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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Goals

Today is treat day at the office. I have a lunch in the freezer here, some fruit and veggie snacks, but I forgot to bring my yogurt and cottage cheese. I do have enough food to get me through the day... there is NO NEED for me to have any treats.

There. I said it so that I would know that it is true.

I will NOT have any treats from the office kitchen today.

also...NSV... today the pants that I could "almost" do up.... did up! YAY!!!!!

Edit:: cookie day was survived and I didn't cave. I was ably assisted by the office co-op students. It was like a great white feeding frenzy in there until the cookies were gone! HURRAY!

Not been home yet... we shall see if the Internet is up and working again. If not, I suspect a long time on the phone listening to jazz music.


Tena said...

Woo Hoo! Zipped up! That feels so good!!

Repeat after me: no office treats. no office treats.

You can do it!!

Brandi said...

You don't need them...you don't need them....you don't need them...

You can do it!!!

Kimberly said...

Congratulations! Clothes are my favorite NSV.

And you don't have to have treats at all. You can do this!

My Skinny Mission said...

Sorry you have temptation around you.. im a SAHM so i just dont buy crap i know ill over eat cause im not good with that lol.. BUT you can do this! one day at a time! just remember what your working towards when you start craving or smell the sweets! you should be so proud of yourself! seems like someone needs to go shopping soon WooHoo!!

Jeanne said...

STAY AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN...and just keep thinking about those pants! That's fantastic!


Mel said...

I hope you did the Non Scale Victory dance!!!

Congrats on staying away from the office junk!

Sunny said...

Stupid cookies trying to tempt you. You did great resisting them! Hope you get your computer working again! It makes you feel so unconnected, huh? What did people do before computers?? :)