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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I was tested....

Yesterday I had a very funny encounter on the elevator. I got on to go home and there was a woman on there with a Styrofoam glass. She smiled at me and as the doors were closing she said (no joke)...

"how much water have you had today".

I felt like I'd won the f**king lottery. I turned around and said, "Funny you should ask. As of right now I've had 4L today"

Put that in your pipe and smoke it lady! HAHAHAHAH Honestly, I thought that this was one of Allans minions sent to check on me. I was testing you and you passed.

So we then talked about how it was hard to drink enough etc etc.

Lunch is done and I'm feeling good. A lovely mix of Grilled Salmon, rice and broccoli was really really lovely! I just thought about getting a diet coke and my body actually revolted at the though!

I've been off the sodapop for about 6 weeks. I love that my taste for the evil stuff is changing!

Tonight we are getting Greek salad and whole wheat thin crust spinach pizza for dinner. I can't wait! Its one of my favorite meals. Then we will run home to watch Hells Kitchen!! I do love me some Gordon Ramsey! ha

Last night I got my Christmas wrapping done. I have a box to send up to the great white north for family, and another one to complete for friends. That is on the task list for this evening.

Friday, I'm taking a day off from work and I'm already planning my day for maximum enjoyment...its going to include a big walk, some crafting time and a pedi!! I can't wait. Sadly...I'll have to wait to see Harry Potter as the husband has disallowed me from going to see it without him.

Daily calories are all done and now posted so that I can not deviate!

Water thusfar is 80 oz of my 200 for today...getting closer!!


Ann (-29 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I thought that was funny! I'm calling it the "elevator lady story" ... LOL

Fact is stranger than fiction!

CJ said...

Funny story! LOL!!

I am eagerly waiting for harry potter too!