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Thursday, July 30, 2009

near miss!

Last night I had a near miss with some really destructive eating behaviors.... I was totally dying to go and "get" food... Indian, Chinese food, stop for chips and salsa... which would have turned into some very bad binging on ice cream , candy and salty foods for sure.

I made it home... paced around... made a PB&J and a PB&banana sandwich's...albeit on white buns, but it was better then what I had in mind.

Then paced around.. totally thinking about food... food food food food....

So I did 2 loads of laundry, picked up a bit, picked some zits in the mirror, plucked my eyebrows a little, and stared at my flabby belly in an attempt to stop myself from feeding it more...shook it...that didn't do the trick

Still felt like getting in the car and going to the grocery store to get some "cottage cheese" (YEAH RIGHT! who was I trying to fool) so I ended up getting a bowl of All Bran with milk and about 3 cups of red grapes. That pretty much stemmed the tide. Nothing like some fibre to make you forget that you were hungry.

All in all I was pretty happy that I managed to get through, but it was a good reminder why I can not keep junk food in the house - and that I still have a LOT of work to do on the mental side of losing weight. *scoff* Which is funny, since I've done more gaining then I've done losing so far... but a girl can dream!

I'm off for the next 4 days for the husband shag-a-thon. If that doesnt help me then nothing will! haha

Also - the tag was supposed to be a girl can "dream"... cream is funnier, so I'm going to leave it! :D happy weekend all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today's post is going to delve deep into TMI territory!! You have been warned

At the gym on Monday I strained my hip flexor a little. Now this bad boy is aching and making life uncomfortable... which would normally not be too huge an issue - rest and ice and I would be okay in a week. Except that its making spreading my legs pretty painful!!!


This weekend the hubby is flying home and we are going to a cousins wedding... and I've not seen him since May... and I was planning on not being able to walk AFTER the visit... not before!! **super pout**

So I'm not going to go to the gym today. It was a walk to the office and I'm walking home and then maybe.. if the leg is doing okay I'll walk to the grocery store.. if not. I'm driving! I have to be primed for some loven' all weekend. Other then that - its ice pack to the groin-zone for the next three evenings coupled with some vitamin I(buprofen).

That should get me right as rain! If not... as the hubby said.. "it will only hurt for a second", HAHAHAH he is too funny.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Same - Same

okay... catch up... not having a computer on weekends is no fun. And yesterday I was a busy bee at the office.

Saturday was pretty low key - Sunday I did some walking and general outsideness. Nothing of any great effort this weekend, but I did enjoy myself.

walked to work - 1.4km

Gym at lunch even though I didn't feel like going - I still did. I don't know how I managed to get myself there, but whatever it was - it worked!
10min warm up on elliptical
20 bells rings w/ 20lb dumbbell x 2 sets
10 x military press (standing) with 15lb dumbbells x 2 sets
10x hammer curls (standing) with 15lb dumbbells x 2 sets
ab bridge for as long as I could hold it (from the toes to from the knees to failure)... which was not very long at all. Maybe 10 seconds.... I was putting in too much effort to count properly! HA

Did a long walk home - 5.3km
total walking - 6.7km... no wonder my legs are sore today!

I did eat very well in the day - however I ordered Indian food for dinner and had butter chicken, saffron rice and nan bread (2). I will be heading to the grocery store this evening for better food provisions.

Okay - day is starting and need to get my breakfast... fruit is in the fridge here... time to nom!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Over extended...

Once again I've set goals that I just can not keep up with, But... today I'm not going to let that be the trigger to eating fifteen bags of chips and ice cream in hopes of making myself feel better...

This week I have done is an outstanding poor job of remembering that life is hard, and that there are things that have to be done and that I CAN take time to enjoy myself in and not just constantly try to meet all obligations that other people would like me to make.

I've done a great job this week in the gym - excellent steps forward. I've had my fruit for lunch three out of five days and on the other days I've made an effort to eat a lot better. Its going well.

Last night I moved homes again. It was sad to leave friends and their family - but it was good. They are the worst eaters ever. It's so depressing. Dessert EVERY NIGHT. Yes... that is right. EVERY STINKING NIGHT. I just couldn't say no.

Yesterday was a long day -- walk home, pack, move boxes, drive back unpack, drop friend at airport - drop other friend who wanted to come at home, get back to new place and get settled again. I woke up this morning and went straight back to sleep. I was an hour and a half late to work. I just needed the rest.

so... I'm skipping my weights and I'm skipping the company party and I'm going to do an extra long walk home along the river in the sunshine and then go back to my new place (a little condo on my own for 2 weeks while a friend is traveling - bless her!!) and then a bath and then shave my legs and walk around nude and not worry about anyone but me. I'm eating fruit for dinner and drinking fizzy water for my treat and that's that!!!!!

I can't wait.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Turkish delights!

went to the gym today - even though I didn't want to and was semi trying to talk myself out of it...the pressure to stick with it and not post that I have failed on day two of goal setting got to me....YAY for blog-pressure!! :D

10min warm up - Elliptical
20x 20lbs bell rings
10x 45lbs bar military press
5x each side with 10lbs dumbbell Turkish get-ups
20x 20lbs bell rings
10x 45lbs bar military press
3x each side with 10lbs dumbbell Turkish get-ups

Stretching and hot shower and back to the office.

Walking -
AM - 2.8km
PM - 3km
total - 5.8lm

food... okay
xl coffee w/ 2 cream (didn't finish)
12 grain bagel with 2oz peanut butter
l coffee w/ 1 cream
1 blueberry bran muffin
2.5c mixed fruit
1c 1% cottage cheese
1 handful almonds
1c mixed fruit smoothie
..not too sure what is on for dinner tonight...

Water -
500ml - check
500ml - check
400ml - check
500ml - (now)
500ml - (walk home)
1,500L - (evening)
TOTAL - 3.9L

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

I did it! I went to the gym at lunch yesterday... and it was hard. Harder then I thought.

10min warm up on Elliptical
20x 20lbs bell rings
10x 45lbs standing military press
5x Turkish get-ups with 10lbs - each side
pant and sweat
20x 20lbs bell rings
10x 45lbs standing military press
3x Turkish get-ups with 10lbs - each side
5min walk on treadmill
stretching (not enough)
back to the office

Lunch - Fruit-o-rama

AM - 2.8km
PM- 3km

Last night I was totally exhausted.

There is only a couple of things that I need ot get better on right now.
1. more water
2. more sleep

The Plan for the moment:
M/W/F - my little weight routine
M-F - walking to work and home am and ph (5.8km a day)
T/Th - "rest"
S/S - tbd

Monday, July 20, 2009

before I chicken the Eff out....

I had best post about it!!!!

I have plans to go to the gym at lunch.

I am going to do:

10min warm up on some or t'other cardio machine (elliptical I hope).
20x bell rings (like that kettle bell thingy but with a dumbbell)
15x overhead presses with bar
10x each side Turkish get-ups
Some stretching and an exceedingly hot shower and back to the office to suffer for the rest of hte day! haha

I don't know what I'm going to use for weights... but I think that 10lbs bells and a 50lb bar will be good enough to start with. If it gets too hard... I'll drop it down.

I walked in to the office today - 2.8km and I brought in my massive tub o' fruit again this week. 1% cottage cheese and a mix of grapes, honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and nectarines. YUM.

okay... back to work for another hour - then...GYM TIME.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Not too shabby

This week has been pretty good. I've been eating fruit like its going out of style!! And its been great.

I've not been walking enough this week but I've done 5km a day which is pretty good and better then nothing.

Food at home is still shite, but the office food is going well.

Sleep is lacking as is water. Trying to get more of that in today.

I've got another month her now to wait. Depressing yes... but the hubby and I have a holiday planned for the Aug 1 weekend, so that will have to be my fix for another month. I hate to do anymore speculation on when the immigration papers will arrive since its been one long wait.

I have a new plan fora place to stay for the last week of July and all of August. It was an awkward talk to tell them that I'm moving out - you know... bla bla bla its not you its me... but they know I'm not enjoying the house so I feel that I've hurt their feelings and its sad.

I will be walking distance to my job (who have kindly once again extended my time here even though I gave my notice) and will have at least 2 of those weeks all to myself. Hurray!

I have my gym clothes here at the office now... so next week my goal is to start going to the gym on my lunch hour a couple times a week. I think that I'll try for Tuesday/Thursday this week and then once I'm back in the mode.

Time for more water! TTFN

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kiwis and Melons and Berries Oh My!

*sniff* oh ladies... it was so nice to see your comments. I've missed my fat fighting blog-friends!!!

Tena!!! Last night, before I even saw your comment ... I went out and bought an ares-load of fruit and some 1% cottage cheese (because the 0% stuff is too gross for me) for my lunch this week.

cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, nectarines, green grapes, kiwis, and a tin of pineapple and made a huge fruit salad that I will eat all week for lunch.

I got the hairy eyeball last night as I was making it... but whatever! ALSO.....

Tonight I AM COOKING DINNER... its Lynns famous Butternut Squash mac&cheese...to which I now also add in spinach. Its soooooo good. :)

Also yesterday I walked...a lot...

AM - 2.8km
Post work - 3km
Evening walk - 4.9km
TOTAL - 10.7km

Hurray!!! Now I remember why I miss blogging so much. As much as there is good and bad in what I'm doing its hard to remember that I'm still moving when I don't write it down. I wouldn't' have guess I did that much yesterday. When I got up this morning I wondered what I'd done!! haha

okay... time to get back to work

Monday, July 13, 2009

still alive!

holiday was great - I was a lump, but I ate pretty well - lots of fruit and veg.

Other then that I'm hating my life at the moment. I'm holed up in a friends unfinished basement and having to eat all their meals with them... its not great. They are all high fat, high carb dinners. I have yet to had a meal without gravy.

I know.... I can do better for myself, not eat it, cook for myself... but the pressures to join in are huge, and I would feel rude to say I don't want to eat your high fat crap. Life stinks.

I've also moved to a distance that is not walkable. I've started getting off the bus early to walk part ways to the office in the mornings. That has been a good move. The cheap Scottish part of me is mad that I pay for bus fare and then don't use it all the way! LOL But the walk is good, and I don't mind getting ready earlier to go in now.

Lunches are not going well. I'm going to get some groceries tonight to bring here - I'm getting a MASSIVE amount of fruit and I'm going to cut it all up and have that with cottage cheese everyday.

I also have to start getting into the gym again... I have been saying this for ages. but tomorrow... I'm going to go to the gym at lunch hour and start getting in some weights.

Well - thats about all I have time for at the moment.

With no computer at home now, its hard to perv on blogs. I'll have to see what I can get done this weekend and get back into it. I miss you all!!!!!!