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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Planning to Succeed

Alrightly, in the spirit of my last few posts, here is my food weekend before it happens. I set this to post Saturday morning, we will have already been on the road for a few hours. Weee!!!


I have a conference out of town staring at 9am until 1pm. There will be cakes and cookies. I will not be indulging. I will have a kashi bar and water in my purse. I am prepping my weekend of food and bringing a small cooler with me so that when we check into the hotel on Saturday we will have our lunch and snacks with us, as well as the Sunday breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Saturday night we are meeting up with friends for dinner and going out for Mexican food. So, I’ll pick similar to what I did on Monday, which is, eat 2 out of the three tacos, none of the rice and beans, and a very limited amount of chips and salsa. I’m hoping that I can get the grilled fish tacos. YUM!


Sunday is a bit different. I have an athletic event (highland games) that I will be competing in for the better part of 5 hours. Makes for a looong exhausting day. I am going to be plowing through the water like there is no tomorrow. I will also be eating over my allowance (not by too much) so that I keep my energy up. The whole days work will expend close to my total daily allowance in calories, so even with that overage, I’ll be well under for calories that day.

My carb intake is going to be much higher than usual, as I will be eating for energy. I’m keeping it manageable, and if I stay on plan, it should be very doable and will be a lot less bad for me than my night out at the Thai restaurant. I’m sure that I will sleep on the way home that night!

Monday I’ll have to post up my weight in and do a check through to see how far off I was on my eating over the weekend. I am excited! Mini fun holiday coming up.


Kimberly said...

Amazingly good plan. You are rocking this challenge. I can't wait to see what your 2 week totals are.

CJ said...

great plans! Good luck with weigh in :)