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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goal setting my goal setting

well... I just posted, but I think that while I'm on here I need to get myself moving in the right direction again.

I had to note that I missed my "goal weight" for end of march again. I had set a goal of 259lbs and I'm not even close, again.

But I look back at my blog for the last couple of months and its been lackadaisical and effortless pretty much. Whatever was the easy road, I was on it.. hitchhiking.

I need to get some goals set for April and REALLY do the things that I set out. Perhaps I've been over keen and made more plans then I could action, or perhaps unrealistically high activity and effort goals that leave me too tired to think about doing that much. I'm not too sure, whatever it is. I've not met any goals set out at all. That's pretty poor on my behalf.

So for April - I need to set out some goals. Real ones that are manageable and enjoyable, and *gasp* even a bit challenging. But for this month, I need to do them. Really really need to make myself them.

right...catching up Weigh In

I did weigh in on Monday however since I had been on 4 days of T3's and that does "bung" one up for *cough* four days.

Not that it was bad, on Monday I tipped the scale at 272.2 (same as last week). This morning I was 270.8lbs. So I'm going to go with today's total. I'll have to tally up the inches later - post dinner... that should be entertaining.

Eating is still difficult and I can feel all the stitches in my mouth moving around when I talk and eat... its totally GROSS! hahaha An eaters nightmare! LOL I can chew and its getting better. But I can't open my mouth very far.

Tonight I'm going out for sushi, however since I have this crater in my head I won't be partaking in the raw feesh, only the rolls and perhaps some Korean bbq things.

Generally I'm feeling pretty listless, total inactivity is like that. I walked to work today, slowly. But it was nice to get moving again. Hard to think that I used to walk a 5-7km track every night on the way home last year. I'm so NOT even close to that right now.

Frustratingly, the hubby is making leaps and bounds of exercise and weigh loss gains. I'm super proud of him and yet, also highly annoyed! ahh testosterone. Course, he has been a dedicated gym goer three days a week with his buddies and lets face it... I'm pretty much coasting with my runs and gym going. So I really can't be too upset since when you put in nothing you are going to get nothing out.

I'm just hoping for a little more regularity... no more sickness, no more surgery, no more snowfalls and blizzards. ...erm...no more excuses!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Thanks all for the well wishes for my minor surgery. It was well... pretty major in terms of how it has wiped me out for the last 4 days. My gawds! Sedation is the way to go though... I don't remember a thing!

I've been high on T3's and eating antibiotics and a virtual all liquid/jello diet! I've been sleeping/napping and watching seasons 2 and 2.5 of Battle Star Galactia (don't judge, I'm a space nerd) and then season three of Dexer (woohoo I'm also a serial killer nerd!). So its nice to be mostly vertical now for a while.

Anyway - its been a rough few days, but I'm getting better and I think that I'll be able to go to work tomorrow - at least for most of the day if not all of it. Anyway - its been jello, ice cream and soup so it will be nice to get to chew again!

Weight in day tomorrow and I have to say that this little drug induced hiatus from the scale has been good. I'm off to bed! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in the Saddle....

Back in the saddle again. I have to say that my falls are not as far or as long as they used to be. I'm still doing better things. But I need to try harder.

Or rather. I need to get back into planning again. I'm not planning meals or exercise, my fridge is a mess, there is rotting fruit & veg in the drawers and that is really unappealing.

Tomorrow is my oral surgery... I'm really scared. I know its for the best but sedation and surgery are scary!! I'm a terrible dental patient at the best of time. I'm worried about what I might say or do while sedated. Silly eh!?

I have a friend coming to pick me up - so I have to clean the house tonight - its a mess as well. Honestly - how am I suppose to get any thing good done for myself when I can't even see the floors for all the clothes and rubbish I've strewn around.

This weekend will be a super duper spring clean up. Other then that - I had a fabulous salad for lunch, with grilled salmon. Yum! I'm barking like a seal with with cough. Its not great so I will end up missing yoga again this week since I don't want to be the evil person who gets everyone else sick and then gets lots of dirty looks post class for interrupting the meditation.

I have to say that I'm missing it. I really wish that I was well enough to go tonight, but its not fair to them, or me. So another night in for me. I'm going to make it another early one... and perhaps another hot bath!!

Thanks All for me. I'm hoping to get in and really have a good perv through all the other blogs that I've been missing out on - as well as through a few new ones that I've added.

over and out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fat and Sick

well.. I have to get back on the wagon here.

A weekend of debauchery left me on weigh in day at 275.2, today I was back down to 272.2lbs. I ate gross stuff, felt like rubbish, and then more cold weather and snow settled in and I didn't yoga or run on Sunday.

I'm sick again, this fluctuating spring weather always gets me. I have 2 dental appointments this week - Thursday is my surgery. Ug!

I need to get back into eating right - and its hard. I have not motivation to get out after work and shop, nothing in the house appeals.

Friday Dinner - Wendy's taco salad, potato w/sour cream & chives, large frosty
Sat Bfast - Eggs, bacon, toast, hasbrowns (out)
Sat Lunch - 2 slices pizza - pepperoni and veggie
Sat dinner - Indian take-away - Butter chicken, rice and a nan bread
Sunday bfast - home-made oatmeal pancakes
Sunday lunch - can't recall
Sunday Dinner - thin crust, double pepperoni pizza with 2 diet cokes.

yep...no wonder I'm sick. Yesterday I had a bellyache all day. I've been suffering physically from my poor eating. Its been bad enough that the thought of my pepperoni pizza is making me feel sicker.

back on it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday Run!

Tonight's run was really good. 3.4km tonight.

2x 8min running, + 2min run. 1min walking between sets. It was lovely out and the run itself was less scary then I thought it would be. 8min...that seemed like it would be sooooo long, but it passed as well as six.

We added in three sets of 20 stairs (up and down) and then another 2min run on the end since we did a big loop with lots of walking at the end.

So tonight was a total of 20min of running. I was tired at the end, a good tired. I didn't have enough water today and I know I'm going to be feeling that soon. Trying to get some in me now.

Dinner was Wendy's. Taco salad with 1/2 the sour cream and 2T of the dressing. plus a baked potato with 1/2 sour cream and a frosty! YUMMY.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a run in the afternoon...or a walk. We are undecided atm

Friday, March 20, 2009


Mighty powerful in the colour department.... that's all I'm gunna say.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lets make a deal.....

Today before I had even left the office I had decided that I was going to eat a large thin crust double pepperoni pizza and 2 diet cokes for dinner...

I thought about it for the last half hour of work, I thought about it as I got changed to walk home, I thought about it while my co-worker was talking to me on the walk... I thought about it until I got a little closer to home.

Then I started thinking. Do I really want to get up tomorrow and know that I ate a whole large pizza to myself, and drank 2 diet cokes and feel like crap and dread getting on the scale. And then have to tell myself "how much better I'll be now to make up for it", when I know that isn't my style.

So then I started trying to find a way out..."I'll get chicken souvlaki and calamari....no....I'll stop and get crackers and soup, no I'll order more chinese food..."

So I made the ultimate deal. If I went home without stopping to get anything, I could eat WHATEVER and HOWEVER MUCH I wanted. No matter what... IF it was in my house - I could have it, but nothing else.

So here it is:

3oz cheese & 10 almonds (eaten while prepping the rest).

2 chicken breasts (sauteed in little oil and lemon pepper seasoning)
15 asparagus spears & 1/2 tsp becel

1 sweet potato & 2 small beets cut thinly and coated with 2T evoo then baked on a tray in the oven ( not long enough mind you they could have been a little crisper)* haha - re-reading this I laughed at my "evaluation" of the potato that I ate by the forkfull without any appreciation of flavor, indeed...."could have been crisper" I'm too much!

Honestly....I thought that I wouldn't feel full after this - but I certainly did. I still feel full now and this was nearly three hours ago.

I thought that I was going to eat WAY more then this because today.... I felt empty. I felt just depleted and beaten and I wanted food. I wanted to feel full, stuffed, bursting, ...ug, I can't even think of words to say for this emptiness...... I wanted that instead of tired, sad and empty.

I ate this dinner in massive gulps, just trying to fill up as fast as I could. Its strange - that need, that feeling of wanted to be filled up, yet not really need the food, but my brain telling me that this will make me feel "good".

Now I have strange feelings of remorse, and yet a feeling of a small victory as well.

I am proud that I managed to talk myself out of pizza and pop and a binge that would have been really horrid on my body and that would have most likely snowballed into a weekend long binge.

I know that chicken, sweet potatoes and asparagus (mind you with enough extra fats added - oil etc.) are not going to stay with me as long as 1lb of pepperoni and 1lbs of white bread crust would, and that there are good things in these foods, so in that sense I feel great about how I managed to weasle out of my original plan. I still hate that those thoughts can creep in and dominate my mind and that I can still eat SO BLOODY MUCH. Those are both dinner sized plates. 2 whole chicken breasts!!! Good gawd!

Anyway - thats enough beating myself up. I am proud, I managed to escaped though the best hatch that I have right now from a terrible binge that was coming on. I'm going to keep on having these kinds of moments, and I'm going to have to dealing with them.

So there we go. Today, I'm going to end with a body positive quote that I saw today that made me smile.

"A curved line is the loveliest distance between two points" - Mae West.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Possibly the best food article I've seen posted on the "regular media" web for a long time.

6 Ways To Ease Food Addiction

  1. Smaller plates = smaller portions
  2. Lower the "sweet" volume
  3. Keep your hunger in check
  4. Work it out by working out
  5. Find other ways of coping
  6. Don't return to the scene of the crime

Do no harm

More water has been suiting me very well I have to say. Not like this is some sort of massive mystery…ohhh water the life force. But its still good to know that as I increase my intake of water I generally feel better and fuller, and happier. Not to mention that I'm getting more active again - so I need more. The scale moved downward again this morning, and I know that has a lot to do with my body being able to process the food that I'm eating more easily when hydrated.

I walked home 1km last night - had a bowl of cereal and then off to running. 6min run with 1 min walk between sets x3 - plus about 5min walking on either end for warm up and cool down. The run was good (my legs are feeling better), however the conversation that was had was much more interesting.

We ended up talking with our running instructor regarding her consultation with a plastic surgeon. She had been trying to get a recommendation for a tummy-tuck and liposuction. She carries her weight exactly like I do, all in the belly/front. However, she has had three children (one single and one set was twins). She is very active - goes to the gym regularly, runs 4 times a week, and had a part time job, goes to school and of course, all the mom and house stuff.

Needless to say she was shocked by the treatment that she received from the surgeon. He grabbed her belly, shook it, and then said to her, "I just can't believe how much mass is in there, that is SO MUCH FAT, you are so heavy" and then in disbelief told her how he was amazed that she could function and didn't have knee and hip issues. He then berated and belittled her for the next 15 minutes telling her that everything she said raised "red flags" to him and that she was "lying" about the amount of exercise that she did and how much food she ate.

He told her that she needed to be 110lbs (she is about 5'6, and overweight - maybe 180-190 at MOST…FAR FAR smaller then I am - but shorter as well) and that at her "SIZE" he couldn’t help her, she is "just too fat". Her sister was with her and the Dr. asked her weight. The sister is a normal sized 140lbs. He said, "see 140lbs and she has too much fat too, you both should be under 110". Brutal, just brutal.

She was so terribly upset by it all and frankly so was I. First of all - this doctor is supposed to be a professional, and not only that - it is his oath to do no harm. Honestly - what he did to her cause harm, mental harm. In the same way that someone who is fat get teased their whole life, ridiculed by family and friends and strangers and of course, herself. You would think, a man whose' job is dealing with lypo and tummy tucks (and implants!) would be more sympathetic to her plight. But he was a total bastard.

I told her that a doctor like that isn't really interested in the hard work. He wants boob-jobs at 7 grand a tit. Easy-peasey-lemon-squeezy surgeries that don't take 7+ hours of careful exhausting work. He wants to suck fat out of skinny women who think that one extra inch of "flab" on their backside is what is keeping them from the next millionaire husband, or why they are not happy at home.

Her case is more difficult surgery, painstaking - his carelessness and disdain would end up causing her more harm then the fat on her body. I told her to write a complain to the Medical board, as I really believe that kind of attitude from doctors is totally and unequivocally evil. It’s a pervasive attitude that should never be passed on to a patient. EVER. I'm not saying that this man has to think differently (although wouldn't that be nice), but he has to separate his personal opinion from his medical opinion.

I hope that she lodges a complaint about him. I don't know if anything will ever change… but if people don't start demanding to be treated with respect, no matter what their medical issue, then it will never happen. Sad, very sad.

Other then that, I'm eating well - trying to drink lots of water and think happy thoughts. Its treat day at the office - I had a blueberry bran muffin. I should have had my oatmeal, but I didn't. However I was proud to note that none of the donuts even seemed slightly appealing to me today. Yay for small victories.

Tonight is my Astanga yoga class. I'm going to try and get there earlier so that I can get all settled in and be ready for it without having to step over people to find a space.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Water and Weigh In

Water yesterday was very veeeery close to 3L. So I was happy with my effort. I felt better in the evening and although I woke up thirsty today - I knew that I had more water and my body was more....umm... lubricated. teehee! Anyway - Weigh in:

Weight - 271.4lbs
Down 0.4lbs.

I have my lunch here, I have my oatmeal here, and I think that I'm set for the day. The first thing that I did when I got to the office was fill up my water bottle. Good start to the day!

Tonight I'm going to run - its all planned out already. Its great to be moving in the right direction again. I'm scared that I won't make my goal of 259lbs on April 1....but, I think that I'm going to be pretty close! Must keep Working!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Water - Lesson Learned

Well...I' going to take today as another great day that I have learned from. Weigh In this morning... 273.8lbs.


Okay - stood on the scale and though, "what the hell". As I rolled my mind though yesterday... Lets see, fatty breakfast, fatty lunch, and water...ohhhh that's right. For all of yesterday I had 1.5L of water. FOR THE WHOLE DAY. I ran, yogaed and ate lots... and I had 1.5L.

No wonder my weight is up. How is this poor body supposed to get rid of anything if it has no water to process the waste. Another superior lesson to be learned.

I know that I am not 3lbs heavier - my pants fit great this morning, they weren't tight to button up, so I know that this is really just junk my body CAN'T get rid of because I've deprived it of the most important thing that I can give it. Water.

I'm going to see what happens tomorrow and use that for my weigh in post, and see if I can help myself out some today. Goal 3L+.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Run

I got up and went for my run this morning - I was still sore as a sore thing - but I did it. :) 3km, but it was a tough one, and my legs were tight. But I still enjoyed myself.

I ate like shit today. I did. That same old same old. Oh I'm doing well - I can eat what I want bla bla bla. I have to get my head around that eventually.

2 oat pancakes pre-run, eggs bennie with copious amounts of coffee, then ginger fried beef (this was wok style - not the crunchy deep fried ones) on coconut rice for late lunching. Then I had 4 slices of rye toast with 2T of BP2 chocolate with 2T honey.

I don't know what I'm feeling now. I had made sweet potato chips for dinner but I burned the ever-living hell out of them and nearly smoked myself out of the house. So I've not eaten yet. I'm hungry - yet not. I've had 1.5L of water this afternoon - which isn't enough. I'm not too sure what to do about food. Nothing is appealing right now. Ug.

Well - tomorrow is weigh-in day. And no matter what. I have to say - I am pretty proud of my new pictures. I had no idea that 10lbs could make such a difference. I'm so blind to it in the mirror. To sit here and compare them and SEE the difference.

I'm looking forward to the next ten!!

The not great of the day - once I was done with my eating out with friends - I did sweet FA around the house - no cleaning, no packing, no groceries. I'm going to have no lunch for tomorrow....wait! I have some freezer foods. Great - will take that. :)

Woot! saved. Okay - now its time for sleeps!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First 10

Today I weighed in at 270.4lbs, and since this afternoon I found batteries for the camera...and since I had time...and on Monday nights I have to "make time".... and since this is 10lbs down from my start.

I shall share with you my new photos.
Honestly - I didn't really think that there would be much of a difference... but I can really see it now. *BIG GRIN*
Never mind the effed up bits at the bottoms...I don't have a clue why they load like that on here. Its very annoying, but not that big a deal since the important bits are in the photos.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Run for your life!

Mizfit...you are going to be SO PROUD! :)

Tonight we ran 6min on and 1 min off... 3 times. with 5min walk at the start and 10min at the end.

and......I LOVED IT!

I'm sore as a *bleep* right now, but it felt amazing while we were out there. We went up a HUGE hill and then down a HUGE hill and I was puffing like a steam train and going super slow, but I did it. All of it! And I feel quite proud of myself.

Earlier today was dreading the run, and now, I'm craving my Sunday run and its still Friday!

also.....I got noticed today! I've not been to running class for a while and my instructor was running behind me and yelled out. "Hey, you've lost a LOT of weight!"

teehee! that felt great. Especially since she was looking at my jiggly butt (clip include a swearing squirrel and a half naked lady obsessing over her butt, also swearing....just so you are not surprised! not suitable for work or children)

Water Report

Morning - 800ml
Lunch - 600ml
Post lunch - 700ml
Total - 2,100ml

400ml left! I CAN DO EET!!!

Catch up & a Daily Goal

Thursday was pretty uninteresting.

Oatmeal Pancake (plain)
Clementines x2
Large Falafel Pita with lots of veggies and humus

8 small chocolate Easter eggs
Snack 2:

Clementines x2
4 slices turkey breast
6 small slices rye bread
5 oz mozzarella cheese
2T becel
1c Butternut Squash Soup
3 dill pickles

Dinner was… not great. I wanted grilled cheese and soup - I love the bread!!! I've noticed that I've been going a little more out of the normal with chocolate this last bit. I know that I shouldn’t but I still talk myself into it.

I need to get my butt moving more. I did manage to make myself walk the whole way home after work, the sun was out - so it was an easy choice to make. I love me some sunshine! I have to say that my body is still sore from the yoga class on Wednesday…even now I'm I'm sitting I can feel it in my shoulders. Tis a good feeling though.

Tonight is running - I've not been out running in so long now with being sick and the weather getting crappy…that I know its going to be a real struggle tonight. I'm still going to go and do it though!

Today my goal is to drink 2.5L of water before I leave the office tonight. So far... 600ml down 1,900 to go!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yoga is easy *scoffs*

Yeah...Riiiiiiiight. That's what I thought before this first ashtunga (pose style) beginners class. It was bloody hard work! Not the "bring your blanket" Sunday yoga by any stretch.

Downward Facing Dog.... easy! This is "rest position" in all the books and shit. Well let me tell you - but the end I was having a hard time staying in the child's pose...which is about as close to laying face down as you can get! My wrists! My knees!! My gawd! No wonder yoga people look like they do. This should be interesting to say the least. I'm pretty much dying right now. My arms where shaking.

Sadly - there were a number of moves where my belly was in the way...I imagine that it will be for some time as I am neither very flexible, and that is where most of my fat hangs. I feel for the people who might have had to look upon that travesty this evening. But as our lady said to us, "this is not a competition, you have to honor your body for the work it did today so that it can be a better body next time". Interesting, I quite liked that thought.

Today was a victorious food day - I passed the McSammich area that is now the "treat place" that is now thankfully far far away from my desk and through a door (finally! out of sight out of mind)... and it was cleared off of all evidence of any McCrimes. I am not surprised - people here are like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

I had a good day of eating - not enough water - trying hard to work on that right now. Work is busy - but not crazy and I'm going to get some good zzzz's in tonight for sure.

I also managed to walk home 1km today as well.

1 pot activia yogurt
1 med banana
V-8 single serving box (50calories! hot damn!)
1 clementine
coffee with cream x2
Lunch (late - 1pm):
Sushi - 3 salmon sushi, 3 tuna sushi, 2 salmon sashimi, 1 tuna sashimi, 1 shrimp roll, 1 avocado California roll with lots of wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.
3 clementines (eaten throughout the afternoon)
coffee with cream
4 slices turkey breast
2 triangles laughing cow cheese
5 x oatmeal pancakes
1/2T becel
2T maple syrup

Water.... had 1l at the office today. BAD! I've had just over a liter now at home, so I'm one behind today. Need to get onto that again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

McTreat Day

Oh Gawd... its treat day... and someone when to McDonald's for treat day and got 75 breakfast sandwiches and hash browns. What a sicko!

On a good note, "treat day area" has been moved from close to my desk to where I can not see, smell or encounter said treats. So I have not been over there and I am not going to.

I didn't get a chance to pack a lunch today, so I'm going to have to brave the food court. However, I have another bloody dental appointment (...and three more after this - thankfully today is just a cleaning and not more filling replacement) at 11 - 12 and that means I won't be able to eat until 1pm - that's a little safer I think. I have my banana, clementines (I have 5 of them here but I don't think that I'll get through them all) and a yogurt to tide me over. Might need to go and get a bagel!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Breaking Habits...one at a time....

Today I was GOING to go to the gym at lunch when I realized that I "didn't want to".... Starting up again is hard. Harder then I thought that it would be. I had everything that I needed at the office - I pay the money for the membership...I had my ipod, my undies, my runners.....but I also had enough excuses today that I didn't go.

Now, of course, I have remorse. Restarting that habit is going to be tough. I know that I love it, but then...why so reluctant? Tomorrow is my Beginners Yoga class. I'm going to go to that NO MATTER WHAT! I'm actually really looking forward to it. :)

I did walk home - since I felt some buyers remorse after my post-lunch snack.... then after dinner... BINGE time. Ug. I have NOTHING bad in the house - but that didn't stop me from going nuts. Its really still amazing how much food one can consume in such a short amount of time. I would say that I ate all that binge food in under 3min - including prep time. Then I came over here to purge...mentally that is. I was not wanting to blog today, but this... this I had to put down on paper for myself.

clementines x2
coffee x2
1c quiona
1.5c chicken curry
3/4c chocolate covered peanuts
1c jujubes*
*was not hungry and didn't even enjoy eating the last of them....didn't stop me though.
1 pork loin with 1/2T mint jelly
10 asparagus spears
5 new potatoes with xvoo and dill
Binge time:
8 new potatoes with xvoo and dill
4 slices turkey breast
2 triangles of laughing cow cheese
1 whole wheat pita
2T cashew nut better
1 banana

Bleck...I feel like crap now. My stomach feels really tight (although I suppose that is actually a good thing in terms of good and bad in relation to out of control eating). Also I realized that I had not had a single swallow of water since about 4.45pm.... its now 10.30 at night and I'm getting my first drink. Double Arg! I wasn't hungry!!!! I was THIRSTY.

THIRSTY DAMN ME..... if I had had a pint of water I would have been fine and I would have gone to bed without all this useless food in me. ARG!

Lesson begining to be learned....
1. Don't keep binge foods in the house.
2. potatoes...yep - they set me off. Best not have that again anytime soon.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Inching up!

So here they are - my inches for this week. They are up from the last measure, not too big a surprise to me. But I'm also not going to spend a lot of time specifically measuring and remeasuring for "accuracy". I'm going to just slap that puppy on and see what it says. This is still give me a good measure of what is happening.

Total Inches - 324.0 (up 2.6inches)

Neck -15.9, Bust - 47.5, Ribcage - 42.4, Waist - 47.5, Hips - 52, Thigh (L) - 26.8, Thigh (R) - 25.5, Calf (L) - 18.7, Calf (R) - 18.1, Bicep (L) - 14.9, Bicep (R) - 14.7

*sigh* it was good to get that out of the way.

Today's weather has taken a turn for the worse. So I didn't get to walk home like I wanted. I also forgot my "smalls" so I was unable to go to the gym! Tomorrow I'm running on my lunch hour for sure. Tonight, not too sure what I'm going to do. Might be some push ups and crunches.

I also forgot to get batteries at the grocery story yesterday - so piccies will have to wait for next week (then I'll be down my first 10lbs and want to take one anyway!)

Weigh In Win

I know that I had a preemptive strike on the weigh in day at my new all time low (for blogging) at 269.8lbs. I am sad to report that this lasted only 2 days and was up from that this morning. HOWEVER, I don't care that I'm up from that day … today I'm down 2lbs from last Monday. WOOT

Weight - 271.8lbs
Inches - I promise that I will update inches tonight when I get home tonight.

I have my good lunch, I have my gym gear, I have my coffee, my water, and my breakfast all here. This is the start of a good week. I know it is, because I'm going to make it so!

I'm not ever Sooooo close to my first 10lbs lost! :) next week and I will have that goal met.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Successes

Today was a pretty darn good day all tolled.

Slept in and since it was snowy and cold and ugly...I didn't go. Bad me, but I made up for it.
Yoga this morning was good. We did some really great hip flexor work that I need to work on for sure! I got to have a steam after and a long hot shower!!! My fav.

Then I went and got groceries, did a quick sweep through the store - no list - which is not typically a good plan for me since thats when I tend to pick up "naughty things". But today was excellent - no treats.

On the way home I went to Starbucks for a coffee and then to subway for my lunch. I did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned up and then made dinner and lunch's for the next few days.

Eating was a solid 7/10 today, exercise was a 5/10 since I didn't do anything other then yoga. I'm going to pack my gym gear tonight to take to work (... no more excuses about lunchtime workouts). Water was excellent for a weekend day. I've had just over 3L now which is double my normal intake for a weekend.

2 oat pancakes
1T honey
1/2T becel
12" roasted chicken sub on whole wheat
lettuce, tomato, green pepper, olives, banana peppers, jalapenos
Ranch dressing (looked like about 3T even though I said "only a little)
****NOTE**** I decided that I would NOT get a pop and chips when I was in there, so I didn`t
2 clementines (yay I bought another box while shopping today
bag of microwave popcorn
1c quiona
2c chicken curry

I have these great bags of curry sauce that you just add to meat & veg and its awesome. I cooked the chicken in a little oil with some red onion, added 1 can chickpeas, 2c green beans, carrots, and yellow beans. It was total yum, and there is a couple days worth of leftovers.

Over and Out.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Walk it off

I had a bad Friday - even though I had such a great weigh-in. Forget "jinxing"
more like "sabotaging". But regardless, lunch on Friday was a burger, side salad and small amount of fries. The rest of the day went well - I even ate breakfast!!

Dinner was pretty darn good, I had some friends over to cook for and I made quinoa for the first time.

Appy - 1 massive scallop and 1 jumbo shrimp with garlic butter, sun dried tomato and dijon mustard)
Dinner - pork tenderloin (marinated in ginger, pepper and brown splenda)
quinoa pilaf (1/2 water. 1/2 chicken stock, ground ginger, and pepper)
mixed veggies ( spinach, snow peas, asparagus and broccoli)
Dessert - fatty, icing covered cupcakes! I had two. ug.

Today I woke up and felt tired and bloated... yep - not anywhere near enough water yesterday. Ug. Bad move. Luckily I had read this post last night before tucking into bed.

I was sitting at the computer, thanking about coffee and danishes and fatty bad foods that I could go and buy... and I thought. Right... first of all - put on your clothes - you lady are going for a walk - the sun is and you WILL do it. I hoped in the car and took off to one of my fav walking areas and did 35min in the sun. How awesome does that feel after. :)

Tonight is movie night... its going to be a bad one I know, likely pizza. I'm eating pre-movie date with Friends and I'm going to be extra conscious of my portion sizes. AND drink water like a man fresh from the desert!

Tomorrow I'm back to running and I have my yoga. I'm ever so excited, I really loving it. I also joined another yoga class for Wednesday nights - a starter yoga that will give me the basics of another style.

All in all, its a pretty good start to the weekend.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

At the risk of jinxing myself

I jumped on the scale this morning and I weighed in at 269.8. I had to do it about 4 times for me to register that this was real. Left foot first.... then right foot first. Just in case it was a mirage.

I haven't been in the 260's in a looong time. And you know what - I was thinking that today I would go out for lunch... but nope. Not anymore - I'm going to eat the lunch I have and be happy and frugal and keep the habit.

I don't know if I've just jinxed myself by posting this, but I hope not. I'm excited to see what a good weekend of eating, proper rest and lots of water will do for my weigh in on Monday.

April 1 - goal weight is 259. You know - that actually seems attainable now with some work. Whereas before ...not so much.

I guess I need to post some new piccies too. This coming Monday I'll have to get out the camera!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Average day

Once again too much coffee at the office, not enough greens and veggies and fibre.

We have a new coffee machine and I think the novelty of getting a latte/cappichino is too much for me to resist! The only good thing is that they are damn small. About 5oz I would say. Also a spell of frugality has overtaken me and I did a calculation that I was spending over $100 a month on coffee. THAT.IS.NOT.ACCEPTABLE.

I didn't get in enough water at the office, but I'm doing my best now. However it was treat day and I did eat 2 mini Cinnamon buns. Not great.

1 oatmeal pancake
Coffee (lattes) x 4
1c BNS mac&cheese
1c mixed vegges and 1/2 tsp butter
2 Cinnamon buns
office latte
4x oatmeal pancakes
1c raspberries
1T becel

So today's food has been pretty darn beige. Nary an apple, orange or clementine to be seen. Lunch was great - squash, green veg, whole wheat noodles, but I need to get some more veggies and good stuff in me. I'm just so not jazzed about eating salad right now. Not too sure what it is, but I have all the good makings in the fridge, but I just don't want to eat it.

Other then that - the "pancakes" are not the healthiest thing you can have - but not terrible. Or so I'm guessing actually.... lets see what the numbers say....

1c Bisquick (480 cal)
1c whole oats (480 cal)
1/2c egg whites (60 cal)
1c almond milk (40 cal)
2T ground flax seeds (60 cal)

This makes 6 pretty substantial pancakes. So that's 1120 cal / 6 pancakes = 187cal per.
little Pam spray in the pan and a couple of minutes of stove top work and they are done.

Well - I have to admit I thought that it would be a bit worse then that. :) Okay - time to drink the last of my water and head to bed!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ug.... no steam

Another shorty. Today I give 6 out of 10 stars. Breakfasts have been poor. Today I managed to chug some almond milk out of the container before heading in. Then it was sequential coffee's until noon. I need to get that sorted out - no breakfast is really bad news, metabolically and mentally speaking.

Lunch was chicken and rice (no time for greens to get packed in the morning). Another coffee and then out to the dental appointment, which ended up (annoyingly) being a consultation and not an official "appointment" where they did work. I ended up just going home after anyway.

I stopped in and got 2 feta and spinach spanicopita for early dinner. Then I made some oatmeal pancakes for second dinner. I made a couple extra for my breakfast tomorrow's breakfast.

I had lots of water today - 2.5L since I got home in the afternoon, so I'm quite pleased about that. Bed time now! Must get some zzzz's

Weigh In Monday

Jumped on the scale this morning and I was happy to see that there was a stalemate. No change. Which is like a bloody victory after four weeks of gains.

Weight - 273.8
Inches - still lacking motivation to get that done.

Food today was okay - I did make better choices, but not great ones. Tomorrows will be ever better.

Tis a short one tonight as I was entertaining guests for dinner - roasted chicken, mixed whole grains & rice, and mixed greens. Yes, there was sadly some dessert - I had 1c of half fat ice cream. But its all gone so no more for me to eat in the freezer.

No time to perv on blogs - which is a shame. I wanted to get through and see how March kicked off for everyone. I have some more dental work tomorrow in the early afternoon. I should be home well before end of day typically and I'll be pawing through blogs then to check on you all.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In like a lion?

First off, let me just say that often the comments that you all leave on here are much more interesting then the posts themselves! :) And I thank you for your comments on my last post. All very true.

Giving up... that would be the failure....and I'm not there yet. I'm going to keep going and try to make better choices as they come at me - food, exercise, rest, enjoyment of life, weight management, nutrition and hydration.

Today was a quiet Sunday. I'm still recovering from my stretch of sickness but I got up for our running meet up. I sat and had a skim milk latte and a pumpkin muffin while they ran, and read my book. Had a quick socialize when they got back and then I was off to my yoga class.

Yoga is actually quite hard...once the class is over I start to feel how much I worked. I'm really enjoying it. I'm sore as can be, but its the good hurt!

Anyway - this is March. The dreaded February is done. Time for better choices, little by little until they become habits! Tonight for dinner I wanted to order pizza, I drove all the way home and thought about pizza. I got in the house, opened a tin of beans and poached two eggs. That was dinner. Ate it before I could pick up the phone.

Simple eh? One choice at a time now.