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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Slump

Ug, today is alternating between lightspeed drama and totally dragging!! What a mental day at the office.

My second full liter today is dragging, have to get back on that. After this post is finished I will be at 103.5oz of water. I'm planning on at least half a liter on the way home, and then another 1.5 liters this evening. That will be a total of: 169.5oz of water today. Not too shabby.

Food today has been great. I'm feeling good, healthy food going in is always better. My cold is not doing me any favors. I'm getting in a hot bath when I get home, taking some meds and will be snoozing peacefully by 9:30 I hope.

Here is the count:

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Laryssa said...

It's easier to stay within your calories with all that water, isn't it? It seems to take away some of the hunger.

Hope the hot bath makes you feel better.