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Monday, January 12, 2009

Would you like some 3.14159265

Reduced caloric Intake + moderate exercise = weight loss

This isn't rocket science, I know the formula that I have to follow to succeed. I read about it daily on the blogs of people here - eating better, getting regular exercies, treating their bodies with the respect that they require and their bodies respond, drop fat, get leaner, the lbs fly off the scale.

But yet, in the darkness of my home, its just easier to NOT change, Eat the π, pretend that I need the snacks and that life stinks and I'm destined to be fat forever no matter how hard I "try", and then cry in the bathroom on Monday mornings when I go up in weight.

I'm up .6lbs this morning. I'm upset about it, although there is really no reason to be since I wasn't kidnapped this weekend and force-fed by crazed Mongol warriors bent on fattening me up for a winter feast… Nope. That didn't happen… but this did:

Friday Night - subway foot long sandwich with full fat dressing, bag of salt&vinegar chips, can of pop.
Saturday - coffee with whip cream, muffin, rice crispy square, take out Thai food with coconut (sweetened) rice, pop
Sunday - coffee with 2oz full fat cream, "whole wheat raspberry" scone, about 4 servings of dinner - BNS mac&cheese, 2/3c of extra sweet pumpkin custard (because I didn't have anymore containers to put it in, so instead of throwing some away - or putting it in a bowl in the fridge with some plastic wrap, I eat it.)

Thats not including the other regular food that I consumed as well for breakfasts and lunches.

Sunday I couldn’t even drag myself out for a 30min walk even though the sun was out and it was lovely. The cleaning was considerably less vigorous then I was going to do - no floors or windows were scrubbed. I was a lump of nothing this weekend and it feely crappy. I also let myself freely graze on dinner instead of measuring it out and then making sure that I have had enough water, which yesterday was a very dissapointining 2L.

Then I get up and weigh-in and I'm upset that I've gained over the weekend. I guess the real tragedy would be if I had lost more weight - then I would have been more inclined to continue binging and cheating on weekends instead of thinking that perhaps I should be more diligent.


Nerd Girl said...

don't be down on yourself! The food you ate over the weekend is probably still in your system...it can take up to 3-5 days for your body to get rid of it so it could definitely and probably is just water and excess food weight...try eating well for the next few days and weigh yourself maybe wednesday or thursday and see if you are lower. i bet you will be! I read your blog daily and really enjoy it because you seem to try really hard and get past those cravings that are so hard to kill! It is inspiring so don't give up!

Loves said...

DOn't get down on yourself those days happen sometimes. Just think about it as tomorrow is a new day. If you have a bad day one day and fall off the wagon just think that tomorrow i can do it right. And do the right thing. You didn't gain practically any weight. YOu can bring yourself back to doing the right thing i believe in you. Keep inspiring. And don't lose hope.

HopeFool said...

I gained last week too. 4 pounds. Because I had no plan.

Just remember it could be worse.

Next week I'm betting we both tell a different story.

Thanks for blogging it.

Stages of Change said...

The healthiness of putting those food choices out there for all to read likely outweighs the unhealthiness of putting those food choices in you in my humble opinion.

Its only through awareness of where we're at that we're ever able to change.

Good luck this week in doing so. You CAN ABSOLUTELY do it!!!

Sunny said...

This weekend was rough for me too, I ate terrible... pizza, wings, chips, etc. But today is another day, a new week! Scales seem to be our worst enemy. Just like your blog's title, one inch at a time, one meal at a time!

Tamzin said...

:) yes indeed and thanks all!

I'm not giving up - I do wonder why I have to make it so hard on myself though - but... its going to get BETTER!!

Brandi said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! I look forward to following your journey too :)

Katie said...

Don't beat yourself up. My doc said, "If you need a candy bar so badly that you'll drive to the store for one, do it. Eat, be happy, and then keep on doing what you're doing to get healthy."
You're human. We make mistakes, but we can pick ourselves back up and start again. .6 is nothing...it's what...the nose on my face? a toe?
It doesn't define you.
We're all in this together!

Brandi said...

Ok, totally should have read your post prior to leaving the first comment.

Main thing to focus on right now, REALLY right now as you read this...

Whatever happened yesterday is over. It happened. You can't change it. You can't fix it. What you CAN do is one thing today to take a step in the right direction. Whether its eating perfect, or doing a small workout or just rewarding yourself without food.

TODAY is important. TOMORROW is important. Because you are in control of them. You CAN change what happens to them.

SO, have a GREAT, wonderful and motivated day and remember that every long journey starts with One SMALL step. :)

Mel said...

great advice above.. it happens.. I had a binge last night that pissed me off.. but I journaled to figure out what was *really* going on and it was a bunch of emotional/pms crap.. It happens.. we are not pefect (even though we may want to be!)

your post title made me think of this video abtou 3.14.....