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Monday, November 8, 2010

DDDY Challenge - week 2 weigh in

This is like, the LEAST dramatic title ever for the most amazing post and weigh in that I’ve ever had.

Which I am going to get to asap, because I can’t wait any longer to tell you.

Weight In: 292.0lbs

That my friends…. is a massive 7lb loss for this week. I kinda figured that this one would be bigger, since last week we the period bloats, but 7 effing pounds. Wow. I’m sooo happy.

I can’t wait for more water torture!! I will have to stay posted to Allan's blog and wait to see how much I will be peeing these next three weeks!!!!

I am thinking that I should go and buy some stocks in Toilette paper. HAHAH


Kimberly said...

Okay, so that is kinda sort of majorly fantastically oh so super duper extremely awesome!

And stocking up on the paper de toilet seems to be the wise choice. Are there in home catheter systems we could purchase? That might be easier.

So happy for your weigh in this week. That has to be over the moon motivating for you.

Laryssa said...

Yay!!! Great weight loss!! It seems Allan really does know what he's talking about! :)

Princess Dieter said...

Wow. That's a fabulous loss. I never in my life ever ever see those losses. I'm a turtle.

Yeah, the challenge is cool. I am learning to embrace my pee. hahahah Well, not really. But apparently, my bladder is really tiny. And being menopausal means that when my bladder says URGENT, I have to RUN....


Ann (-28 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Holy frijoles! That is beyond amazing!! Who does that?! Um ...

YOU !!!

You practically blew through the 290s in one week. I am SO jealous (happy too) ... hahaha ... you just lost MORE this week, than I've lost in two weeks. How cool is that?!

That is one of the most amazing drops I've read about.

I'm using today as my SDDDY "training day" - I'm around 80 oz now and am running to the restroom like clockwork. LOL I hope it doesn't take long for the body to adjust, or I'm going to have some really interesting "experiences" this month.


Congratulations on your fantastic weigh-in result this week! You've worked hard for it - and clearly it shows!! xx

Joy said...

Congrats on the awesome progress this week! 7 lbs is phenomenal! I'm a new reader; looking forward to catching up on your blog :) Congrats again!!

Katie J said...

Oh I am thrilled for you Tamzin! That is a smokin way in lady!

Rachel said...

Holy Batman!!!!! That is like freaking AMAZING! I may have to follow along with you guys, even though I am not following along. That has to be an AMAZING feeling. I think I can see you smiling from here!