yup...STRAIGHT back up.

My exercise this week was so limited... the punctuation walk on Thursday and then Friday night I went to the gym and walked for 50min on the treadmill. That is the sum total... where is the Tamzin that was running three days a week?? I want her back.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

and...that sucked

This week has been going from bad to worse. I've not done a lick of exercise and I'm not happy about it. I want to... but I'm not making myself do it.

Tonight - after dinner the Hubby and I set out for the track around the park to get in a little walk in the evening and jump start ourselves back into exercise. It was one of those misty kind of nights and it was quite nice. I was happy and excited to get out and get moving again.

Until a suburban pulled over on the far side of the street... it was going the wrong way down the one way road. Some kid got out... and went to the back. It looked strange... I was staring at him and he kept glancing at me...

Then I got hit with a raw egg. In the calf. Cheers erupt from the car and another one whizzes by me into the bushes. They jump in the car and take off.

I.WAS.PISSED. VERY VERY VERY VERY ANGRY. SOOOO F*****CKING ANGRY. All over my pants, my leg, my sock and my runners. ANGRY like I want to kick in the door to their car angry.

Then I get in the car and really..... all those old feelings from being a kid come back. They threw eggs at me. Of all the people that were walking there... they pick me. Because I'm fat.

WHY as a grown adult am I feeling like this. I'm pretty much done for today. I'm sullen and crying and the Husband is upset and doesn't know what to do and has no idea whats wrong I'm sure. But I just can't say these words out loud. So I will just put them here instead.

Tomorrow... will be a better day, but right now. Not so good.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Queen Excuse of Excuse Island

I am full of excuses today! I did not get to my step class, I ended up working late today.

I could have gone to the gym, but ....my feet hurt...my back was sore from yesterday..... I didn't want to .... too tired.... wanted to go home..... don't care enough..... was just plain old tuckered out...all of the above.

I came home and had dinner and watched 3 hours of biggest looser.

I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow is a 30min cardio day and I can NOT miss this one.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Public Service Annoucement....

Mondays are sucky!!
Its hard to get back into the swing of office life, but I'm getting there.
The alarm rang at 6am this morning and my hind-brain kicked in with a grunt that would be considered a NO WAY. I did not get up and go for my 30min walk this AM. So that is a miss.

However, I did get to my step class and it was a gooder! I was drenched with sweat and exhausted after. Perfection!

Food today was excellent and I can see some progress on the swelling in my ankles going away! Water Water Water....I was peeing all day!! Good stuff.
Keep thinking POSITIVE! Tomorrow... more step class and I have my lunch already packed and ready to go.