Thank you for stopping by to perv on my blog, as I fight myself to change my old habits and make new ones to get fit. I don't get it right all the time, but I'm still here and I'm still working at it.

Tamzins Double Dog Dare You Ticker!

My homage to the 14lbs that I lost on Allan’s DDDY Challenges. A watering can for the vast oceans of water that I have learned to drink and love every day.

Monday, March 29, 2010


or rather getting there. For some unknown reason I just couldn't sleep last night and now I have that tickle in the back of my throat like something wicked this way comes.... eep!

Tonight is extra early to bed and see if I can sleep this thing off. Had a nice long hot bath after work, my legs were feeling still a little warm from this weekends 3.25mile walk (it was great), and I've been drinking lots of water and eating pretty good (until I got into the stone wheat crackers after bath time).

Dinner is Tom Yum Soup, dumplings and edemame. Then its a bit of tv time and into the bed!

Fingers crossed tomorrow morning is going to find me feeling spry again!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Update

Well... been avoiding posting because I've been off track since Friday evening. Arg.
Such is the ups and downs of life. I have done some great walking, but didn't manage to get in some more weights.

This month I'm going to do that. I do have April goals to set!! My gawds - how can a month go by so quickly.

Weigh In: 292.8 (+3.2)

Sadly, I've been dehydrated since Friday and I've done sweet FA about it. In fact I've got a big headache that caught up with me today.

I'm enthusiastic for this coming month, its still lovely out - and despite this weeks gain, I've had some great changes made and some good solid new habits formed. All of which will do me well in the coming months.

So, today I'm keeping it short - I have things to do so I'll save the blogging for this week!

Happy Sunday All!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Right....We had a friend in town tonight from the big D and we had ... of course... dinner plans.

HOWEVER TODAY...... I ate LOTS of good healthy food in the daytime and at dinner was not that interested/starving! Between the three of us we shared 1 appy. and I had a beautiful Butternut Squash arugula salad with pumpkin seeds and lime vinaigrette. SO delicious. We all shared a strawberry scone for dessert. I have to say - I feel REALLY AWESOME about taking control of my eating out - to enjoy it, and also to manage my intake. I got some sweet, some fatty, but I ate a great salad and LOVED it. Hurray!

Finished inputting all my info and I am under calories and that feels pretty darn good.

I've not done great at water today - trying to get some more in. And tomorrow is Friday Food Frenzy... however its my turn to bring something - egg white, asparagus, red onion mini (muffin sized) frittats. :) I can't wait.

Also - to delve into the TMI region of things.

I got my period today finally after about 7 weeks of waiting. I had to go off the pill - NOT trying to get preggers (everything to do with not having HC in the 2 months of time that I am uninsured between leaving Canada and getting covered at the office here and I refused to pay $200 for a check up to then have to pay for 2 months of pills - my gawds I'm cheap!). So, anyway, currently the hubby and I are on an "all oral program"! LOL Great for me - and I do love to put stuff in my mouth!! HAHAHA!! Anyway - feeling bloated and ug, so that has a lot to explain it.

This mornings weigh in - 292.6

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fatal Flaw....

right....its bed time and I just got in the door and have been out since I left for work this morning at 7.30am....this has been one long ass day.

I knew that I had an appointment with our accountant right after work to discuss my taxes as they are going to be complicated this year - with immigration, foreign property owner, etc etc...

I ate REALLY well today, but knew that I was going to be eating dinner out post accountant meeting and then spending the evening with friends at the coffee shop.

Fatal Flaw in planning.... instead of eating more in the day of my foods, I knew that I would be eating out so made sure to reserve calories... instead, I was famished and over ate at the dinner out ... and then since I was already in "shove food in my face" mode, we got to the coffee shop and I had a muffin and a latte. I am over on calories today by 600. Damn....

Need more water today as well.

This mornings weigh in was good - back down - 289.8lbs.

right - bed time - tomorrow morning is going to come fast!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


If you think that what you eat does not affect your body. Eat some asparagus, drink some water and have a pee....

My gawds, thats a "special" smell.

WI: 291.4... had morning movement at the office.... so I'm not really that concerned! ha!

Right - that out of the way - today was great - good food at the office, I briefly considered getting a diet coke or a coffee this afternoon, but distracted myself and totally forgot about both.
I`ve been eating better and today I noticed this... that I am less hungry and eat far less than I thought that I needed. Its a good feeling - to eat a pot of yogurt at 3.30 in the afternoon and not have thought about eating since lunch at 12.30. Progress!

Went right to the gym after work and did 5min on the elliptical - then 3 sets of my military press (20lb bells), bicep curls (20lb bells) and leg press (225lbs). Hit the park for a 25 power walk with the ipod. Laughably, it took 25 for me to get through all the traffic and get home. No wonder people don't get out as much as they should.
Ah well - I had my favorite 80's mix in and listened to Major Tom on repeat. I love that song. :)

All done for the day - time for some cuddles in bed and reading.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Carb Bomb!

Poor sleep last night and I just couldn't get out of bed this morning. No weigh in as I was 25 min late the shower and 25 min late to the office. Not too sure why my sleep was so restless last night.... likely has to something to do with the popcorn that I ate while watching Alice in Wonderland last night (it was slightly disappointing btw).

Lunch today was good - leftovers and a salad. Lots of fruit and water today.

Went for a walk this evening. Dinner was tasty and I'm under calories, but it was a carb bomb!
Angle hair pasta with chicken, mushrooms and asparagus with home made garlic bread... a lot of garlic bread. MORE than I really should have.
Regardless, I'm drinking my water and we went for an evening walk to move it around - tomorrow is gym time for some weights, and another walk in the evening. Its almost bed time - I need to catch up on some zzzz's.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Note to Self

Hey Self!

Its been 13 weeks of blogging and you have finally made it back into the 280's and out of the 290's (which feels great)... but remember this...

It wasn't luck or some magic ninja dust or the Moon and Jupiter aligning up on the same evening.

It was:

  1. Eating right (salads and good foods at the office)
  2. Getting in 5 days of exercise
  3. Drinking lots of water
  4. Getting good sleep
  5. Being prepared
  6. Small steps, each and every day

....this is just a friendly reminder as you go into this week as a "winner" the job is not done yet - Keep up the good work.

Love me!

Sunday Weigh In

I did not do everything that I could yesterday, I had pizza for dinner, and a beer!!! I haven't had a beer in ages. Also, and mostly, I didn't drink enough water yesterday. I can tell by the headache this morning that I am dehydrated.

Weigh In: 289.8lbs
Down: 6.4lbs!

....insane. Well, eating right, getting exercise and lots of water DOES ACTUALLY WORK. I'm doing okay with the weigh in every day - I think that I was obsessing over the scale so much before that stepping on every morning is now not a big deal... of course,the numbers have all been going downwards, which is always easier on the mind.

Off to start my Sunday chores, meal plan for the week, ... etc etc.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walking In the Rain

Today was my morning crafting get together at 9.30am. Very fun! And has inspired me to do some more crafting in the evenings.

I knew that I was going for lunch with one of the ladies to a tea house - so I had a very good breakfast of Oatmeal, Red Mill 10grain cereal, pears and a little bit of Peanut butter and honey. When we arrived for lunch, at 12.30.

Earl Grey Tea
Chicken and Pesto Paninni
small cup of Tomato basil soup
Blackberry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

I'm really quite stuffed and I need a walk! Its raining... but I am taking the husband and we are going to put on jackets and hats and walk for at least 30min. I'm not a great fan of walking in the rain - but I'm also not a great fan of being a lardy ass anymore either.

So....as the saying goes: there are only two things that melt in rain... sugar and sh*t...which one are you?! haha

I also know that I want to be less generous with what my evening food is going to be.... speaking of. I need to get this into my calorie spreadsheet so I know exactly what I can have!

Right.... Morning weigh in... this was a tricky one. Because the first thing that I read was:

298.6!!! And as I was trying to do the math on the scale to see how much I gained.. I realized that it said:



I'm pretty excited for tomorrows weigh in. Now - to spend the rest of today doing things that are good for me and not sabotaging al the work that has been done this week.

Friday, March 19, 2010

waiting for the other shoe

Daily Weigh In: 290.4 .. down .2lbs

I'm getting freaked out... in a good way.

Post work got a quick gym session in - 3 sets of bicep curls and military press with 20lbs dumbbells. 3 sets 10 reps 195 on the leg press.

Currently awaiting hubby to get home so we can go for a walk while the sun is still up.

Sum of small steps today:
1. cancelled lunch date with husband - opting for stored food at the office (V8 soup, bag of instant nuker Rice from Uncle bens)
2. only ate half a donut and a small (1inch square) of toffee that was at the office toda
3. Didn't touch all the McDonald's breakfast sandwiches that were brought in.


Tonight is English breakfast for dinner. Heinz Beans, poached eggs and toast. Then off to the Hobby Lobby to get some crafting supplies as I have a craft day with friends tomorrow!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swift Kick!!

Morning Weight In: 290.6lbs

Wait.....This is starting to freak me out. I jumped on the scale quickly last night to make sure that it was still working.. it is. Really....does eating right (tossing junk), drinking water and getting exercise really work?!! ha ha!

I made some "behavior changes" this week. Its Thursday and I have ate my packed lunch every day this week. We have yet to have a meal out at all, and typically I would have had 1 or 2 (or 3) meals courtesy of restaurants by now.

We had Colcannon (Irish dish of cabbage, kale, onion and potatoes and corn beef) for Dinner on St.Patties day. I had it at lunch today with my salad (greens, strawberries, pear, chicken breast, and goat cheese with raspberry vinaigrette...yes it was that good!). Needless to day I was .... a bit windy today at the office. We had it for dinner today as well ... so I don't know what I am going to do tomorrow! Ekk! My poor co-workers, I'm going to be Crop-Dusting all day!

Friday if "Free for all Food Frenzy" at the office. So I am going to make my hearty Oatmeal breakfast bowl tonight... it will be an "add water & nuke" deali-o that I can take with me to work. That will fill me up and hopefully keep the munchies away. I may stop and get a Starbucks coffee to drink at my desk...if that will keep me out of the offending kitchen where the snacks live.
Today I didn't get into the gym - the left side of my lower back is still complaining about my run in with the garbage can.. and its tight, so today was walking in the evening with the husband. Very lovely out and an enjoyable evening!

Small Steps I took Today:
1. Had a yogurt and a nectarine for an afternoon snack instead of letting myself get too hungry and go get terrible treats to comfort myself
2. Said no to my co-workers inviting me out for lunch
3. Walking after dinner, even though I wanted to just sit on the couch and veg

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday FULL of WIN!

I started to fade today...and had thoughts of burgers dancing through my head....so just before lunch and I did this:

From: T--------- -------
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 11:02 AM
To: T--------- -------

NOT GET A FATTY LUNCH. I will eat the lunch that I have here.
Because I’m better than fat.
Love Me~

Ate my lunch and it was great (BNS mac&cheese, lemon yogurt and a plum). This afternoon I considered getting a treat - and instead ate my Coconut Larabar. AlsoYum.

After work I had to pick up some bits for dinner.... and that put me right in the middle of one of my worst areas...The Grocery store - all by myself...the perfect time to get chocolate so that I can eat it in the car and NO ONE KNOWS.... (but me - and all of you of course). Grocery stores are a terrible place for me - those ROWS of chocolate bars while you are standing there checking out, alone in the car to scarf down the chocolate like a starving wolf....

I managed to resist!~ I bought two packs of Extra gum instead (a la Biggest Looser). Woot!

However, ice cream was in the basket.

:( NOT GOOD...not good at all!!

I drove home thinking about the ice cream...and when I got home I put it in the freezer - telling myself that I would have some tonight and then throw the rest out. Then 15min later I went into the kitchen, took it out of the freezer and.... I threw it in the garbage. $5.00 is not worth me eating 1,000+ calories of ice cream. So right NOW there is a tub of ice cream melting in my garbage! YAY!!

Also.... my main surprise today was my daily Weight In. I hopped up on the scales and expected to see something other than this:


No change from yesterday, that was a very nice surprise!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Done and Done!

I almost talked myself out of exercising today - but that little nagging voice that is hard to hear got through today.

1. I went right to the gym and got my first weights session of the week done. My lower back is sore from a run in with the garbage bag yesterday... I won, but there was a price! I did 3 sets of 10 reps of military press (15lb bells), bicep curls (15lbs) and leg press (195lbs).

and then

2. Stopped on the way home for a 30min power walk... Oh how I have missed you Shakira's She Wolf. Love that song. Dusted off the ipod and enjoyed some tunes.

Mr.Tamzin is out of town working, so I was on my own today... he should be back for dinner tomorrow. It was good to get out on my own and have some time to just walk and get lost in the sky/clouds and my own thoughts.

Dinner was good - Amy's Tomato Bisque (so good like squishing a ripe tomato right into your mouth...if you like that kind of thing that is!), and some low fat grilled cheese and pickles. My fav.

Small Efforts today:
1. ate all my breakfast - even the yogurt that wasn't stirred in!
2. ate a plum instead of a Larabar. Caloric savings of 200
3. used pam to grill my cheese sandwiches

Now..time to lay down, relax and do some reading... and watch TMZ


Day 1 of weigh in every day went well.

Which is GREAT, and horrible…because now I have an expectation of what I can and should do. And expectations can be dangerous things. Which I will parley into my post here a little later.

Of course, I also drank a LOT (more) water (than I have been typically drinking) yesterday, had great homemade food all day (no junk!), got a good night’s rest last night, and had a giant poo right before stepping on the scale. All of these things are part of the real long term solution for my weight loss. The only missing link was exercise, which I did not do yesterday.

Weigh In: 290.6 (down 5.6lbs) !!!!!

I wanted to get some junk food yesterday – getting punched in the wallet is what stopped me. I had no cash and the only bank machine costs me $5 in transaction fees to get out money… I couldn’t justify that for $1.50's worth of M&M’s costing me $6. I also know that these feelings of “needing and deserving” junk is all part of the bigger issue. I need to learn to ignore these, or change them… but for now, I’m going to settle on just managing to be too cheap to buy any!

So now I can expect more from myself, because I know I can do it. It is possible to lose the weight, it is possible for me not to eat junk. But with expectations comes the dark side of “not living up to them”. Which is what happened with a particularly wonderful supportive and bright blogger names Lisa (and her friends that she directed here). Who I let down, I don’t know what she was expecting, but I did not deliver and for that I am sorry.

Monday, March 15, 2010

There is light on the other side!

Thank you to the many people who commented yesterday on my terrible day. This is hard work... I really have to keep reminding myself that it is not going to be easy to change a lifetime of terrible habits.

But also to remember that they are just HABITS... not a permanent character flaw that is unfixable. I have to change, and that can be very difficult.

So to remind myself ... Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out

I'm thinking about going to a daily weight in, I think that this whole excitement/fear/bartering that I do the last few days before "weigh in" are just as unhealthy as the weighing in every day will be... I mean... I'm already obsessed with this.

I was reading an interesting post by Diane that was talking about daily vs weekly (or longer) weigh ins. I'm going to give it a go ....there will be more fluctuations, but I think that I can get a grasp of that. All this food bartering trying to be "under last weeks weight" while torturing myself every weekend is just not good. Not good at all.

As for the rest of my March - I've decided that what I have here is solid in terms of exercise etc. I have started to get lazy and not count my calories on weekends and well...starting Thursdays... so I need to get back on that. I'm going to finish out this month with more care and attention to my goals, my food and my mood. And see where that leaves me.

The exercise is good - 5 times a week - walking / whatever... I'm going to change step class as I'm just not feeling it at the moment. While its nice out I think I would rather get outside and move.

Regardless, I'm through the black pit that I was in Sunday and Monday(day) and onto the next battle. Today's small successes were 1. Not buying a Diet Pepsi and M&M's at the office. I ate a Plum and it was DELICIOUS! :)

On a very positive note!!!! the best thing that happened this weekend was all the new commenter's that I now get to perv on!! Hurray for blogs to read.

Here is to a stellar week - complete with good food, lots of water, getting moving, and enjoying life!

What was your success today?!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


right.... I'm really really displeased. With all kinds of things but mostly with this.


That is another gain this week of 1.8lbs.

I am also displeased with my current pattern:

Monday -Wednesday... food is good - going to the gym - drinking lots of water - feeling good.
Thursday through Sunday.... the bad eating starts to creep in with the "I've been good, I can eat something bad - its not going to make that big a difference" etc etc etc... and then I find myself eating out, getting poor choices for food - allowing myself to eat things that I shouldn't.

Its not fun to be this mad at myself. I'm so depressed about it that I'm not in the mood to do anything. How is that for counter-productive.

Thursday - dinner out
Friday - Poor breakfast snacks, Fried lunch (bought), Dinner care of Wendy's
Saturday - lunch out, ice cream, dinner out
Sunday - breakfast out

*Sigh* I am really not happy....NOT HAPPY

My brain is spending 90% of its energy trying to think of excuses for the gain - its salt, it that I didn't have a poo this morning, its this, its that, its everything BUT the real reason - that being I AM NOT EVEN TRYING. even though when I type that I tell myself that isn't true.

I guess I am trying, just not consistently.

Great. I just yelled at the Husband. Yeah...how dare he talk to me right now. FUUUUCK....

Anyway. Here is what else I did... Measurements. I've not done them in a long time too.

Neck: 16.5
Bust: 49
Chest: 44
Waist: 50
Hips: 53.5
R.Thigh: 26
L.Thigh: 26.5
R.Calf: 26
L.Calf: 26.5
R.Bicep: 15.5
L.Bicep: 15
Total Inches: 331

More later I guess. I need to decide what I'm going to do with myself.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This weekend I will....

1. go to the gym
2. go for a walk
3. do something in the yard
4. read
5. relax

Between Wednesday and Friday I worked an extra 5 hours at the office. I'm fried, exhausted and I know that I'm losing an hour of sleep on Sunday. Boo. I like Lighter evenings, I hate getting up earlier.

I won't make my "step class" goal this weekend - that would have had to be this morning, and I didn't get up in time. So I'm going to do something nice outside in the yard instead. There is a section that needs some gravel and maintenance... Might have to get dirty doing that.

Friday I had some fabulous news from a friend. She has been trying to adopt a baby from china and this week she got approved. She is now waiting on immigration and then will be flying over to China to get her new little boy. I am so happy for her. I know that she has really wanted to be a Mommy, and this is now her chance. Its amazing. So there is a happy smile for all readers today.

Hope everyone is enjoying their time off.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Up early and to work.. more more more work. I was at the office until 7pm. Ug. Must get to bed ASAP as I need to be there early tomorrow as well.


Today was a great day, I had the ever smallest whiff of a thought about M&M's and it was quickly smashed and dismissed (many thanks to all who joined in yesterdays rousing M&M's discussion! The blogerific Lisa, Ann H, CJ and Laryssa). I didn't think about them again until just now to blog about it. I worked late late late and hubby met up with me for dinner out... since neither wanted to cook so late.

I waaassssss thinking Mexican (read here queso & chips and SALTY SALTY food), but decided on a fabulous cafe (Barnaby's) that has the most amazing veggie (non-meat) salad ever! Its huge, greens, roasted corn, tomatoes, peppers, and all kinds of things in there. Pretty low fat and served with sour cream and guacamole as the dressing (I dont eat it all). Well, comes with dressing but I didn't touch it. Ate my way through, so much better on the body than cheese and greasy Mexican dinner.

Tomorrow is "food frenzy" day at the office. I'm taking oatmeal as well as the rest of my typical breakfast. I HAVE to eat all that BEFORE ANY nice treat. I can have one, but not 5 donuts.

I'm going to be pretty frantic all morning anyway - so I dont think I'm going to be sitting around thinking about sweets. I'm going to be all over the shop with my head in spreadsheets.

okay - that is all! Bed calls!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well ....finally today I went and get those damn M&M's. I caved. I have stayed under calories and ate 11 servings of fruit/veggies today, so that is good, but .... I did eat a bag of M&M's while there were strawberries in the fridge.

Oh no...Lisa just commented while I was writing this - about how great I was doing to resist these... I feel shame. :( Lisa - thank you for the reminder that I could do without!

Today's Victory was pretty special though! After a long day at the office (in early - no lunch break - this is our busy week), I convinced myself to do my weights workout before heading home. I literally said to myself, "Because you DO NOT want to do this, MEANS that you should"!!!

45min later and I was on my way home. Feels good. 10min elliptical warm up, 3 sets of 10 reps each arm Dumbbell snatches. 1x with 25lb weight, the last 2 with 20lbs weight.

Dinner was a lovely bit of leftovers and now I'm going to try and drink some more water, perv some blogs and get to bed early! Up to the office early tomorrow as well... this is the hell week.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday = Done

I am going to bed asap to read and relax.

Today I forgot my runners - so no gym. I'll get that done tomorrow.

Food was good. Obsessed over M&M's again. Ate strawberries instead. Great day for eating... bad day for moving...just can't get them both to click on the same schedule it seems... must.keep.trying....

Caved into the pop craving and had a diet Pepsi at dinner. Other than that... ate just under calories today. 8 servings of veggies today! Yum Yum!

Right. Off to bed now!

Monday, March 8, 2010


thats Thank Gawds Its Over!

This is the start of my hell week at the office. Tis our very busy week and its getting started in a massive way. I have to be very conscious this week to get up and move around as much as possible, as well as drink MORE water.

I had a good salad (greens, pear, grapes, red onion, goat cheese, and pecans!) and enjoyed my home made left over Butternut squash mac&cheese! Yum Yum. But worked through my lunch hour and didn't get up and about much today. I had 11 servings of veggies today. That made me happy!

However, I have not had enough water - this is going to have to change.

All afternoon I obsessed over diet coke and peanut M&M's. I emailed 2 friends to tell me NOT to get and get them. I didn't.

I hate that these kinds of things creep up and take hold of my brain and then it spends most of its time trying to convince me to go and get some.....I ate 2 servings of Whole Wheat goldfish. which is MORE calories than the little bag of peanut M&M's...but I think I made the right choice.

I sneaked in my weights session after work - 10min warm up (5 on the treadmill and 5 on the elliptical). Did my dumbbell snatches. 3 sets of 10 each arm. First set was with a 25lbs one, the last 2 were with a 20lbs bell.

Arrived home to husband making a lovely dinner of colcannon (ours was red and russet potatoes, 1 head of savoy cabbage, 1 bunch of kale, 2 slices of Canadian bacon chopped up, 1 can of corned beef, 1 large yellow onion, 4 cloves garlic and low fat milk and low fat margarine). It was quite delish and not too bad on calories... I fear for what all that cabbage is going to do to me tomorrow...but...I will just have to deal with that when it comes! *toot toot* haha

Wasted a fair amount of time on tv and surfing the net. I should be reading and relaxing and that... is where I am going now.

Happy End of Monday Everyone!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well today is weigh in day and I was optimistic for a loss, but not surprised to see the scale go up again.

Weight In: 294.4
Up - 1.6lbs

I'm really VERY pleased with my exercise this week, and I will be carrying on with that and I shall these this stand as the high point this week.

But Thursday - Friday - Saturday my eating was... frankly ...a little ridiculous for someone who is "trying to lose weight".

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were GREAT! lots of greens, good veggies, home made dinners and lunch's... and under calories every day (-200-400 daily).

Thursday night post dinner - we ended up at the Dairy Queen and I got a hot fudge Sunday, I also had the mini scone and latte that day.

Friday is "breakfast day" at the office and well... I ate (over the course of the day) 3 donuts and a sausage, egg and cheese croissant....then it gets worse. We went to the movies.... Popcorn and M&M's shared with Hubby... and then a couple of sushi rolls shared post movie for "dinner".

Saturday day was good... but we went for dinner at a nice Indian restaurant and I really gorged myself. Not good. Not good at all.


So now, in light of typing out all of these ... I really can not be surprised that I had a gain this week. I can workout all I want, but if I eat too much, there is never going to be a loss.

Right... Right. This is not news. This is not rocket science. I seem to be able to manage one or the other at the moment. Good eating - no workouts... Good workouts - poor eating...

Next week I'm going to get this under control. I need a solution for "free for all Fridays" when its all terrible food and sweets laid out in the office kitchen (giant home breakfast is what I'm thinking). I started eating poorly and then I stopped counting calories. This week I will count calories BEFORE I eat the offending items.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturdays workout...Brought to you by the letter "L"

L is for LEAVES... and lots of them!!!!

I skipped step class and went for a morning walk with Mr.Tamzin. Just under 3miles!
Then we went to the Lows for some more supplies for the house. Hubby went to work on the "blue work" inside - taps needed fixing and there was a new blind to install in the bedroom...various other bits and bobs of things.
However, I went out to rake the yard.
It was 45min of solid raking (I timed myself), then another 40min to pick up and bag everything. 14 bags of leaves all ready to go!

I'm... exhausted. :) But it was truly beautiful out, so I'm not going to complain. In fact, it feels pretty darn good!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another day bites the dust

Work today was... intensive! Large complex spreadsheets with me hunched over checking formulas on pages and pages ... my eyes are exhausted, so this will be short!

I ate well - had another giant salad for lunch! YUMMY!! I needed a break from the office so I hopped in my car and went to the Starbucks for a caffeine induces afternoon kick up the arse. I also got a vanilla scone.

I wanted a GREAT BIG HUGE SUGARY SCONE... what I got was.....
a single little "petite vanilla bean scone".
Good thing I didn't know what I was buying or I would have asked for three of the little buggers! In the end, it was a nice treat and the perfect size with my fat free latte. Not to mention a good lesson in the difference between "what I want" and what "what will actually satisfy me".
Got home and me and Mr.Tamzin went for a walk. Did about a mile and a half. Nothing too crazy, but it was nice out and good to get the legs going. Tomorrow... gym time!

Get to bed bloggers!!!!!! I know I am headed there asap!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day Done!

I need more sleep.... and water.

Today was excellent (apart from not getting enough water). Ate well - just under my calories with lots of fruit and veg.

I skipped my lunchtime workout... BUT .... I went right after work and did my quick 30min weights! 3 sets dumbbell snatches with 20lbs weights. 10 each arm. Did my 40 crunches.

Feels good.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Day 2 ... walking goal accomplished. How'd ya like that?! Gold Star for me!

My legs are arms are pretty sore today from Mondays workout, but I suspect that I should be fine tomorrow and the plan is to hit the office gym again during my lunch hour.

Food has been good. We had some lovely ground turkey with veg and rice with Rogan Josh(spelling?) Indian sauce over top. Lovely! I've been taking big salads to lunch at the office for the last while and today's was fantastic: Mixed Greens, 1/2 green apple, roasted chicken bits, green grapes, 1 oz brie cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette. Yummy!! That and some laughing cow cheese and whole grain wasa crackers. Lunch was magnificent.

We had a very nice walk - 2miles total. Got home - changed and me and the husband were off to the park. It was getting dark when we finished but got some great blue sky and I was even in shorts. :)

Water today has been poor to appalling. Trying to get some more in my now.

Today has been a good day!

Monday, March 1, 2010

In like a Lion!

lets just hope its not out like a lamb!

I posted up my new goals for March. My focus was on flexibility for schedule changes and so that I don't punish myself if I can't do "exactly this at exactly that time". I just find another day place to fit it in so that I have a week.

I'm going to attempt to be smart about it and try to get in as much as I can in the early part of the week so that I don't have to do three workouts on Sunday! ha! I'm thinking that this will work better for me.

The plan - 5 workouts a week. 3 at the gym, 1 step class, 1 outside walk.

The gym sessions are short or long - I just have to get there and do something... I can do that! :) Walk outside one day a week - for my weekends this is a great one - I need more vitamin D and outside fresh air. Step one time a week is manageable. There are classes Mon,Tuesday, Thursday and Sat morning. I can make one of those times.

So there you go. All ready to get roaring into March.

Today: Gym 1 - Done!
10min Elliptical warm up
3 set 10x each arm Dumbbell Snatch (teehee snatch)
2 sets crunches ... (I tried to do three sets but I actually got an ab cramp. Proof that they are REALLY IN THERE...deep down in there... but there nevertheless.)

YAY Welcome March! I'm so happy to see you.