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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inches and Such

Well today was good and bad and all things in between rolled together. I'm tired and confused and upset I guess. I managed to resist everything bad for me at the office - even with a moment of weakness... looking at the cookie that I had taken...I put it back when I asked myself if I REALLY wanted it.

I walked home 5km, but I was too hungry and on the way home, I should have had another snack in the afternoon to help, I started having all kinds of crazy food lust - you name it - I wanted to put it in my gob! It was all that I could do to not stop and get something really terrible, but I was already contemplating what to binge on... I knew it was not going to be good.

I ended up stopping and getting a can of beans in tomato sauce, I wandered around in the little corner store - I purposely went to the cash only one - and all I had was $2.50 on me... limited me pretty well. I drooled over crackers and thought about coming back with more money so I could eat them. So terrible. I ended up with a can of beans for my ultimate english comfort food - eggs beans and toast.

I'm over tired, over hungry, stressed out and ended up at the fridge with the can of whip cream stuck in my mouth. Three big mouthfuls and then I put about 1/3 of a cup of it in one of the pumpkin custards and then ate that too.

I know that this behavior more tiring and stressful, its a terrible cycle. It feels disgusting, but what is worse.. is this. I was saving that whip cream in there... because I KNEW that eventually I was going to do that. Now I have to get up tomorrow and weight-in, and get back on this damn bucking horse and try to get my balance again.

The Nitty Gritty - Weight: 275lbs Inches: 324.1
Neck - 16, Bust - 47.5, Ribs - 42, Waist - 48, Hips - 52, L Bicep - 14.6, R Bicep - 14.5, L Thigh - 28, R Thigh -25.9, L Calf - 18.5, R Calf - 18.1.

Weight is up 1.8lbs, but Inches are down by 0.4.

1c Almond Milk
2T protein powder
coffee with cream
1/3c 1% cottage cheese
1med banana
1med mocha skim milk latte
3/4c meat lasagna
1c BNS mac&cheese
1c mixed veg
3 hearty rye crackers
1 pat butter
1c strawberries
1/3c Activia yogurt
1 can beans in tomato sauce
2 poached eggs
2 pitas
2T becel
3 big mouthfuls whip cream
1/3c whip cream
1/3c pumpkin custard

Water: 2.6L...not good enough.

ug...time for bed. I need to sleep on this Mind-f*ck that I've done to myself today. I know that it will be better tomorrow and on my way to bed, I'm heading to the kitchen to throw away the rest of the whip cream.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. At least the rest of your eats was good.
I will only keep "good" food in my home, or I know I'll do what you did with the whip cream. When I used to work I'd only go with money I needed for coffee, so I wouldn't be tempted by the vending machines, or pop into the shop on my way home.
Anyway things will be better tomorrow and keep smiling.

spunkysuzi said...

O.k i'm just wondering is the whipped cream still in the fridge?? If it is throw it out!!!
I'm sooo like that. If it's around i will eventually eat it, even if i start out thinking no i won't touch it. I'll sooner or later be in binge mode and it's the first thing i gravitate to!
That said i think your doing awesome! And down inches, great!!