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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday food & Weekly total

Got my food all planned out for today. Well on track and happy.

I weighed in for Allan's challenge this morning and was down to 288.4lbs. Which is down 5.6lbs from last week...where I gained 6. I'm going to chalk that up as a minor victory.

I'm still a little bloated as my period is late (AGGG!!! I know!! - I'm hoping it is the stress and sickness that is keeping it on hold...not anything else) and of course, I hadn't had my morning poop yet. That was just for you Allan, cause I know you love reading about us ladies and our BM's!! HA!!

Tomorrow is my official weigh in.. so I'm really excited to see where I will be.

The weekly total came in under my allotted calories. I'm higher on fats and lower on proteins and carbs. I'm going to make a concerted effort this week to get MORE protein. Need that good stuff to stay full and keep the "crazy" at bay.

119.2 * 9 = 1,072.8 calories
-290.1 * 4 = -1,160.4 calories
-330.6 *4 = -1,322.4 calories

I have most of next weeks food planned out. Things are looking good and I'm feeling a lot happier and more confident about staying well under my 1980 calorie limit.

Todays food:

Challenge stuff. Phase 3, the Spawn of SDDDC

1. Starts on Tuesday December 7 and runs until December 31
2. We will be put into 2 groups and provided with menus/choices that will make us smile at
1,200 calories per day (I won't be going all the way down to 1200. But I will be eating less).
3. Weigh-ins every Sunday
4. At minimum... I will have to follow the same rules as Phase 2

This is totally doable and I've been upsetting myself unnecessarily and bothering Allan. I'm really enjoying phase 2. Really enjoying it!! I'm excited to be carrying on for another month on the challenge for December.

Eff U Holiday Food I'm not your slave anymore.

Today I bought a goal shirt. A black Nike hoodie for Christmas. XL. :) I'm excited to be able to get into it in December.


CJ said...

Awesome loss! Way to go :)

Good luck with phase 3. It starts on mt wedding anniversary :)

Mrs. Crumpet said...

wooo I love clothing goals hehe I have a pair of pants that used to haunt me, now my goal is to fit them...

-hugs- I <3 you. LOL

Ohh and eat eggs damnit for protien I am :P or one egg and some egg whites to lower the cals a bit