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Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Turkey Day Success

I have to say that this was certainly one of the most successful Turkey days that I've ever had.

Now that must be noted... down here in the Saaowth, my family is a family of 3. Today Thanksgiving was only special because we actually cooked. Back home it would have been harder with a TG dinner that would have been 30 strong, formal dinner, where everyone acts like a competitive eater. However this is a good start!

This is what I had yesterday.

**just for entertainments sake, can I just say that beets are natures way of reminding you that you are what you eat! haha

In the afternoon We met up with some friends that were opting out of Turkey day to go and see the new Harry Potter movie on the IMAX. AWESOME!! I'm a fan of course... wore my witches hat! ha! We got a small coke zero (of which I had a single sip and lost interest, but did finish 1L of water) and NO treats. ALLAN!!! aren't you proud?!

Of course, I was so full from my giant (hilarious to me that I can now tell people that the lunch I had was giant) lunch of turkey/veg etc filled me up that there was not even a hint of desire for anything else.

We went back over to the friends house for an evening of socialization. The husbands had scotch. The ladies had Vanilla Cherry Tea. At about 8pm we were served some cheese and crackers. I had an ounce of brie and stepped away.

I went to bed hungry and happy. It was a fabulous day.

Now I'm guessing that Phase Three of Allan's challenge is starting. (sorry Allan - the details are semi fuzzy to me). But I read today that we are to start dropping our calories. So I have my new plan that is going to be this.

Daily Calories: 1800

Daily g Carb: 248
Daily g Fat: 40
Daily g Proteins: 113

Daily Water is still the same - aiming for about 200 ounces of water a day.


Laryssa said...

You had a plan and you stuck to it!! The weight loss is just going to keep on going for you now!

Allan's Phase 3 challenge doesn't start till I think December 9th. But dropping your calories a bit from now should make it easier if that is what his Phase 3 is about and you'll lose even more weight from here till then.

Kimberly said...

Great plan! And I totally get the south joke. That is so stinking true.

How was HP? I want to see it but am waiting until July for part 2.

Tamzin said...

THanks Laryssa!! I'm going to stay at this and see how it goes. Its good practice. :)

Kimbery... HP was great. Its the first half od a sequel though..so that means the ending is always a little... hanging..

Well worth seeing if you like being teased!! haha

spunkysuzi said...


Joy said...

Congrats on the awesome self-control! Like I told Erika over at Fat Like Me, a typical American's Thanksgiving meal is 3000-5000 so you did BEYOND stellar!