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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Post holiday ug

Today I did not want to get out of bed... blarg... Tuesdays.

Work has been hellish and continues that way. I'm escaping into blog land on my lunch while I crunch raw red peppers and type away.

This Friday is our company Christmas party. I have decided that I will not eat while I'm there. The temptation once I start will be too great. However, there is a great alternative there since they are doing a casino theme.... there is going to be 4 Wii stations set up and we get to play and compete on them for tickets. There will be regular gambelling as well, then you use your ticket winnings to bid on games and prizes. I'm hoping to win a Wii! Competitive Spirit... full on!

Water right now is: 84 ounces

Here is todays food. I'm particularly pleased with my Fat and Protein intake today:

Mix N' Mash - chicken breast, egg whites, par boiled rice and roasted peppers/onions

Fit Mac - whole wheat pasta shells, ground turkey, onions and spices, low fat cheese

Americano (one of my favs) - 3oz tenderloin, smashed red potatoes, egg whites.


Ann (-34 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Hi Tamzin! Instead of cheese (never did get used to "low fat" varieties), I sprinkle NUTRITIONAL YEAST on my pasta, in place of cheese. It has zero fat and is essentially B12. (It is NOT like regular baker's yeast either.) I found it was a good substitute, while getting an extra nutrient without the fat.

I find nutritional yeast flakes in the bulk bin at our local health food store. A little bit goes a long way.

Your protein/fat counts for the day look good!! Keep up the good work!!

Tamzin said...

humm. Very interesting!! I've never heard of this nutritional yeast before.

Sadly, these are all pre packaged meals that I dont preapare.

I know.... I'm lazy!! However, I still do SOME cooking. I'm going to have a look for that. I like to make a Butternut Squash mac and cheese recipie, especially now that its getting colder!


Tena said...

I've never heard of nutritional yeast either, but I'll be looking into it. Thanks Ann for sharing this tip :)

Oh, yeah, Tammy! You can win that Wii girl. I know you can! And I admire you for choosing not to eat. Are you taking some snacks?

Happy hump day tomorrow :)

Kimberly said...

Good plan for the party. I'd rather play the Wii too. Ours is next week at an upscale Mexican restaurant. It is like the challenge from hell for me. Mexican is my favorite food on earth. I've looked at the menu and there are options for me so I will choose wisely.

Mrs. D said...

Have fun with the Wii and avoid all the bad food! My son has a Wii we keep at his grandparent's house. We stopped by and played the new Michael Jackson game tonight, it'll make you sweat!!

CJ said...

WTG! You can win that wii :)

Good luck with the party plan :)