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Monday, November 22, 2010

Frightening Weigh In

Sadly, this is not a halloween scare, nor is a 1st of April joke. Todays scale showed a weeks worth of poor chioces.

294lbs, which is a gain of 6lbs.

If you want to see my reasons/excuses go here. But the real reason is that I've eaten out this week 5 times. And not the healthy stuff either.

My bowels are bunged up, my body is retaining water, I'm puffy and struggled to get my rings on today. So... no great revelation. Follow the right path and don't let daily indulgences start getting in the way of progress.

I'm also pre-period, which is hard. I read a lot of stuff at Lyn on Escape from Obesity and she has been tracking her emotions and cravings with her cycle for some time now. I'm about to do the same. Seems that this last week is always bad for me and once i indulge once.. the snowball effect that has on my eating is huge.

Regardless, my eating habits are slipping and I'm battening down the hatches for this week.

More water, better mental rehearsing, and constant vigilance! That is what this week will be all about.


Allan said...

Do ya want tough love, a pat on the head, some more guidance, to be left alone ? What can we do for you, this is not a great plan you are on...

Losing 100 said...

You can jump right back on track. It's all in your hands. You can do it!

Tamzin said...

The scale is tough enough for love. I've got my plan and I'm back on track.

Disordered eating patterns are difficult to break. Its hard to do, as we are all aware.

I'm getting my water and I'm tracking my foods. I don't have the iron will that you do allan... thats why I'm fat! haha

Joking aside. I'm working on it. It feels good to lose, and bad to gain. So perhaps that will reinforce my eating this week.


you guys rock. I'm just really glad that I have someplace to be really accountable to.

Joy said...

Girl, you and I had about the same week it appears. Haven't updated my blog yet but I feel I could just copy and paste your entire post as mine and call it a day, lol. Back on the horse for both of us. Here's to a fresh new week full or right choices :)

Joy said...

Whoops. Meant full OF right choices, not full or right choices...I guess you could call that a Freudian slip ;)

spunkysuzi said...

Stay strong and committed my friend! You can do it and we're all ready to be your personal cheer leaders :) Imagine me in a cheerleading outfit!

Mrs. Crumpet said...

You can do this! I know you can, I am using your spread sheet I adore it, though I changed a couple colors because I am an obnoxious color freak! lol. Though Allan is right this plan you've been doing is doing the opposite of your goal. So keep in mind your goal, that's what I do, remind yourself that behaviors like this are NOT going to get me where I want to be. I dunno if that helps, but it seems to help me.

Mrs. Crumpet

Kimberly said...

Okay, so you had a bad week. Now that is over. What are you going to do to make this a great week? Thin people do that you know - mix it up and go leaner after a bender.

I gained 40 lost lbs back before I woke up and got with it. You only gained 6. You learn so much faster than me.

You have SO got this girl. :)