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Friday, December 31, 2010


My boss came over to me yesterday and said...."you should 'work' from home tomorrow". WOOOHOOOO Surprise extra day off for me.

Wow...that was nice. Guess what I did....

I went for a walk. :) okay... I slept in a little as well. But got up - threw on the old clothes and headed out to the park. It was HUMID today. All that rain has pumped up the temps here in H-town. I was a little tired and sore but it was still nice to just get out and move.

Tonight we are doing a late dinner with another couple. The husband and I are going to share 2 appies between us instead of major meals. Then we are going to retire back to the friends house for some libations and to see in the new year.

I'm not a drinker - so I'm bringing my favorite Pink Grapefruit Perrier water. I love that stuff.

I stepped on the scale today and I am just a little bit lighter than I was last week. Dec 31st 2010 I weight 258.5 (down .3lb). This is the lowest that I've been in 2 years.

2011. Bring it! I can't WAIT to see how I master this year. Happy New Year to All!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Back at the office for day 2 from holidays... omg its hard to get back into this routine after taking a break. Of course - there is really not a lot going on here that is keeping me busy.

Which lead me to my first epiphany of the year....

Stopping doing something for a significant amount of time makes its twice as hard to get back into it. I'm no rocket surgeon, this is not news. You all know where this is going. Lifestyle....Diet.... Exercise....Water consuption....

I'm really happy to report that I didn't say "EFF IT" over Christmas and just go all out on the eating and laying around. It would be three times as hard to get back into the water and eating habits if I had stopped.

As it was, I didn't track all my days of water and I guestimated a little more than usual as I had a less structured day. I'm finding it a little tough to get back into logging in my spreadsheet and making sure I have all the details. But I'm making myself do it.

Last night I had a little victory. I got home and the weather was HORRIBLE. Its bee pouring rain and storming... but I knew that I needed to get some exercise in. I asked the Hubby if he was interested in a quick walk in the walk in the rain. He was not. I had a fleeting moment where I thought, "I can make it up later". And then snapped out of it.

Later NEVER comes for me. Its always about here and now.

So I told him I was going out there - put on my long pants, long sleeve shirt, vest and a ball cap and headed out to the park. It was deserted, but I did my walk - I even did a couple little stints of ...*gasp* running. You know...just to try it out (need better bra!!).

Woke up this morning with that slight nice heat in my legs to tell me that they had done something. Pounding back my waters and had a big cottage cheese and pear breakfast. The rain is still here - but today is looking brighter already.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back at work.

Oooooh, this morning it was tough to get out of bed and get showered, dressed and out the door. But... I did it!

Oatmeal for breakfast. About to go and get my coffee for the morning. I am planning a walk when I get home this evening. Dinner is salad with diced chicken.

Oh...and I'm wearing a 1x sweater today that I've had for 8 months...waiting for me to get into it. I put it on and couldn't believe that it fit. I wish that I had taken a picture of what it looked like 3 months ago.

*Big Grin*

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Weigh In!

Weigh in this morning....


That is down 3.7lbs this week. YAY!!!!

I've been on this terrible "two steps forward, one step back" phase for the last 6 weeks and even though it is frustrating beyond belief, the end result this week is the lowest weight I've been at in a LOOOONG time. A year to be exact.

This graph says it all:

Last year on December 27th I was 297.8lbs. A 12lb difference to today. Wow. I'm really pleased with my water intake and my calorie counting and boy howdy, has it made a difference for me in the last 8 weeks.

Since October when I weighed in at my highest weight even (306.2) a short 10 weeks later I'm down 20lbs and setting myself up for real success.

This is the best gift that I have ever given to myself. I can't wait for 2011!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Xmas Shakedown

Here is a little pic of my christmas display. No tree this year... just this forest!!

The last few days have been pretty tame. Christmas morning was pretty easygoing. A stocking for me with some fun girly stuff in it. The Annie Lennox Christmas CD and the Savor Top 100 magazine for the husband. And of course - admiring of our new TV. Still a great idea.

We had a walk, then a lovely Irish breakfast after coming in from the cold. Crumpets (dry), 1/2c Heinz beans, 2 slices of irish bacon, and 2 poached eggs. Very nice!

The afternoon was goofing around with books and Netfix. I enjoyed the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. One of my all time favorite movies.

Dinner was the most amazing bison roast, fingerling potatoes and asparagus. So yummy!!

Later in the eveniong we met up with friends to go and see TRON 2 in IMAX 3D. I was impressed. I know that there is a lot of ragging on it in the papers, but I thought that it was awesome. I go to the movies to be entertained and I was!

We had a nightcap and some great conversation over a drink and grilled cheese (shared with the husband). I know... very strange combo.

Yesterdays Food:

This mornings weigh in for the Challenge was up from yesterday by a pound, but still back down to under what I was the week before last. I am looking forward to my Monday morning weigh in! Getting my water in me today, and about to head out on a walk around the park! Its nippy out, but I'm going to layer up and go.

Todays food is:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Was the night before....

Christmas, and all through the house
not a crumb of junk food, not even enough for a mouse.

Todays walk was lovely. There was sunshine and crisp air. I love walking out in the park on days like that. Lots of people out smiling and walking dogs. Very nice morning.

I headed over to battle it out in the HEB. We needed the veg for tomorrows roast beast and some salad stuff to hold us over until the weekend passes. I got some more cottage cheese as well. I'm loving that stuff, even though I've not had any today or yesterday.

Tonight, since the husband is going to be doing a significant amount of cooking tomorrow, I'm taking him to dinner at a fabulous place called Ziggies Healthy Grill. There is some really amazing food there. Healthy is of course, "arguable". But they do a great job of outlining everything on the menu and not adding in sugar and extra fats.

Tomorrow morning will be my traditional "irish breakfast". I couldn't find any black and white pudding sadly. Damn SPECS was sold out. So its heinz beans, roasted tomatoes, irish bacon and poached eggs. I think the husband picked up some whole wheat english muffins as well.

We will set out for a nice big long walk in the morning. Pre-breakfast. Then the late afternoon roast bison.

TRON Later with friends and then really... back to normal life. Christmas is really not that big a deal without family and kiddies around. They are the ones that really make it.

I'll give the grandparents a call, and my brother and his family, talk to my mother, then call my bestie and let her tell me all the adventures of her family Christmas. Their little boy is 3 now. PRIME Christmas loving age.

In terms of the rest of me and this weight struggle. I'm feeling really good today. I have noticed a number of things that are going on. I suppose that I will hide them all down here at the bottom of this Loooong ass boring post.

1. New dress pants... in 22! That is a size down!
2. Went to trim my toe nails and found that my legs got shorter...or is it just that I can REACH them easier!!
3. pulled on a tshirt today and did not have to spend 2 minutes stretching the thing out with my elbows to be able to wear it.

Not too shabby for a trio of Christmas gifts to myself.

Alright. Time to get productive. Too much time on the computer today and in front of the TV.



I've been procrastinating on my morning walk!!! Must get it done.

Going ... NOW!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Day!

I've really enjoyed my day today. I did a 3.5mile walk... it was not as sunny as I was hoping and there is a chill in the air...for Texas! It was still nice out and I enjoyed it. Husband is on the way home and we are going to head out and do another 1.5miles tonight to enjoy some exercise together.
Lunch I had some tuna mixed with Lemonaise Light. I had forgotten all about this. So yummy!! Worth looking up as a good alternative to Mayo.

Dinner is all planned. I've had a day to catch up with laundry, however I never did get all the household chores done that I wanted, so now they are all haunting me as I laze around... I don't wanna do chores... its my vacation! *pout*

Tomorrow is the day before Christmas...wow. I had no idea that December could go that fast!! January 2011 here we come.

We are having a lite-Christmas. Husband and I got a 42inch plasma tv for our xmas gift to each other. So there is nothing to unwrap. I"ve got a house-wide ban on junk food/cookies/ cake/chocolates. So there will be nothing of that sort around here to tempt me.

We have our bison roast and veggies for the xmas dinner, and then we are going to go and see a movie in the evening (TRON!) with some other family-less friends. Its easy for me to forget that it is the holidays here since there is no snow. Just don't feel like Christmas without it. I'll adjust eventually... and I'm not complaining. I love the warmth. I hated living in the icy cold car scraping, mitten wearing, massive layers of jacket, scarves, hats and freezing toes of winter in Canada.

Tomorrows plan is another walk in the park on my own, then time in some of my favorite bookstores with a coffee, laptop and some good magazines (Real Simple and some crafty magazine porn). I can't wait!

Food today:

Thursaday Walking!

Up and ready to get moving... I'm about to head out in the sunshine ....in my shorts and tee shirt for a big ol' walk in the park. I can't wait.

Today is going to be a day all to myself. I'm going to enjoy it fully.

We picked out our Christmas dinner last night and I'm so excited that I can't wait to tell you all.

Is a Bison Roast. I can't wait. Nice beautiful lean mean. Grass fed, non hormone pumped organic raised bison. Some asparagus and a couple other veggie sides and that is our Christmas dinner this year.

okay. Time to get moving!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


YAY!!! Holiday.

I had a good sleep in..to 8.30am! and a leisurely morning around the house. My 11am date with my crafting friend was awesome. She got a new sewing machine - her first, so I was over there showing her the basics and we did some awesome little crafty projects.

I took over 2 of my hubbys old dress shirts and we made wine bags out of the sleeves, and tote bags from the bodies.

We had a very late lunch at La Madeline. I drank loads of water and husband and I are about to go out and get a whole wheat crust spinach, mushroom and feta pizza for dinner.

Last night we did nearly a 4mile walk. My dogs are tired. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go and do it again... alone this time. He has to work.

Today has been a very nice reprieve from the office treat hell. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week relaxing and being busy outside.

Food today:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hanging on

The rest of yesterday went well. I managed to stay on track and not go crazy with the food at the office.

Today... NO FOOD. There are no treats to be found, there is nothing laying about and I'm happily going about my business here. Should any fool put food near me I am going to go super nova on them. The light from my angry eyes will burn holes through our building penitrating the earth to its core....and my yelling will be the YOP heard round the world.

I have made an executive decision to increase my calories. I had a look at my numbers, and my weeks and realized that what I had thought might happen actually has happened.... The lower I made my calories - the more I felt "crazy" about food I have become...

how much, when, where, how with, why... and then the cheating started... a very little at a time and then has gradually increased to a raging flood.

I moved my spreadsheet up to 1850 this morning and I feel a LOT better about it. There is wiggle room for changes, there is room for me to breath. There is also no pressure to eat as much as there is allowed for. I have learned a few things in thelast month plus. That being that I can eat UNDER what I have set. I mentally feel better about it all now.

1850 is still under my goal weight calories (2090) and I'm pounding back the water. Feeling good today. Half a pound was gone this morning on the scale and that helped as well with the happy feelings.

I had a big breakfast, I'm sipping my coffee and water and enjoying the quiet day at the office. I'm taking tomorrow off and going to walk and do some crafts with a friend. Take time to relax and enjoy myself.

Last night we did a nice walk (shorts and tee shirt weather again) and I'm going to do it again tonight.

Food Today:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Recovery!

Well the start of a new week, the last of a few days until I'm off for holidays. HURRAY!

I've already had 2L of water and its only 10:45am. I'm feeling good and ready to tackle this week by the horns.

Monday - Tuesday and Wednesday at the office, then I'm free until next Tuesday. I can't wait to get out and get walking in the lovely Texas winter. This is the best time of year here for me. I love it. Reminds me of the fall back home.

I've committed myself to a couple of things, one of which is a training camp for highland games events. Its going to cost me a chunk of change to go, and I am going to set myself up to begin going to the gym in the morning before work again.

No point in spending that money if I'm not going to make an effort.

Okay... that is all the good news. Here is today's bad news.

1. Weigh in this morning. 289.5lbs. Ug... salty bloated Tamzin. Up 2.3lbs.

2. I ate an oreo cookie already.

This work environment is not good. I need to stop looking at the food that is on my desk... yes, someone put oreo cookies on a plate on my desktop. Yeah. They are getting moved asap.

So, no real surprises there at all. But a good kick in the pants for a fresh start on the week.

Back to work here. Time to get into high gear and get my stuff done so I can enjoy my time off.

Now...2.5L water are down the hatch!

Todays Food:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Update

Ug... up this morning for my Spawn challenge weigh in. Not... really a huge surprise there.

However, this past week has given me a significant amount of personal insight and I plan to use that to help me move forward.

Tonight we are getting some chores done and I hope to have a short late walk this evening. I have 3 days of work to do and then I have 6 days off. I can't wait for some time away from the office.

Happy weekend all! Can't wait to go and read some updates.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick one!

Friday night I did a good 3mile walk. We had dinner out at the Indian place and it was great.

Today was a busy one. Had a Christmas brunch social with my crafting group. It was pot luck. I used a side plate as my plate for lunch. Had a little bit of a few things. None of which were good for me at all. Lots of cheese and casseroles were there and desserts.

I did another walk this afternoon and got groceries. We had massive yummy salads for dinner. I'm hoping that will clear me out.

I'm anticipating a disappointing Sunday weigh in, but this week has been sh*t almost from start to end. Next week is going to be better is ALL respects. None one put a fun to my head and made me eat this week, so there is only one person to blame for my lack of discipline. Me. I shall be telling myself all about it tomorrow.

Here is the food today:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Food Today

Well, I'm back on track. I can not say that I have NOT been tempted to have some treats, however....


victory is mine!

I did go for lunch, but I had a small roasted beet salad to start and then shared a burger and fries with my coworker. Neither of which was particularly large. In fact, this is a really nice steak place that does burgers on Friday with the steaks that didn't sell in the week.

Which, when you think about it is kinda nasty.. but.. the burgers are REALLY lean. I loved it.

Tonight I'm getting out for a big walk. Then we are going for Indian dinner. Mini Iddlies and a shared peas aloo parath. Its hot, yummy and filling. I can't wait. Then home to do some crafty stuff while watching more season one of Fringe!

I'm really pleased that I've managed to stay OFF the chocolates.

Food Today:

Friday Refocus

Today I'm doing a lot better. I think that the saturation for treats came to a head yesterday. I'm moving the offending items today before lunch to get them the f*ck away from me.

I'll be putting out stuff in the communal kitchen...which means that it will be gone before the end of the day.

I had the second half of my dinner last night for breakfast today. I forgot how much I LOVE cottage cheese and the awesome protein in it. Another lovely pear and a cup of the good stuff and I'm feeling full and happy.

Tonight we may go for some veggie Indian food. Last time hubby and I split an appy, a meal and a naan. This time I might just get the appy for myself and split the naan (peas paratha actually - naan with potato and peas in it... a lot less bread).

We are going to get out for a BIG walk tonight and then this weekend is going to be a lot of cleaning and organizing. I need to get out in the yard and do some work. I want the house to be cleaned totally and ready for me to enjoy my time off without any chores to do.

We have a lunch out today to celebrate one of our interns passing the bar. I am currently thinking of ways to decline gracefully.

Other than that. Water is good, treats are away from me now. HA! I moved them before finishing this. This weekend is going to be full of hard work and lazy evening. And water... lots and lots of water!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today has shown some better success than yesterday. Which was a total clusterfuck.

Today I got to work, pounded out 4 hours of work in 2, then off to volunteer! Which was great. Its a fabulous mental break to think about people that have bigger struggles that myself.

We "built" bikes (read here attached the seats, handlebars, peddles and front tire), assembled helmets and enjoyed the company of coworkers and staff while volunteering our time to get a small part of the some 6,000 bikes needed out to kids that need them in our community.

That was a great time, I'm so glad that my company has such great allowance for community programs.

I had a protein bomb breakfast, however we were not off from volunteering until 1pm. I was already hungry and we were going to stop and get lunch, but one of the people in the car needed to get back. So we all had to go. I didn't get lunch until 1.45pm. I had a cup of shrimp gumbo and shared a small shoestring fries with a coworker.

Back into the office...treatmania was in full swing. There were 4 smoked turkeys that had arrived for our department heads, so they raffled them off (I didn't win). I launched into full meltdown food mode again.

Yep... again.I know.

I had 2 peppermint chocolate cookies, 1 macaroon, one truffle, and a half a cup of caramel popcorn. Another 600 calorie treat binge. I managed to keep today under 1900 calories, but my food choices SUCK.

I was disgusted after... and felt sick. Sick to my stomach. Sick in my head. Why won't I learn?

Dinner tonight was amended. I still feel sick from all the sugar. I went out and got some low fat cottage cheese and cut up a Christmas pear. It was simple, easy and delicious. I would have LOVED to have eaten this... instead of what I did this afternoon.

Once again, I am untrustworthy around these things. Tomorrow I am going to go ahead and move the shit to anther location. I wish that I had the power to just say NO and then follow through on my promise to myself.

Happily, the volunteer work had me sweating up a storm, and walking all over. My feet are hurting. I'm tired and going to get a good nights sleep in for sure.

Of course, I'm miserable right now and.... great.... just had a lovely shout at the husband. f*ck.

:( I hate this part of hating myself... taking it out on him. Must make amends.

Food today:

Bah Humbug

Well... I'm going to go with exposure therapy is not a winner for me.

In the afternoon I consumed:

4 chocolate Truffles
8 Peppermint chocolate malt balls
1 handful of caramel popcorn (1/2c)

I then went and walked at the park feeling sad and guilty. Its not like I didn't post about it, talk about not doing and not wanting to. But, I let myself do it. I told myself that I could have one. That is a slippery slippery slope.

I estimate it at about 574 calories. My daily intake was then 2382. Which is 292 calories over my daily limit and WELL over my 1600.


Today will be better.

I'm off for the day from work to go and volunteer at the Build a Bike. I can't wait. I will be preoccupied, active and there is no food there.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spawn - Day 9

Water is going well - I woke up thirsty again this morning. So I'm going to try harder to get more water in me in the evenings, maybe a nice cup of hot tea each night will help do the trick! Ummm herbal tea!

I can feel a palpable relaxation in me after this mornings post. Releasing the stress of deciding what to eat and what not to eat has been nice. Its allowed me to look upon the treats in a removed way. This is kind of like some sort of exposure threapy! Hate spiders...be near them! Can't handel being near treats...here sit next to them all day! HA! Well, whatever.. its working.

Lunch is deliscious and filling, I love apple, chicken and berry salads!! Onto my third liter of water today.

Walking tonight is on the agenda! I can't wait to get home. The weather here is amazing.

Food Today is:

Christmas Office gifts....

and so it begins.....

Because we spend so much money our vendors feel it necessary to send the chiefs here gifts at the holidays. Yesterday morning a giant box arrived to my boss from Harry & David.

There is all kinds of treats in there and people swooped in to pick through and gawk. I encouraged them to take and eat as much as possible (after swiping a pear for myself).

However, my resolve weakened by the afternoon and I ate 2 truffles.

Last night VISIONS of these things danced through my brain. I looked at my spreadsheets...calculating...plotting...licking my chops at the thought of adding more to my diet and removing other things to balance my calories.

This morning, before I was even half way through my first coffee, the staff were here opening the box, rummaging through and eating.

It made sad and angry. That is how I used to be. Grabbing and eating as much as I could. Able to justify my behavior with all kinds of excuses. Only to be filled with regret and emtpy promises to lose the extra 5lbs gained over that holiday.

Now... I'm not going to cheat myself out of my health and my goals for some candy. So I'm turning my back on this mound of sweets. I had my indulgence yesterday and my life wasn't miraculously transformed into the happiest days of my life.. it was just some chocolate.

Its not magic, Its not happiness, Its not a hug, Its not a walk in the park with a loved one.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love Scrap!

Awwww!! Joy at the most tempting name for a blog ever gave me a lovely award and said some really nice things about me! :D

I am Honestly Scrappy!!! I love it!! Not to mention that she listed out a couple more blogs in her post that I can go perv on now! YES. I love filling in my roster of peeps.

She was kind enough to note my excellent wild grapefruit hunting skillz! I am going to be attempting some more grapefruit plucking antics this weekend. They are just too delicious not to try for more!

Thank you Joy!

Spawn - Day 8

Ahh H2O how do I love you!??!!

Yesterday I got a staggering 183.5oz.. and you know what... I woke up THIRSTY this morning.

Wow.. the body is a strange and mysterious machine!

Water today is lagging as we are CRAZY at the office today. You know, the typical... holidays are coming, people are freaking out about stuff they should have done AGES ago and now they have like... 2 days to get it all done because they booked holidays already. bla bla

Makes for some interesting times, and I would like to add that I have done 3 flights of stairs already today and there are more coming.. I can tell. I'm going to be all over this office today.

I'm REALLY hungry right now. Breakfast had less protein than usual, so I'm feeling it right now. Lunch is salmon with quinoa and broccoli. That will be nice and yummy and filling.

This afternoon there is a long ass meeting with snacks. I'm going to be getting my oatmeal in me before I head into that. Keep the fingers off the food!

Allan posted this morning an awesome post. If I continue my trend, I will be at my goal weight in May... right in time for the husbands birthday...

Now that is some food for thought. That is really really amazing... to think that this is possible, after 3 years of struggling and gaining. I'm excited. Really Excited.

okay - lunch is calling me now. Must refill the water as well. 76oz of water in me today already. Must keep it going.

Food Today:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spawn - Day 7

Monday Monday!

I have to say that today is my usual weigh in and I'm not going to bother with my exciting weigh in yesterday for the Spawn challenge.

However, as a teaser, I'm very pleased with this mornings number as well! HA! Take that cliffhanger! ;)

Last night after my massive salad dinner I was still hungry... I had my popcorn...still hungry.... My stomach growled all the way to this mornings breakfast. The husband even commented while we were on the couch last night that he heard it rumble. LOL

I am proud to say that I didn't freak out. I sat on the couch and THOUGHT about all the things that I could do. I could get up, get in my car and go out and get something... something... icecreamy...

Then I thought that I would have to log it on my spreadsheet, change all the numbers and then re-post it all... and ... I'm too lazy! :D HA!! take that hunger. I'm TOO lazy to get food.

Tonight is one of my favorite dinners. We are going to go for a big walk and keep that end of things moving along. More exercise each day in little increments. I have one more big task to get done... sleep.

I've been staying up later and later and later... last night I didn't get to sleep until 1.30am. I have to be up at 7am (at the latest!). So this is not working for me. Its such a bad habit, and hard for me to stop since I am a natural night owl.

I want to start getting up and doing a home workout in the mornings, so I'm going to get into a HOT bath tonight and get to bed early and try to get some extra winks. Then force myself to get up early for this week.

Water: 79.6oz at the moment. Aiming for +160

Okay, here is todays food:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Weekly recap & Allan is watching

Today was a good day. I had a lot to think about in terms of weigh loss and my hand in this and the calorie counting and the water!

I've been productive and here are my weekly totals.

This week I have had 11,921 calories total. This is about 100 calories a day over what I was aiming for (1600 - although Monday this week was still at 1980calories). But in general, I'm pleased with the 1,600. Especially with my weigh in results.

I would like to note to myself that I ate out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. So, put that in my pipe and smoke it. I thought that it was impossible to lose weight and eat out. But with a modicum of self control and the ability to order well and not eat for eatings sake, I've managed just fine this week. There Tamzin. You can do it!

I'm going to stick with that amount for the whole of next week and really aim for more healthy fiber filled foods, and less eating out - that is better for me and the wallet. I'm excited for next week already.

Also today I had a one year milestone. Today I weigh the least that I have since Dec 2009.


That has really been sinking in today. One year. This graph will explain a significant amount as I have dubbed Allan my "Allan-band". He verbally slapped my fat-self into line (that b*tch is annoying...even to me! ha!!) and got my head thinking more on the lines of what I should be doing. And.. as this graph will show.. it f*cking works.

Sauron ... errr.... Allan... he is watching us!! and I thank him for it!

(Allan approved of this photo before I posted)

Spawn - Day 6 (Weigh In)

Phase 3 first weigh in... I saw Allans predictions yesterday and was scared... I've not been weighing myself this week to reduce stress! ha!

got on the scales today:


Down 3.2lbs!


What is different this week. Well, I know that this week I did lower my calories a bit, and I made an even bigger effort to get my water in, I did 2 big walks, and I did something that I've not done before. Really adjust my eating to compensate for earlier meals. I'm working hard on the mental side of eating, and trying to find myself actually hungry before each meal. Apparently, its working!

I am so excited to read about how everyone else has done.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Super Saturday!

This morning we had a great sleep in. I love snuggling on a Saturday morning!

We had a quick snack of a kashi bar then headed out in the Houston sunshine in our shorts and tee shirts (teehee! Sorry Northerners...I couldn't resist) and had a good 3.5mile walk.

We stopped at the My Fit Foods after for some brunch, and Starbucks for a coffee.

Now am home and getting ready to do some of the weekend fun stuff (cleaning, laundry mostly). I have some great films up on netflicks right now that I want to watch and some crafting to do for Christmas presents, I need to get my Christmas cards pounded out as well!! Its going to be a great day. I might sneak in a long hot bath with a book as well.

Water is going well. We are going to get the fixings and make yummy salads tonight for dinner. Very excited. Day is half over so I want to get to it!

Happy weekend! Drink your water!!

Food today:

Friday, December 10, 2010


CJ at Weight too less tagged me in a little exercise that I've enjoyed!

1. What would you say to someone just starting out on a weight loss journey?

Calories count! Water is vital. Planning is a must. Start moving more. The most important thing.. don’t give up!

2. What is your passion? The thing that you absolutely love doing, that is not necessarily, but can be, related to your job or role in a family?

Passion. I used to have a lot of passion for my sport, rugby. But I retired from that 5 years ago and have not found anything to replace it yet. Oh gawds, that sounds so depressing when I type that out. I have a lot of passions I guess, but none that were so all consuming as rugby. I played for 14 years, lived in the UK, traveled and competed, coached. Now I’ve stopped, got FAT and lost my lust to do physical things. I do lots of stuff though… sew, craft, read, write. Jeeez. I sound soulless. Uuuum. I guess I’m looking for my passion right now.

3. If money and time (or any other obstacles) were not an issue, how would you spend a week (or even a weekend) that you had to yourself (and who would you spend it with, if anyone)?

Easy…I have many places I want to go, but this one is calling to me right now. There are a set of remote lighthouses that you can rent by the week on the coast of the Shetland Islands. I’ve been pre-planning a holiday up that way for a while now. Hiking, ocean, remote. Beautiful! My family came straight from there to Canada and we still have relatives there. I can’t wait to go.

4. What has been your most satisfying moment so far on this journey?

I can’t say that I’ve had one. I’ve been at this for the last 2.5 years and I’m heavier now than when I first started. My first real milestone will be to get under 270. That is the lightest that I’ve been since 2008. Then from there it will be all new ground to break. Which I'm looking forward to.

Spawn - Day 3

OMG...slept like a dead thing last night. I need a few more sleeps like that and I'll all caught up on any missing sleep. Which I am... I can tell because I am like a super monster hibernating bear in the mornings. RAWR... no want to get up.

Work has been hectic and annoying. I'm so glad that it is Friday.

Breakfast was good and filling. Lunch was the second half of last nights dinner. I'm so sick of being at my desk that I'm going to go and sit in my car in the parkinglot for 20 minutes. No food there, no temptations there and no people there. Perfect hideaway.

Husband and I will be going for a walk tonight, I am hoping for another 3miles.

Water is going well. Food today is:

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Water: 167.5+
Kibble: 1553c
Walkies: 3.5miles


Had to make some adjustments today, since I didn't realize that we would be having a restricted menu at the restaurant. I totally understand, with 28 people to serve, you can't have to many choices or no food will come out at the same time.

We were served a salad, a starter, your choice of main and a dessert.

I ate half of both the salad (mixed greens, with moz wrapped in prosciutto, balsamic dressing) and the starter (gnocci with ground wild boar in bolonagues sauce). I ordered the fish main, which I was very pleased with. It was 4oz of Monk fish with a light crawfish sauce, and some veg and mashed potaato on the side. Sadly...yes.. I ate my dessert. Tiramisou.

However, after a couple of very good weeks with food... the rich food from lunch has had an effect on me....and my digestive system. Needless to say, it did not stay food for very long!

I reorganized my dinner to accomodate extra calories and I am still UNDER today at 1553! Here is the food:

This afternoon I did a 3.5mile walk in the sunshine at the park, it was just so nice to get outside and move. I've been too stagnant these last couple of days.

Water today is going to be 167.5 or more... we will see how much more I can get in me tonight.

Spawn - Day 3

Christmas Surprise....

Another holiday trap.. that I have sniffed out and will escape!

Today is the office department Christmas luncheon. Happily, I just found out that we are not required to finish the day. YAY for surprise half days. That means that I am going to get out to the park with my ipod and do a big long walk in the sunshine. I can not wait.

I had a look at the menu this morning. I’m getting the mixes greens salad with vinaigrette dressing and the margarita pizza (small), I will also be indulging in some sparkling water … to make me feel special! I’m not sure what the portion sizes are going to be like, but I will eat all the salad and half the pizza if it is large, if it is tiny (personal sized) I will eat it all. I’m also considering the roasted vegetable & goat cheese pizza.. .I’ll decide while I’m there.

Very excited. YAY half days.

Water so far…66.8oz

Here is my estimated food:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Todays final totals:

Water: 193.2oz
Kibble: 1600c
Walkies: 0


Tonight I had a some NSV's!!

We have some friends that gather EVERY stinking Wednesday for coffee at a coffeehouse. They consume coffee, snacks, cake and cigarettes at a rate of naughts. Its an eclectic group of gamers, geeks and the like (us included). I used to be right there with them, every Wednesday, tossing back mocha-choka-muthafukachinnos and muffins and snacks.

Then we stopped going so much, and now, I typically do not want to go at all. Its a scary place that I used to eat at and love to eat at and has my fav combo of things.. caffeine and chocolate. The people aren't great, I miss that bit of it. However, this is a food trap and I've been avoiding it.

Today we decided to go. Friends were complaining that we don't come. I ate my dinner and plotted. What will I do....

1. Will I cave and get a skim mocha latte and share a muffin with the husband


2. Will I stay strong and get a herbal tea and eat nothing....

There was a small war going on in my head the whole time we were headed up there. Will I... won't I.. will I.. won't I. Should I, shouldn't I. There was a lot of math going on in there (ouch) and a LOT of bargaining, and excuse making and justifications.

I will be honest, up to the point where I was ordering I really wasn't too sure what I was going to do. Then the teas were right there... and I decided no caffeine... and viola. Cinnamon Spice tea, herbal, no caffeine. Warm, hot and calories free.

One of the people went and got cake and you know what else... I didn't watch her eat it.

Do any of you have that habit. I always used to watch people eat, especially if it was food that I liked. I would watch the fork, in the mouth. It was probably creepy. Anyway, I just decided that it wasn't worth it to torture myself.

so there! NO F*CKING up today and a couple really great NSV. I ate dinner and nothing since and... I didn't die.

Spawn - Day 2

Just call me Cap'n Kirk because today I am boldly going where I have never gone before...

Or rather, where I can not in any recent memory remember doing (well really... no. I can't recall ever doing this)... I am eating yesterdays left over lunch for todays lunch.

yes, that was thunder you heard. I know... I can't believe it either! haha I actually had enough lunch left over to eat it again!? wow.

Yesterday I had greek food for lunch; a chicken soup and an order of hummus with pita and veg. I ate the soup and half the hummus plate yesterday and today, I'm having the hummus and pita (and olives) for my lunch!

I'm really very pleased with myself.

This afternoon is going to be a test. I was just moving around in the office and there are a lot of meetings here today over lunch, which means that in about 3 hours, there is going to be a LOT of cheat foods in the kitchen. So I'm eating my lunch, getting my water in me and I have my afternoon snack at my desk.

Happily I have a grapefruit, kashi bar and some yogurt to have this afternoon. All of which I find really make me feel full and satisfied.

I'm at exactly 1600 calories for today. Hubby and I are going to head out for another walk tonight, we just love this cool weather here so are trying to take advantage of it every time we can. Also bonus...exercise!

I'm already at 81oz of water today and here is the food breakdown:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spawn - Day 1

Water: 182.6oz
Calories consumed: 1604
Exercise: 2mile walk

I'm not sure what Allan is going to think about this... as we are supposed to follow either 1200 calories... or my goal weight calories (2090)...so either I'm 400 over or 486 under or 4 over. Well ... how do you like that! Either way... I'm pleased.

This week my goal is 1600 calories a day with 36 grams of fat, 220 grams of carbs, and 100 grams of protein.

I'm hoping to get closer to 1200 by the end of December, but I'm not willing to go there now.

Water... this afternoon I got busy and the bottle was empty. I missed out on a lot, since I'm aiming for my 200+ ounces. 182 is over my water goal (163oz). So that is good.

I'm feeling a little hungry, but that is no problem. Husband just offered me an evening snack and I said no thanks. Must make that a habit! ;)

okay - that is all for now. I need a good 15min of perving on blogs to see how every one else is doing today.

Food Today:

My Fit Foods
Mix n' Mash - chicken breast, rice, egg whites, roasted peppers, salsa, low fat cheddar cheese, spices
Good Morning Sunshine - ground turkey, rice, egg whites, salsa, low fat cheddar cheese, spices

Spawn of the DDDYC Phase 3 - December

Today is day one. I have an email with my stuff from Allan waiting for me when I get home.

Before I got to work I had already had...31.9 oz of water. I'm another 24oz in now.

This Phase three is not that much different from what we have been doing all along. Lots O water, eat good for you food in smaller amounts.

I did not start out great last night. I ate too much and didn't push my plate away as soon as I should have. I have to calculate it out today when I get a moment.. which might not happen until I get home tonight.

Right...back to the water.

December... get ready. I'm coming down!

Monday, December 6, 2010


As in.. I'm keeping on moving forward!

Today has been good. I'm happy with my eating. We have a birthday dinner tonight - seafood place. I'm going to have grilled shrimp or grilled fish tacos, water and some chips and salsa.

Yesterday we had a walk in the afternoon...picked the last of the grapefruit that we could reach (with our short tree nippers). I had one already today and they are just so good. The top of the tree is laden with fruit. I have never understood the frustration of an animal that can't reach something that it wants more then those moments I stood at the base of the tree looking longingly up at the yummy yummy fruit. haha

Attitude today - Positive.

Water: Good. So far today I have in me 110oz. I am about to refill the water and will get through another liter before home. Ihave a 16.9oz bottle waiting for me in the car for the ride home and tonight, water will be had before every bite of my meal.

I will keep on moving forwards. I must. not.fail.

Here is food today:

Monday weigh In

290.4 lbs

So that is up 2.4lbs. Yesterdays post says it all. Ug.

However, I know that I just have to keep working, drinking my water and just keep working on this. I want to win, I don't want to be fat anymore.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Angry Math

Okay... you know I really hate this. I hate gaining. HATE IT. I also hate feeling like a lier. Which is what it feels like right now.

I just weighed in for the Phase 3 Challenge and I gained this week.

290lbs. That is +2 lbs from last week.

I'm really starting to feel the frustration of weight struggles. The math has been laid out. It is not even a choice, not an option. Math is logic. Logic is infallible.

If I calculate that I eat my max calories for today (1980) then I end up with a weekly caloric total of 13,860.5. This is .5 calories OVER my weekly allowance. That means that at 288 last week I should have lost 2.4lbs since to maintain a weight of 288 I would need 22,176 calories.

Here is the math:

So, there can be only a couple of things that is causing this to happen.

1. I am calculating my calories incorrectly.
2. I am lying about what I eat
3. ...?? I don't know.

So this is where the real frustration is. I am not lying about my intake. Everything that passes my lips get recorded calculated and accounted for. To gain 2lbs I would have had to have consumed an additional 15,000 calories.

I suppose its possible that I am not correct in some of my estimates on size and values. But.... I'm very sure that I did not miss calculate by 15,000 calories. That is more than the total of the food that I ate this week.

OMG...I am going to get some breakfast and go for a walk and try to not think about this for a little while.

Saturday Overindulgence

Got up this morning and took the hubby for a 3.5mile walk. It was SO beautiful out. We had a light breakfast - shared protein shake and a banana.

Post walk we went for breakfast at our fav bfast spot and sat out on the pattio. I love this weather. Sunny, warm, but with a cool breeze. LOVE IT!

Home for the afternoon, had a long bath and read in the tub. Watched some documentaries and did some crafting.

We had plans for the evening to celebrate Hanukkah with friends over Latkes at a great restaurant. I had my evening meal plan all laid out. And...

I ate more than I should. And now I am filled with remorse. Especially after such a great victory last night at the Christmas party. Arg. :(

I had planned for 2 latkes, some sour cream and some apple sauce. I ate 3, and then had half a blintz. That was an extra 385calories... which put me over my daily total by 292.


I did have a lot of water today, and we did get some excellent exercise in. Tomorrow is the start of Phase 3 of Allan's Spawn of Son of Double Dog Dare You Challenge. I am going to have to get MORE dedicated.

Weigh in tomorrow morning.

Food today....

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Party 0 - Tamzin - 1

Timed it perfectly!

We arrived as all my co-workers were finished eating. They were just getting up and starting to take some photos and starting to get into the evenings entertainment.

We skipped the whole food thing. Not a single thing. Oh, I had half a cup of coffee with cream at about 9.30. So I did get some calories in. Other than that, I put nothing across my lips. Surprise surprise... I didn't die? wow!

It was a casino night theme with your chips turned in for tickets that you entered raffles with. Turns out I'm quite good at craps. HAHAHAHA I'm punny!! ;) We had a great time. I had water with lime, husband had the free Heineken's and we gambled!

This was a very successful night on many levels. I had to go to the dessert table to turn in my chips, and I made it quick. I didn't want to be around the sweets, lest I get tempted. I lied to a couple of people about dinner/eating there. The "yes, we had some food - it was great" kind of lies. Pretty soon most people were too drunk to even bother asking. HA!

As for the evening, it was a riot. I ended up winning a raffle prize for two tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I'm so excited! :) okay.. bed time for good girls!

Friday Food

I've decided that we are going to show up late-ish to the party. Then we can, fingers crossed, avoid the tables of food/buffet line.

I will also be full from our dinner, and will drink soda water/sparkling water all night. If I need a snack. I can have one at home after we get in.

That is my plan and I am promising myself right here and now that this is what I will do tonight. There will be no food to cross my lips. I do not need it. Nor do I want it.


I'm not much of a partier anymore. I don't drink to excess but have an occasional glass of wine - but never in these places. Its funny. I used to be a BIG drinker. (That is that I was both physically huge and drank a LOT! ha!)

5 years ago I stopped drinking. I didn't like who I was when I was drinking, I didn't like that I was out of control when I was drinking, I didn't like that I couldn't have one drink and stop. It was always to excess...

humm... Parallel much?

It was really hard to have one drink, then tell my friends that I wasn't going to have any more. People would buy them for me, and put them in my hand and I would drink them. So I finally just said, "I don't drink anything, anymore". The absolute was a lot easier for me to handle. It was also easier for everyone else to handle. I became the one that "didn't drink", that option was now off the table.

Food is the same. I've read a couple of blogs this week that are talking about addiction and food issues.

Tonight is going to be a struggle for me. People will be drunk and they will want me to participate. The drinking is easy to say no to. The food will be harder. So I guess the total avoidance method is what is going to work for me right now. I managed to do it with one part of my life... why not this?

I want to work up that same hate for who I am as a fat person, just like I hated who I was as a drunk person.

Alright... here is what I WILL be eating today. We are already up past lunch (Yum, it was outstanding):

My Fit Foods:
Oatmeal - steel cut oats with blackberries and walnuts
Berry Salad - chicken breast, blackberries, red onion, goat cheese & balsamic vinegar&evoo dressing
Good Morning Sunshine - ground spiced turkey, egg whites, parboiled rice, onion, salsa

Christmas Party...Ug!

Damn it...

I just found out that it is a sit down dinner at our Christmas party. Buffet style, but with tables and you know... its weird to be there and not sit and eat with everyone else.

I think my plan is now to be "late" to the party. I don't know that I can control myself at a buffet just yet, and of course, no matter how little you take the hidden calories in the damn food will be nuts.

Very. Frustrating.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Last night after blogging I added some foods to my list. I had 2 cups of tea with honey .5T in each (64 calories) and 10 almonds (85calories), but did not add spinach to my meal (-41 calories). At work I caved to the pressure of a chocolate. I knew I shouldn't have, but it was put in my hand and so I ate it. Peppermint bark chocolate square (46) - So I ended up at with a calorie total of 2027, which is 47 points over for the day.

On to the rest. Great NSV today.

Today I am wearing pants that last winter/fall I had to sew extra buttons onto about an inch in from where the other buttons were to make them fit. In fact, I'm pretty sure that these pants didn't really fit when I bought them. However, today... they buttoned up on the original buttons perfectly. I even got confused about where the buttons were as there were so many in there. HA!!! That is a great feeling. Pants are FITTING!!!

I've had 2.5L of water so far today and a 8oz coffee.

Food is good. I'm full from my breakfast and snack. Lunch is going to be late today since I'm totally STUFFED right now from my greek yogurt and (recently plucked) grapefruit.

Speaking of, the husband and I went out last night and got some more grapefruit out of the forest! hahaha I love it. We could only reach 6 of them... so that will have to do...until I get the tree trimmer out there and get some off the higher branches. My co-workers think I'm nuts. Maybe I am.

Here is todays food:

Good Morning Sunshine - Ground turkey, parboiled rice, egg whites, spices, salsa
Killa Chili - ground beef, beans, tomato etc etc like reg chili
Fit Mac - whole wheat noodles, ground turkey with spices, tiny bit'o cheese (we will mix in 2c tomato sauce, and 2c of spinach. Yum!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hump day!!!! I'm kind of really enjoying that this hump day is on December 1st.

I was just over at Anns blog and she pointed out the date. Today is a big milestone for her, and her progress is inspiring. I hadn't really thought about it until then but this is the last 31 days of 2010. I need to make them count.

Tonight I am going to get a walk in. No matter what. Eating is going well. Dinner plans changed last night, we went for a shared small Greek salad and a small spinach pizza shared as well.

It became more than dinner. It became a moments that gives you something MORE if you are able to listen. Which I'm starting to be able to hear. Perhaps its all the water finally clearing the fuzz from my ear and brain.

The dinner my husband and I shared last night is about HALF what we used to share at this restaurant. We used to share a large Greek salad, large order of bread sticks in garlic butter, and a large pizza. We would eat it all. ALL OF IT.

Last night after our much reduced dinner... I was FULL. In fact I was more than full and next time I will have even less.

Not only that, but the urge to snack that evening was Zero. No snacks, I wasn't even interested. It was quick a flipperoo from where I was 2 months ago.

Last nights calorie count came to 1877/1980 (-103). I'm feeling pretty good so far about my lower calorie counts, I'm not missing that 110 that I cut from my 2090. in fact I'm rarely even getting up to the 1980 that I've set for myself. :) So next week I'm going to take an average of what I've been eating and lower it down a little more.

Today is going well. I had my dinner from last night (Americano) for breakfast a giant protein bomb of Sirloin, red potatoes and egg whites. I'm just finally getting hungry now and its almost lunch.

My Fit Foods
Americano - Sirloin, red potatoes, scrambled egg whites
Berry Salad - Chicken Breast, blackberries, red onion, spinach leaves w/ evoo & balsamic vinegar dressing (2T)
Simple Salmon - grilled Salmon, parboiled rice, broccoli
My Fit foods is what I do for my main meals. I buy it, I am in no way representing them, nor do I get free food. I wish!! Its bloody expensive!! But I love it.

In the end, the husband and I talked about the expense and it is still more affordable than staying fat, buying groceries we don't eat and just throw away, and the time spend making lunches I won't eat, breakfasts that I forget, and dinners that are full of fat. Plus it auto portion control. Also good.
I just thought that I should explain it a little better since I post it up here everyday. :D