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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Scale Love

Well... this mornings hopeful weigh-in was 275. No magic fat disappearing trick this morning. Not that I am particularly surprised with wallowing in whip cream yesterday.

Suzi... I did throw the whip cream away! This morning it was in the trash with the egg shells, never to be resurrected. When my dinner guest brought it with them, I should have sent it home with her at the end of the night. Next time.

Tonight - gym time and time to get my butt in gear again. I have my new runners, so that eliminated that excuse.

:) The sun is out - its a new day - work is quiet (knock on wood) - time to get started again!


spunkysuzi said...

Awesome!! It take a lot of strength to throw away something you want so much :) I'm soooo proud of you!!

Brandi said...

Good for you! I have a weakness for animal crackers...seriously of all things...

Anyway I sometimes slip and buy that giant awesome looking bag at walmart...and then a few hours later I almost always have to throw it away cause I can't stop eating them!

Good for you for nipping it in the bud!