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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Roundup

Phew. What a weekend. First of all ... lets get business out of the way!!

Weigh In for the SDDDY challenge.


Which is +1.5lbs.

I was REALLY upset this morning when I weighed in, but ... after a long morning of stewing over it I reminded myself that all the extra water that I've had and the extra muscle annihilating exercise that I've had for the last 2 days is what is going on here.

I hate that I have to go in and register a GAIN for this week, but I'm confident that those pound...plus a whole lot more will be gone by Monday or Tuesday. Then I read Allans post this morning and knew that I was right, I am on track. I am doing the right things and I didn't come anywhere NEAR to the calories needed to gain 1.5lbs... especially since Friday I was 287.5.

Patience Young Jedi...


8 hours of hammering nails, carrying wood, sweeping, bending, stooping and general walking about was amazing with the Habitat for Humanity build. I had a hot bath and was done for the night. 10pm and my eyes were too heavy to stay open. Here is that days food:

I was over my 2090 by 382 calories. Not too bad considering that I likely burned around 3,600 for the day with all that extra running around.


Up bright and early for my Highland Games competition. It went from 10am to 5pm and I was sore, tired and loving every moment of that on Saturday. Lots of fun and good times, the sun was out, there was a chill in the air. Beautiful day to stand out in the field and throw heavy things.

I didn't eat as well as I wanted, but once again, I likely burned over 3K more calories than I ate. I didn't drink enough water. I have 4.5L, but...with all the work that I was doing, I should have had a LOT more.

A very excellent evening. Now I'm going to go and scour Allans blog for his email address, and then have a hot bath and a cuppa tea!


Kimberly said...

Dang it sucks to have to post a gain when you've been doing everything you are supposed to do. That is what was freaking me out. I went up to 248 (+4) before it started to come back down and show a loss.

Joy said...

It's like you said, you didn't eat an extra 3500 calories so you know it's not a lb of fat that you gained. Sometimes being a woman sucks because it seems like we have a million and one reasons why the scale won't do what we want it to do, lol. Anyways, hang in there; I am sure Monday will be better ;)

CJ said...

It must be the muscle and water weight! It will show right in a couple of days :) Keep going strong. Don't let the scale get into your head :)