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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday activities

I've been giving this fat exorcism a go all day today! Be gone Fat Devil!!! *makes the sign of a fat cell over my belly*

Well after a good sleep last night (albeit too late into the Saturday morning *cough* noon), I got motivated and dressed after my bfast to go to the gym. 1hour5min on the treadmill and then a good stretch. I made a list while eating of all the things that I needed to get done and ... I did them ALL!

Now for tomorrows list...must get that done after I post this.

Gym was good - 1hour and a 5min cooldown on the treadmill. Loving my new runners. 10min walk warmup, 10min jog @ 3.6, 1min walk @2.8, 10min jog @3.6, 1min walk @ 3.0, 10min jog at 3.6(last two min were at 3.8, then the rest was walking at various speeds.

Ate my orange post workout and then off to Timmies for a early afternoon snack before heading out for my shopping and errands. Which I managed quite a few. Filled up on gas, went to the running room and registered a friend who is going to come on the clinic with me (weeee!!!).

Off to the shops for a new memory foam mattress cover, picked up a new shower curtain and some odds and sods for the house. I had a gift certificate for Chapers books - so I went over there to perv on books and to pick up the 3rd and 4th book in the George R.R. Martin Songs of Ice and Fire series (Storm of Swords and Feast for Crows.. I am a fantasy book super geek...so I don't know how I missed this series). I also enjoyed a coffee and a ginger cookie while wandering in book-heaven (and spying on people around me to see what they are reading!).

Then home to finish the most important part of today - my second workout....Housework!! I know that I needed to get a lot of the messy bits that are hanging about and cluttering up my mind, and boy did I get a lot done:

1. 3 loads of laundry including linens - made new bag with foam mattress;
2. Took out all garbage bins, empties, new bags in;
3. Hung new shower curtain, threw out old;
4. Cleaned toilet;
5. Organized recycling;
6. Dishes in the sink set to soak for later washing in dishwasher;
7. Dusted through the house;
8. Swept kitchen, hall and bathroom; and
9. Mopped kitchen, hall and bathroom (half by hand!).

Now I've heated up my dinner from last night -what I like to call my "posh dog food". I'm feeling much better about life in general, but also my struggles this last few weeks. I have some grocery shopping to do tomorrow and my food prep again. I'm all out of fruits and green veggies so I have to replenish the fruit bowl.

I also want to say thank you to all who commented, I've been bad about reading on everyone elses blogs (for motivation) and posting comments other then lots of "woohoos" and "good jobs" (man I suck hard at commenting). I think that I'll have more to contribute this coming week. so....Heres to fighting the evil fat!!

Water: 1.5L right now - I have another 1.5L that I will get through before bed.

1 pot activia yogurt
2 small slices rye bread
1T cashew nutbutter
1tsp strawberry jam
lrg orange
12 grain bagel
2T lite creamcheese
1 med skim milk half sweet mocha (NO WHIP!!!!!)
1 lrg ginger cookie
5 almonds

1c mixed wild rice
2c Tamzin's "Posh Dogfood"
1 pot yogurt
2 kiwi fruits

Posh Dog Food is:
1 yellow onion diced roughly
1 package Extra lean ground turkey
1/2 bag mixed frozen veg (carrots, corn, peas and beans)
1 package of taco seasoning
It freezes great - is tasty, and great for over rice in your lunch!


Katie said...

Girl, you've made me tired reading everything you did on Saturday! Bravo on your exercise!!!!!!
I'm great for short bursts of energy, but never have been for endurance. It's going to be a long, slow build for me, but you've got it.
You rock!

Jeanne said...

OK, I truly feel like a SLUG right now for all that you got done! YOU ROCK!!!


Loves said...

Great job on the work out! keep i up! a good running program if you are looking for is the couch 2 5k i am doing it right now and i love love love love it