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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Todays Numbers

Water is better today. That was goal number 1.

My weigh in this morning is lingering in the back of my mind. I'm keen to get to tomorrow to see if I've sorted myself out. There is no way that I even came close to eating 8+lbs of calories between yesterday morning and this morning. Anyway, I'm trying to not dwell.

I finished my lunch and I'm sitting here feeling extremely full. :) Feels good to know every bit of food that has gone in and that evey ounce of it was good for me.

Tomorrows excitement: Our company is having a Volunteer day. So I'll on a Habitat for Humanity building site all day. I can't wait to spend the day swinging a hammer and climbing ladders and getting dirty. What a great change from riding a desk all day.

Lunch is provided - I had a look at the menu - sandwiches, chips and cookies. I'll be packing a couple of granola bars/banana with me to avoid temptation. I'm driving a team of people, so I'll be able to slide in a little cooler of food for me in the car, to keep me from cheating. Yay.

Water today is better, but I feel bloated. .....thinking that this full belly feeling has a lot to do with my not having any of my normal poo's today!!! Ahh the blogging TMI... BAM... it was there before you had a chance to not read it. You're welcome!

That would do it on the old scale.. I'll spare the realy gory details... but by now I would have had three and I've had one. I ate a cup of blackberries this morning with my oatmeal... if that doesn't do the trick, I'm in trouble!!!

So... there you go!

I'm pounding down the water hoping that clears it all up by this afternoon. Today I should end up with 179oz by bed time. Thus far I've had: 102oz - 10 of which were coffee. the rest is the good clear cold H2O.

On track calorie wise, getting in my advance water intake and tonight I'm getting some good sleep - I'll be up an hour early tomorrow and at the job site at 7am! Weeeee!

Food today:


Joy said...

I'm on a very low-fat diet which can sometimes back you up so it was suggested to me to take Magnesium supplements and so far, no problems. Maybe that could help?

Tena said...

Maybe your body just needs time to adjust. You just keep calm and carry on.

Can't wait to hear about the volunteer thing. I've always wanted to do that.

Kimberly said...

All the poo and pee posts are funny was hell. And the Magnesium Citrate supplements work like a freaking charm. I lurves them so much.