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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesdays Plan

Ahh Tuesday. The day before the day before turkey day.

I'm getting sicker. I had a salad planned for lunch, but you know when you are sick... lettuce is really not appealing.

I ventured out into wild territory.... the cafe on the first floor of our building to see if there was any good soup to be had....

Italian Wedding!! YUM! and not that bad for you. 2 cups was 240 calories of hot yummy goodness.

I'm going to struggle through the rest of today, I have too much work to go home sick. But tonight I'm going to just take it nice and easy. I have three books on the go as well. Hot lavender bath, finish a book and bed time. Maybe an episode of Fringe too... we shall see.

Water today is at 76.9 ounces. I'm about to go and get another cup of green tea and refill my water bottle. Got to get the wet stuff in me.

Food today:


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you are feeling under the weather. Hopefully you are on the mend plus IWS should help also ;) !!

Patrick said...

Hope you get well quick. Hydrate and enjoy the bath!

Kimberly said...

Get a lot of rest. That will make you well faster along with the fluids.

That bath sounds lovely and I am not normally a bath person.