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Saturday, January 3, 2009

weekend nibbles & a walk

BURRRR. There is a wind here that is coming straight out the Arctic's butthole. I'm NOT happy.... bring on the spring.

Just came in from my walk - went for 33minutes and 2.1km - included a hill of the steeper variety. I had a book from Amazon that came in on Friday and was waiting for me at the post office.... and since I needed to get my arse moving, I used that as a good opportunity for a focused walk. It was cold and I fell on the ice (fully in face down spread eagle in the middle of crossing a street...nice!). No damage done and now I have a new book to read. YAY!

I'm not getting through my water fast enough though. MUST. DRINK. WATER.

1 black cherry&choc Kashi bar
1 med banana

1 lrg skim milk 1/2 sweet mocha latte
1 egg & 1/3c whites
1 cup mixed veg (peppers, sprouts, water chestnuts, snow peas)
1/4c yellow onion
1 slice deli ham
2 oz low fat swiss cheese
1/2c hot salsa
1 whole grain wrap (toasted under broiler for a couple min til slightly crispy)

I have to say that it was lots AND its was clean eating, AND it was yummy as all get out AND I'm still feeling good/full right now.
Water thus far: 1.3L

1 chicken breast (pan fried with veggies in lite spray)
1 cup mixed veg (peppers, sprouts, water chestnuts, snow peas)
1/4c red onion
2 garlic cloves minced
1 cup basil/garlic whole wheat pasta
2T XVoil with salt&pepper for dressing the pasta (I'm not into the red sauces at the moment, not too sure why not they are still pretty good. I think its because when I have them it makes me want garlic bread).

1c soy icecream - vanilla

Water - 3+Litres have been drank.....man I pp'ed a lot today!!!!

Other then that, movies have been rented, dinner is about to get made, its too cold to go outside so there is no chance that I can convince myself to go out and pick up any sweets. I have some corn chips here that I might have for a snack with salsa later with movie. I also picked up some bottles of lime flavored Perrier water for a carbonated treat, but its so cold I think that mint tea is going to be the order of the night.

I'm going to perv through the blogs and see whats going on with you all and then its couch & blanket time. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer...might try and get a 5km walk in and see how that goes.


Angie said...

Way to go on your walk today. I wish I lived in an area where I could walk or bike everywhere. That would be cool.

Did you drink your water? You can do it!

Tamzin said...

:D I am five mouthfuls away from my 3rd litre. OMG...I've peed soooo much today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm looking for inspiration and ideas as I'm a beginner at cooking and dieting.