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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Round Up

Here is my Sunday round up.

I was curious to get this all tallied up ad since I finally figured out how to cut and paste a pic of my excel worksheet into here, I can show you that I actually track the calories, the grams of fat, carbs and proteins as well.

This is the "math" that I used to figure out what I should be eating. A moderately balanced diet is 55% carbohydrates, 20% fats (the more good fats the better), and 25% proteins (the leaner the better!).

I have bunch of formulas in there that you can't see to get all the calculations. The basis is that there are 4calories per gram of Carbs and proteins, 9 calories per gram of fat. Using that math you can calculate it (backwards and forwards to see that I am on the right track ... there was a minor 2 calorie difference between the two formulas.)

190*11 = 2090 calories

This week I ate 391 calories over my recommended total. That is just over 1/10th of a lb. I'm pretty pleased with that.

+109.3g of fat eaten (not great)
-96.5g carbs
-14.4g protein

Between these they almost perfectly balance out to zero. I find that my diet is high in fat, I would like to get that down lower, but greek yogurt and salmon tend to bump it up significantly. Both of which have good fats, so at the moment I'm not going to stress about it at the moment, especially since I'm drinking so much water.. and losing weight. When that stops (per Allans math) I will be 190lbs and I can make adjustments from there.

All in all, I'm really happy with this week and looking forward to next week and what that will bring.

As this was composed Friday during my lunch hour, I should be in the middle of my Highland Games competition right now. Wish me luck!!


Kimberly said...

Okay wow, I am impressed with your Excel worksheet. That is some damned fine analysis. I do that for a living and you are on it girl.

It is weird though how all of that affects me. When I track that closely it throws me off because I stress and obsess about every little thing. Now that I am all laid back and whatevers about the points and calories the weight is pouring off.

Kelly said...

Nice! I really need to look at my carb/protien/fat ratio.

Ann (-28 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Very well done!

I found a site (Freedieting.com) that broke down the carb/fat/protein for me - you can put in your daily calories, and click what diet you follow, and it calculates the values to aim for.

You can even play with the suggested percentages, to change the values.

All that aside, I liked how you explained all of this. Thanks!!