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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Word of the Day


Allan – our fearless, no sh*t-taking, power fat burning SDDDY challenge leader had a great post this morning on the big C word. Commitment.

Which is a great wake up call for me this week. My commitment this week is flagging. It is the forgotten red-headed stepchild that doesn’t get a Christmas present. While it’s inbreed cousin, Denial, has been coming around the table more and more.

The last three weeks I was weighing every day (some ppl like it some don’t) and I was losing close to 1lb a day. I was doing GREAT. I was fully committed. I was planning weeks of food out, I was sticking to my plans and making sure I had everything I needed to be successful. I was committed to setting myself up to lose weight.

This week, I’m buying whatever at the My Fit Foods in the morning, and making it work for the day. I ate lunch on Tuesday and had four things that I really didn’t need. 3 bites of appies and a dessert. I could have left half the dessert in my bowl, but I didn’t’. I bowed down to the alter of Want and was rewarded with a week of suffering, now my Wants got a taste of being fulfilled and they …well… want more. Great. I have no one to blame but myself.

Time for some re-training.

I am going to take time today at lunch, reset my priorities, and make a real path for me walk along for the rest of 2010. Half assed efforts are going to get me half asses results. DO NOT WANT.


Ann (-29 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Aaaaaah ... the dreaded wants! I dislike those, but we all get 'em every so often. I'm glad you are getting a handle on this. It just takes time to completely get rid of the old habits. They periodically come up for a gasp of air, but those bouts get less and less frequent, until (finally) they give up and go down for good. May health habits reign supreme! LOL You can kick this to the curb, I know it. xx

Kelly said...

I need to get over there and read his blog (I'm catching up!!). I've been having a rough week--not eating wise, but I'm just not clicking this week for some reason. I need that click again!!

CJ said...

Aww I know what you are saying :( It happens to the best of us! Don't let one incident bow you down! We need to be strong and keep pushing ahead