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Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily add up!

Well, I'm (of course) totally pumped for SDDDY challenge starting up tomorrow. Allan let the cat out of the bag a little early due to a lot of emails asking him I'm sure.

.5oz of fluids per pound. This is the formula we have for the next 3 weeks.

292/2=146oz of fluid
146/33.8=4.3L of water a day.

Today I had 169 oz of water.... Husband gave me the eyebrows and said "that's auspicious". HAHAHA right buddy... I have to go to work tomorrow! teehee

Awesome. I can totally do this. Just over 4 liters of water daily. When I get in 1L before I'm even at the office makes it a lot easier. My new success is having to pee when I arrive at the office in the morning. That means I'm well on the way.

Food today was great. I was really NOT hungry this afternoon.... I water why?? haha Ended up skipping the majority of the afternoon snack.

For today's fun time with food... there was a bake sale at the office for the United Way campaign. I'm sorry, but I've donated my hard earned money, and volunteered my time... but I draw the line at buying baked goods.

A number of people bought the treats and out of the goodness of their hearts/waistlines put them out in the office kitchen for the savages to pillage. Mini lemon cheesecakes...like 50 of them. I'm not kidding... I picked one of those landmines up and sniffed it. It smelled gooooood. I eyeballed it... I thought about it... then put that b*tch back down and walked off.


Alrighty - time for me to get headed for bed. I'm sore and tired for my weekend of fun.

Here are todays numbers, pretty carb heavy. I think that might be my muscules complaining about the hard work yesterday:

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