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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Epic Fail - Pumpkin

Right, so when making the pumpkin custard it is of importance that you get a can of "PUMPKIN" ... not "pumpkin pie filling", as I have done (both times I'm pretty sure).

I made it anyway, and in the end a 1/3c serving is still only 75calories, which is a nice treat, but... its got a LOT of sugar in it and that's not good. In fact, its so sweet that I don't even really like this - so maybe the last batch was just pumpkin... not too sure. Regardless, let this be a reminder that I MUST check the labels carefully.

1/2c brown sugar splenda - 192
1/2c egg whites - 60
1.5 c Almond breeze - 100
15oz pumpkin pie filling - 648
spices - 0
Total - 900 calories.

I managed to get 12 1/3c servings. 900/12 servings = 75calories. Which isn't too bad. However..... The pie filling has 17g of sugar per 1/3c serving.

There are 7.2 servings in 15oz.
7.2 x 17 = 122.4/12 =10.2g sugar per serving. and that's not even including the sugar content in the other ingredients. ARGGGG

Well - off to the freezer they go - and next time I'm going to be SURE that what I'm getting is JUST PUMPKIN .. no effing sugar. 1 out of 5 star for shopping today. *Pout*

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