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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From the Department Of Minor Accomplishments

Today has been a hair straight back, ears pinned, flat out kinda day. ug.

Sleep - a disappointing 7 hours last night;
Food - fair to middling;
Water intake - poor (correcting that as we speak);
Treat day resistance - High! Assisted ably by the office people that scarf the treats like starving dogs...also we have about 15 new co-op students here and lets just say that they are "very interested" in treat day. I shouldn't have too many worries about left-overs in the kitchen tempting me for more then say 30min once the word is out that there is free food somewhere. haha

1c Almond Breeze (how long does a box stay good once its been opened?...perhaps tomorrow I will not drink directly from the carton just.in.case.)
1 colon-rocking baggie of oatmeal, flax & protein powder with 1/2c raspberries
coffee x1.5 med mugs with creamer (yes... I feel the shame of having cream in my coffee again)
Kashi cherry and dark chocolate chip bar
Spicy seafood pho (from the awesome Vietnamese place near the office) & green tea
remainder of 2nd mug of coffee consumed cold while typing this.
med banana
Snack 3: (post workout)
large orange
Kashi Cherry & Dark chocky chip bar
1.5cups Tomato soup
4 small slices rye bread with 2 oz cheese and 2 slices deli meat split between them - lovingly toasted under the broiler for poor mans open face "grilled" cheese sammiches and 1 dill pickle

1/3c cottage cheese, 1tsp cashew nutbutter

post work - 468 stairs down from office to ground floor. CHECK
Then I'm going to give the gym treadmill what for with at least 3 sets of jogging in my 10min on 1 min walking regime. (will likely watch Oprah again) - modified
Walk home from gym (1.5km ish). CHECK

Didn't get as much cardio in that I was hoping. Also didn't watch Oprah.
8min warm up on the elliptical
22min on the treadmill - 10min at 3.6, 10min at 3.0, 2min at 2.5

Mr.K is out at the pub quiz night tonight so I'm going to eat and then perv blogs and hopefully be in bed early tonight. Hindsight......errm foresight......"hopefully" isn't really good enough here....TONIGHT I WILL BE IN BED AT 11PM


Katschi (Karen) said...

I wouldn't feel bad about putting cream in my coffee. So what!
That poor, poor treadie. Doesn't know that Tamzin's coming to kick butt.
Are you eating your oatmeal dry?

Tamzin said...

dry oatmeal??... I've never heard of such craziness!

I add water and frozen berries then nuke it for a couple of minutes until HOT.


Angie said...

Great accountability!

I'm picky about any kind of milk but that Almond Breeze stuff seems to last a long time. I would pour first though LOL

I wish I could run on the treadmill but it's a no go from the doc. I have bad knees phooey.

Have a great evening.