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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sneaky WI

okay, this morning I hopped up on the scales ... 273.2lbs *does small dance of joy*

So, either that was one huge poop this morning or .....I'm changing my body even though I'm not doing the best job of it.

Anyway, there you go, 273.2!

Now I can't use that 2.8lbs as a buffer zone, or cheat zone for next weight in. HA! take that Me, how do you like that??!! hun hun....yeah, that's what I thought!

Right....Mel, Linda, Helen, Katie, Kimberly, and NerdGirl.... this is for you!




Mel said...

Bwwahahahah! I always weigh myself after a poop to see the difference.. no joke.

That post made me burst out loud..good thing no one else is in the office!

and CONGRATS on the loss!

Linda said...

okay i was trying to eat my lunch just now! lol


Anonymous said...

I always weigh myself on a morning, after my toilet and naked.

Congrats on your weight loss.

Thanks for the "follow my blog"

Katie said...

I LOVE it! I like to weigh in before I eat, but I'm going to make sure the poop thing is done, too! lol

....okay...so I didn't think I'd be typing these words today! lol

Kimberly said...

Oh man, weigh ins after poops are awesome. I love the ones that come right after you've already weighed. That is some incredibly fast weight loss! ;)


Tamzin said...

hehehehehe I love it!

I would also like to add this, since we are already "going this way"....beets... they really stain your insides!!! 0.0


Nerd Girl said...

nice! see i told ya it was just water/food weight :) you flushed those pounds right down the toilet...literally..

Tamzin said...

**Bow to the NerdGirl**

you were totally right!


Losing Waist! said...

Oh. You just went there!


It really can make a difference though.

Poop that is.