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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fears & Food

We managed to get up early and have very nearly kicked the last of this cold to the curb! We had to put on some long sleeves and a vest - hubby wore a hat even!! There was a lovely chill in the air. 35min walking was a nice start back into it. Sun was out and felt great to get out and about.

Friday I had my food well planned, but got off the rails when I went out to do some crafts with a friend who also was going to serve lunch... she didn't. So I went from 11.30am to 5.30pm having a tea and rice krispy square. Not great choices, but that was all. Then, of course. Overate for dinner since I was "famished".

The total damage was not too bad, over by 131calories/2090. What I dislike is my 'need' to overfeed when I get too far under. Which parlays me into this....

I know that phase three of the Challenge is coming and that we are going to have to reduce calories... and I'm not too proud to say that this scares the shit out of me.

I am doing well right now with my goal of 2090 calories. I feel happy and satisfied for 90% of the days. I don't worry about food too much and I have a little leeway for uncalculated errors.

Dropping calories for me is one of those old diet behaviors that in the past had gone... shall we say... poorly. The lower the calories, the more I obsess about what food I can have, when I can have it, how many times a day I get it, where its going to be, how big it is... ahhhhhhhh BINGE.

This is something that I want to avoid. I want to avoid the feelings of crazy food obsessive feelings and the imagined starvation/deprivation that lead me down the eventual path of "I deserve it because I've been so good". Once I get off the rails... its a long hard path back down.

Yesterday I set out my new goals for 1800 a day. Which is the caloric level for a 165lbs person. I do not want to be 165. So there is a lot of turmoil in Tamzin brainland. Lose weight faster vs risk of binging...what to do.. should I, shouldn't I, what if I can't. Etc ad nausium.

What I really wish is that the mental part of this was easier for me; that I had the kind of iron will that a lot of bloggers do. Not just the will of our fearless leader of the DDDYchallenges, there are so many men and women out there that just say NO, and do it. Its something that I marvel and covet.

So after all that I've decided to move my goals a little. I've changed my current calories to 1980. Which is the caloric goal of someone who is 180lbs. I'm comfortable with that. So it shall be for the next week or so until I can reach a little further comfortably.


Today is great, I'm feeling good. Had my walk, lots of water. Lunch is underway and we are making some My Fit Food cabbage rolls from their great Good Morning Sunshine breakfast. Hubby is steaming cabbage and the GMS is a mix of egg white, ground spiced turkey, herbs and rice. Its going to be awesome.

This evening is leftovers for dinner and a couple of netflicks movies, then early to bed!


Kimberly said...

More protein leads to fullness for longer periods. I used to obsess about every little thing that went into my mouth. When I decided to chill out and just make smart choices from the get go then the obsession stopped. Just some food for thought.

Laryssa said...

I used to think the same way whenever I had to reduce my calories. I would always end up at the higher end of my goals for the day. I hated it.

One thing I've learned is that if I start the meal with 1 cup of broth (depending on the brand I buy it's between 5 and 15 calories) then add a nice serving of seafood (10 jumbo shrimp has only 140 calories and I love shrimp), 2 to 3 cups of veggies and a salad, I can have a satisfying and filling meal for about 250 calories. That way it's easier to manage the rest of the calories in the day.

For me, the broth has made a difference to getting me "jump started" in feeling satisfied and full with my meals. I have a friend that makes a huge pot of vegetable soup (about 70 calories per cup) for the week and does the same thing I do: has 1 cup before each meal. She's noticed it helps her feel full faster and stay full for longer.

Tamzin said...

Thanks ladies!

Yes. more proteins. I do try for that. The water does help fill up as well.

I can often eat under my calories in a day and not feel crazy... I think its the menatly knowing the "small" (seeming) number that makes me go off.

Today was good. I had under mu 1980 and I feel fine! Its a battle I'm intending to win. Each fight at a time.


Mrs. D said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've done the calorie-counting in the past and really struggled with it. This time has been so much easier, and I didn't even think about what was different until I read your post. Like the others said, the water and protein make a huge difference for me, but so does the snacking. I could have an entire meal's worth of calories in snacks during the day- they add up quickly, even if they're 100 calorie packs (which btw- do NOT keep me full whatsoever). I stick to fruits, or occasionally the 90 calorie fiber bars, when I want a snack because those keep me full. I don't reach for chips, or chocolate, etc because they're empty. Make your calories count. I do keep a box of the skinny cow chocolate truffle pops in the freezer too, just in case I have a craving. My best advice- PLAN AHEAD!! I know what I'm eating for the entire day before I wake up every morning. That way I don't run into the "oops! I had a big lunch and now dinner is over my limit!" dilemma.

It'll be hard cutting down to 1200 from where you're at now, so I would probably suggest cutting your calories down now- give you body time to adjust. We only have about a week or so left now, so maybe try cutting an extra 100 out every other day? Your body may not protest so much if you make it as gradual as you can between now and then!