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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tamzin - 3, Sugar Monster - 0

PEW PEW take that sugar monster!

I managed to get through the rest of my day without any sugar cave-ins. Hurray!!

I ended up working overtime today, and then walked home 2.5km. I was thinking about bad food the whole way - how I should get some, I have been "good" ((following crazy mind sugar monster self talk)) One pizza and coke won't hurt, what about stopping for a big pasta dish and some garlic bread....how about a can of chili from the corner shop (and a bar of chocolate since you are already in there), you have soup at home...stop and get some saltines... you won't eat the whole box this time.....okay no ... how about stopping at the Starbucks and getting a big special coffee and a SCONE or a fudge bar....ad nausium....

As I passed each stopping point for food - I just made my mind up to keep walking to the next one...once I was in sight of the last chance for bad food place, I'm almost the whole way home and could keep going without stopping.

I also buried my wallet down at the bottom of my backpack so that I would have to have a really good root through the whole thing to get at the cash. Then I told myself that I could eat WHATEVER I wanted that was already in the house, and however much I wanted. These kinds of things usually keep me from getting to crazy and binging. Giving myself permission to eat...as strange as that might sound from someone who is 270+lbs.

Got home and ate 3oz low fat mozzarella cheese straight away. Then I got online and read a bunch of your blogs... actually... all of the blogs that got updated today. No surprise, it was helpful to read the daily triumphs and tribulations as posted by everyone else.

Dinner was 2c of tomato soup, 6 hearty rye crackers and 1T becel. After that I still had the snackies so I had a handful of Almonds, then a peanut butter Kashi granola bar with 1tps of cashew nutbutter on it. Salty sweet goodness! I had the urge to keep eating, but I went and sat down with my book and a litre of water and told myself that I could have more to eat after I drank the whole bottle. Needless to say, that I wasn't hungry after that.

Its bed time now... I'm actually getting to be on schedule for sleep! I'm going to read a bit more and relax and enjoy my day. Especially since I can think about how today I took another forward step in beating my cravings and controlling the mental side of changing my unhealthy food habits/thoughts.


skinnyfitkate said...

Well done Tamzin a definate NSV! Someone should tell Will Smith about that sugar monster...he gets everywhere and is in dire need of eliminating! Have another great day!xx

Jeanne said...

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog because I am on the same journey as you are! My blog is PRIVATE (family reasons) but I would LOVE to add you. Just send me your email and I will give you access.

This is a tough road, this "weight loss" thing and I think it's easier when travelled with others!


Mel said...

some great NSV's today!! I had the munchies yesterday too but I kept to my food plan somehow! Sleep, however, was a different story.. couldn't get to sleep! Off to the gym after work today for my 'last chance workout!'

spunkysuzi said...

Good for you on avoiding the sugar monster!! He's nasty :)

Stages of Change said...

GREAT job! I love the "I just wont go in this one" approach walking home. Turns out if you do that enough eventually they go away. That approach has helped me at night a couple times "I'll just won't binge tomorrow, I have breakfast coming up" and by breakfast I dont want to binge anyway.

Great job with dinner. Have a wonderful day!

Tamzin said...

Thanks all! Yesterday was a tough one! :)

getting an email to WIll Smith started now!


Angie said...

You ROCK! I'm so proud of you and just smiled as I read how you got through the temptations. LOL @ the wallet comment. Keep up the great work.

Katie said...

I just found your blog, and I'm on the same journey,too. yay for all of us! :)
Your post about walking home and thinking about what food you can eat....well, it hit home. I've had the mental conversation so many times, but I don't think I realized it before. Here is to all of us who keep walking past the temptations...no matter how hard they call to us. :)