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My homage to the 14lbs that I lost on Allan’s DDDY Challenges. A watering can for the vast oceans of water that I have learned to drink and love every day.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today is going well, despite my dinners out, and this is a real mind-flip from what my life was like mere weeks ago.

This week at the office there has been an incredible amount of temptation, of which I have NOT indulged, not even once. A few weeks ago I would have been eating upwards of 5 or 10 mini-treats a day. (then wondering why my pants are tighter….go figure).

The desk next to mine has an overflowing Halloween bowl of pretzels and candy corn, and a little bowl of Hershey kisses, Reese’s pb cups and all sort of mini chocolate bars. I had glanced at them a couple of times; I’ve even caught myself reaching for it once or twice, but stopped myself. Yesterday in the kitchen someone dropped off a mountain of leftovers from Halloween. Chocolate bars, gun, chips and candy. I stopped to look at it – then forced myself to move along. No need to window shop if I’m not intending to buy.

The DDDY challenge has been great. I’m enjoying all the fabulous blogs that it has lead me too, including Allan’s totally NO BS attitude blog where he gets on with getting on and telling it like it is. I love it. You know, it’s a challenge, and by definition it should be difficult. I think that the trap I’ve laid for myself before has been that I have not anticipated, or prepared for the difficulty that is ahead.

If being thin was easy, I would already be there. It’s a difficult, rocky, steep path, hard enough to make you think twice about climbing up. I have quit in the past because it was hard to manage food, it was hard to prep lunches, its hard to get up early and go to the gym before work (which is something else that I have to get started back into), it was hard to say NO to treats… I deserve them right?

I’m up for the challenge. I want the challenge. I need the challenge. I had a coach that always said, “if this training were easy, everyone would have an Olympic Gold medal”. It’s the difficulty and struggle that adds value to the goal.

So that is what I’m going to think about when next week rolls around and I’m sucking back the monster amount of water needed in the "Son of DDDY Challenge Challenge"!

10:45 am and I’ve had: 1.5L water, 10oz coffee, and 3oz Food-water. For a total of 62.5oz and the day is just beginning. My plan is to sip constantly, every time I look at my water and see it - I take a drink.


Linda - Operation Stick To It said...

This is a very encouraging post about the mental aspect of this journey! Thank you, I needed that.

Nothing wrong with steady. I didn't know about muscles retaining fluid after high intensity workouts! I did a zumba class last night and boy oh boy am I achey today!

BTW, I'm back at Operation Stick To It and am reconnecting with old blogs I used to correspond with! operationsticktoit.blogspot.com


Rachel said...

WTG for sticking to it! I love your desire to follow this through! You can do this! I love your saying about why window shop if you don't plan to buy. I need to remember that when I am tempted next time. If I just move along I will not be tempted! Smart Gal!

Laryssa said...

You're doing great!! It's true what you say about Allan. Once I started reading his blog, I stopped making excuses. His "no nonsense" posts make you stop and think, don't they?

Ann (-25 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I'm proud of you for passing up on all those treats, so many just within reach! THAT wasn't easy. Yay, to the strong days!! Great job!!