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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hump day!!!! I'm kind of really enjoying that this hump day is on December 1st.

I was just over at Anns blog and she pointed out the date. Today is a big milestone for her, and her progress is inspiring. I hadn't really thought about it until then but this is the last 31 days of 2010. I need to make them count.

Tonight I am going to get a walk in. No matter what. Eating is going well. Dinner plans changed last night, we went for a shared small Greek salad and a small spinach pizza shared as well.

It became more than dinner. It became a moments that gives you something MORE if you are able to listen. Which I'm starting to be able to hear. Perhaps its all the water finally clearing the fuzz from my ear and brain.

The dinner my husband and I shared last night is about HALF what we used to share at this restaurant. We used to share a large Greek salad, large order of bread sticks in garlic butter, and a large pizza. We would eat it all. ALL OF IT.

Last night after our much reduced dinner... I was FULL. In fact I was more than full and next time I will have even less.

Not only that, but the urge to snack that evening was Zero. No snacks, I wasn't even interested. It was quick a flipperoo from where I was 2 months ago.

Last nights calorie count came to 1877/1980 (-103). I'm feeling pretty good so far about my lower calorie counts, I'm not missing that 110 that I cut from my 2090. in fact I'm rarely even getting up to the 1980 that I've set for myself. :) So next week I'm going to take an average of what I've been eating and lower it down a little more.

Today is going well. I had my dinner from last night (Americano) for breakfast a giant protein bomb of Sirloin, red potatoes and egg whites. I'm just finally getting hungry now and its almost lunch.

My Fit Foods
Americano - Sirloin, red potatoes, scrambled egg whites
Berry Salad - Chicken Breast, blackberries, red onion, spinach leaves w/ evoo & balsamic vinegar dressing (2T)
Simple Salmon - grilled Salmon, parboiled rice, broccoli
My Fit foods is what I do for my main meals. I buy it, I am in no way representing them, nor do I get free food. I wish!! Its bloody expensive!! But I love it.

In the end, the husband and I talked about the expense and it is still more affordable than staying fat, buying groceries we don't eat and just throw away, and the time spend making lunches I won't eat, breakfasts that I forget, and dinners that are full of fat. Plus it auto portion control. Also good.
I just thought that I should explain it a little better since I post it up here everyday. :D


Vegan Chick Pea said...

Awesome! Great news! Isn't it wonderful that you could reduce your calories and not even notice? Way to go, keep it up! :)

Laryssa said...

Good going with the lower calories. It can be done and you don't even notice that it's less than before. You must be making Sir Allan proud! :)

I agree with buying the foods, too. When I was working, I was criticized because of the money I spent on Nutrisystem. But it was better than buying a bunch of stuff and never getting around to making it or having to throw out the food. As long as you can afford it, I say make things easier for yourself. You have enough stress working full time. It also helps that you like the food! :)

Ann (-34 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the shout out! I LOVE that you are going to average your caloric use and adjust your goal. I may try that myself - great idea!!

You are certainly changing for the better. I really enjoyed the description of how your dinner pattern has changed at that restaurant. There is the proof that, internally, changes have already taken place. (For instance, the stomach has grown smaller)

Keep up the good work, and I am so glad you are going to make December count!!

Mrs. D said...

I think that's an amazing NSV!! We aren't used to listening to our bodies are watching for signals because we've listened to our emotions for years and let that rule our eating. THIS kind of progress gets me more excited because it means we aren't just losing weight- we are changing- and we're going to make it permanent!

Princess Dieter said...

In challenge Phase I, it was hard for me to stay AT maintenance. By phase II, now, I can do a lot more days under, sometimes hundreds under, sometimes only 100 or 50, but it's not as hard.

I won't be doing 1200, but I plan to stay and gauge how low is comfortable.
I'd plotz with joy to eat 2000 . :) Yes, the foodie inside still lives.

Hurrah on the NSV!