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Monday, January 5, 2009

WI...and a Technical Issues

Well there you have it.. The inches are in and its not the greatest news. I'm up 0.2inches and down 0.2lbs. Kind of harmonious actually. But a great lesson in what I need to get back into now... sweat'n and work'n.

Pounds - 275.4
Inches - 235.6

Neck -16, Bust - 48.3, Ribcage - 42.1, Waist - 48.3, Hips - 52.2, Thigh (L) - 27.2, Thigh (R) - 25.8, Calf (L) - 18.8, Calf (R) - 18.1, Bicep (L) - 14.5, Bicep (R) - 14.5

I've taken the "crime scene" photos and I have to say that I think I'm MORE hesitant about posting these ones then I was about the front page photos. .....Anyway, in the spirit of doing thing that make me uncomfortable and make me want to change, I'm going to post away for all to see. Looking at these and the past pics... I really should have re-thought my choice of "bottoms" but too late now.

*******Technical Issue********
I have not the effing foggiest why these pics are coming through to the post with the "funny legs". They don't look like that in the real pic itself. Anyway - I'm tired of messing with it - so the important bits on are there and thats what matters.


Katschi (Karen) said...

In the spirit of your post, I will post a pic of myself trying on a pair of old jeans my slim friend gave me for inspiration. I asked her for them btw. I asked if I could get in her pants :)

Katschi (Karen) said...

For YOU I do this!
You've got chutzbah and I love ya for it!

Tamzin said...

You are the bestest!! :) EVARRRR

Loves said...

Way for putting yourself out there. You are so inspiring!! :)

Tamzin said...

Spanks Loves! I felt the same looking at your pics too. :)

Sabs said...

Photos are always an eye-opener for me. I should really do the same as you. Not posting some pics is like living in denial.

MizFit said...

(dont you hate when that happens with pictures? for me wordpress screws em up every time..it could never be ME :))

and I adore you for posting and baring yourself.


Tamzin said...

me + oprah = brothers by different mothers! hahaha

Thanks all for commenting on here.

Its hard, its hard to see that this is what I really look like, especially since I've been living in this little bubble where I don't think that my weight is so out of control...that pants are just magically tight and that I'm really "not that big" and also that ...."I carry it well".

I don't carry 275+ lbs well. Thats just the same old BS that I tell myself from 200lbs and up so that I could get out of bed... and look where that got me, ever heavier. Ug. I'm a big lardy arse and this is what it looks like.

ITs good to have this and I'm glad that there are people here to share the journy.


Sunny said...

That's great that you're down 0.2 lbs. Down is always good in my book!! :) I liked spying on your fridge, lots of healthy and fresh food. Keep up the good work!