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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walking With Dinosaurs...

***narrators voice over*** The Tamasaurus Rex stalks through the frozen tundra, leaving deep tracks in the icy snow. Stopping the exhausted Tamasaurus's head swings into the wind, and sniffs - it carries the sent of fresh muffins and coffee - she opens her gaping maw and bellows. Nothing is more dangerous in this land then the hungry Tamasaurus, a brutal creature that will stop at nothing for caffeine.****cut scene****

Be afraid people... very afraid!

7.7km... the last 3.5 were tough, it was unploughed walking - so lots of snow to get through and its getting softer as the weather starts to walk up, so not walking so much as slogging, like walking in mud. Let me tell you, my legs are feeling it today and tomorrow is going to be worse! But also good. :D

Eating today has been very random. I have it all in my head, but we'll see what it looks like when I type it out here.....since I've not been keeping track physically all day as I typically do when I'm at the office.

orange (86)
handful of almonds (69)
kashi peanut bar (120)
kashi cherry&choc bar (120)
peach/oatmeal muffin (250)
lrg mochachino with (lite)whip (150)
lrg rice crispy square (360)
vegetarian sammich on whole wheat pumpkin bread (cream cheese with cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, & pickles) (240)
1cup coconut rice (190)
6oz steak in a Crying Tiger Thai very spicy dish (also had about 8slices of cucumber in it) (350)
2 cookies (260)
1/2 can diet pepsi (1)

1 pot apple sauce (45)

Total calories: 1771

I decided to write this post since I'm actually hungry right now (ate some apple sauce see: snack3)- I wanted to write it out and see what I've had and how much I've had today. I haven't counted calories in a LONG time... over a month - but I thought that today would be a good time to have a quick look to see how I'm doing. Interesting.

When I started counting calories I did the first week where I just wrote what I ate and didn't try to restrict, I just wanted to see what I was consuming... its was over 3,000 a day. I made a sheet to track it all in excel and started lowering the calories that I was eating.... to 2,800, then 2,500... the 2,200. I remember thinking that there would never be a day when I would be able to sustain myself on under 2,000 calories a day. The last while I think that I've been eating around 1,700 - 2,100. Which is actually in the neighborhood that I should be in at the moment.

Water - Excellent for a weekend. I've had 3L already and I'm drinking more right now.

Annoying to note that my rice crispy quare was more calories then my giant steak dish. Arg. That was one thing that I didn't need but I'm so jonesing for sugar these days I don't know what the hell is going on. :( Still not enough greens....let be honest. A pretty shite day for well rounded and nutritious meals.

Tomorrow will be better.

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Tena said...

Well, hey, your taking steps to see what's up, right? Hang in there. I know it's hard but try some fresh fruit for a few days and see if the sugar monster takes a break!

We're gonna lick this fat thing this year, dammit!