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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Failing at Failing!

I spent today typing up the start to three or four epic posts. It was a busy day at the office so I never fully got through a single one of them. But I did note the theme that ran throughout them all.


All I talked about was failure. It had other names of course, like difficult and hard, mostly followed by the word choice.

My hubby and I are going on a mini holiday - extended weekend starting Thursday. I wasn't even look forward to it because I'm so afraid of the bad choices that I "know" I'm going to make already....

In pondering, I decided that saying those things are like already allowing me to make the bad choices before I even given myself a chance to make the right choice....right?

Right! That's some weak-ass shit.

Today was a day of wants, I wanted more mocha lattes, I wanted muffins, I wanted ice cream, I wanted to roll around in sugar like a chicken leg in breadcrumbs. However...... I didn't.

I had my mocha in the morning, at lunch I got a call last minute from a friend in town to go to a lunch date - we met in the food court and I ate my good lunch. I also go the 'hairy eyeball' about it but I didn't bother to explain it to them. When I pullled out my container of strawberry the eye turned green! HA

I know that this coming long weekend is going to be harder then my normal routine....I'll have free access to all the food I can eat, and I'll also be doing indulgent things with the people that I love and enjoying them and their company and the food that comes along with it.

BUT....I am going to enjoy myself and I'm going to do it with moderation. I know that I will not eat as well as I normally do, but, I am not going to take this as a free-for-all four day feeding frenzy. I'm also not going to let one "slip" ruin the rest of my eating and send me into a spiralling heap of depressive eating.

That being said, I'm going to seek the lighter, healthier and most colourful options at every meal where I find myself challenged. We'll be getting good sausages from the butchers, but having home cooked omelets, I'll be getting the steak, but not the garlic bread. :)

I stepped on the scale when I got home tonight... still read 272. I was a little surprised to say the least, but also... empowered. There is still a way that I can have a regular life AND manage my food.


Getting Healthy said...

Glad to hear you are failing at failing! Having a regular life while working this is so important. Hope you are looking forward to the mini holiday now, you'll have so much fun. Food can be secondary. Empowered feels so GOOD.

Tena said...

Okay, now I'm having a green moment. A mini-vacation! You dog! Have a great time. It sounds like you're ready for it. And I'm not talkin' about just having your bags packed!

Have fun and drink your water.

Tamzin said...

ohhh yes! being Hydrated is going to be very important! HAHA!


Thanks Ladies!

MizFit said...

and theres yer mantra when you IF YOU feel frazzled:

I can enjoy myself and live with moderation.

and you know what? if you indulge because it's a fun social moment? your routine is waiting for you when you get back home.

xo xo,


Brandi said...

How amazing is it that you can actually PLAN for the weekend and KNOW that you will be faced with tough choices and STILL do your best to make sure you stay on top of things. You recognized a serious scary situation heading right for you, and you just smashed all your own excuses to bits! Congrats :)

Katie said...

You have a WONderful holiday with your hubby. It's okay to have a treat, too, as long as it remains a treat (which you already know).
I always have a tough time being *good* on a trip (and we travel a fair amount)....I know the challenges.
Our last trip, I planned a *treat* a day....and it made all the difference....even though I wasn't officially started on my new lifestyle....I was dealing with other stuff that had me try this--to see if I could do it.
It turned out I was stronger than I led myself to believe.
You are too, Tamzin!
Besides, you and your hubby can have a great exercise program together while you're on holiday. (just add and 's' in front of exercise and you'll have a great time! lol) It's our fave couple workout....and guaranteed to work up a sweat. ;)
(hope that wasn't too blunt here, please excuse if it was)

My crazy crazy life said...

I really liked this post. I just went through this last weekend. It was tough and even though I did make bad choices, they were much better choices than if I hadn't been really aware of making my bad choices...do you catch my drift. Hey, if I eat bad and still don't gain a pound, I consider that success...If I eat really good and drop a few lbs...well that's just bliss!

BigBootyJudy said...

That's great that you identified a problem before you went on vacation. That's more important than any food choice you make while you're gone. Have fun!! :)

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

Have a great holiday! I think you are ready for it food wise. Don't forget to pack some gum. And remember everything in moderation!

Oh and your post really hit home. It's a challenge to overcome the negative self talk. You're not alone my friend.

Safe travels!